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Posted on 09-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 11

Question - In Indian society, the person has often become self-centered. The fact is that a  person does not have knowledge only about his neighbor. He neither wants nor considers it necessary to know who he is, what he does,  etc. In such a situation the social fabric gets disintegrated. What should be done about this problem?


Answer –  Indian society has become individualistic and self-centered. Where in the traditional society a  person used to know about the people of his entire society, now in the urban society a person does not even know about his neighbor. This has given the opportunity for individual freedom, but the basic nature of society has been shattered. This is the biggest tragedy of urban society.


It is often seen that someone has died in the neighboring house and when the dead body starts decomposing, information is obtained from its foul smell. Often it has also been seen that criminals live in the neighborhood and have been involved in criminal acts, but the people nearby do not even know about it. All these problems are the result of urban civilization.


The Government of India issued an advertisement on Doordarshan that if there is a loud noise and noise in the neighbor's house, then go and ring the call bell. Although this advertisement is given to prevent domestic violence, the broader meaning of this advertisement is to ensure the role of the neighbor.


The need of the present society is that without interfering in the personal work of any person, keeping their information and organizing some programs, ceremonies from time to time in which all the people have mutual participation so that there can be an opportunity to know each other. And human life and social life can be made healthy and interesting. Such celebrations have existed in Indian society,  which used to bind the whole society together. In the present situation, there is a need for the restoration of these festivals and the creation of new celebrations. So that new social values ​​can be established. These celebrations may be related to national subjects.


Indian society usually wakes up when some big event happens in it. The difficulty is that after a short time people forget it again. They neither consider the causes of the incident nor make any action plan for its redressal. There is a need to formulate the urban society. Educational institutions usually pay attention to the subject education of the children but do not try to develop an interest in national subjects in the children. There are classes for personal development and interest in  English medium schools too, but there is no action plan for the development of national consciousness among the children. Educational institutions must pay attention to this context. 

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