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Major lakes of Uttarakhand - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 20-08-2022

Lakes of Uttarakhand

Major lakes of Kumaon

Lake Place
Nainital or Naini Lake Nainital
Bhimtal Lake Bhimtal, Nainital
Naukuchiatal Nainital
Sattal, Khurpatal, Sukhatal, Malvatal Nainital
Girital Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar
Dronatal Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar
Shyatala Champawat
Jhilmiltal Champawat (near Tanakpur)
Tadagatal Almora
sukundatal Bageshwar
Nandkund  Pithoragarh
Nanaksagar Nanakmatta (Udham Singh Nagar)


  • Nainital is called Tri Rishi Sarovar in Skanda Purana, Nainital is also called  Sarovar City and the City of Lakes.
  • Nainital is surrounded by seven hills, which include ' China Peak (Naina Peak), Lion's Danda, Ayarpat, Devpat, Hadivadi, Snow View, Almasaria Kanta'.
  • Nainital was discovered in 1841 by  C.P. the baron  did
  • The Balia River originates from the south-eastern part of Nainital. 
  • The length of Nainital is 1430 meters, its width is 465 meters and its depth is 16-26 meters.


  •  Bhimtal is the largest lake of Kumaon, located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand.
  • The length of Bhimtal is 1674 meters, width is 447 meters and depth is 26 meters.


  • Naukuchiatal is located in the Nainital district at a distance of 26 km from Nainital and 5 km from Bhimtal.
  • Naukuchiatal  is the deepest lake in Kumaon
  • The length of Naukuchiatal is 950 meters, width is 680 meters and depth is 40 meters.
  • There are nine corners in Naukuchiatal, that is why it is called Naukuchiatal.


  • Sattal is the most beautiful lake of Kumaon situated at a distance of 22 km from Nainital and 4 km from Bhimtal.
  • Earlier there were seven lakes out of which many have dried up, among them  Nal Damayanti Tal, Garuda or Panna Tal, Purna Tal, Lakshman Tal, and Ram-Sita Tal are prominent.
  • Here the shape of Nal Damayanti Tal is similar to that of a horse hoof and no fish are caught in it.


  • Khurpatal is located at a distance of 12 km from Nainital.
  • The length of Khurpatal is 1633 meters, width is 5000 meters.
  • Its shape is similar to the hoof of an animal

Jhilmil Tal

  • Jhilmil Tal is situated at a distance of 5 km from Tanakpur-Brahmadeva in the Champawat district. 

Drona Sagar

  • This pool is located at a distance of 2 km from Kashipur in Udham Singh Nagar. 
  • Here Guru Drona taught archery to his disciples. 

Shyamala Tal

  • Shyamala Tal is located in the Champawat district 
  • Here white lotus flowers are found 
  • Vivekananda Ashram  is situated on  the banks of Shyamala Tal 
  • Jhoola fair  is  held here 

Tadag Taal

  • Tadag Tal is situated at a distance of 10 km from Chaukhutia in the Almora district.
  • Five tunnels have been made for the drainage of water in this pool, out of which three have now been closed. 

Sukunda Lake 

  •  It is located in the Bageshwar district 


Major Lakes of Garhwal

lakes place
Sahastratal Thati, Tehri Garhwal
Yamtal Near Sahastra Tal, Tehri (always covered with snow)
Mahasar Lake Near Sahastra Tal, Tehri
bassuki Tal Tehri Garhwal
Mansoortal Tehri, Near Khatling Glacier
Apsara Tal  Near Tehri Budhekedar
Bhilangana Tal Tehri Garhwal
Dudh Tal Pauri Garhwal
Tara Tal Doodtoli
Roopkund Chamoli
Hemkund 'Lokpal' Chamoli
Santopanth Taal Chamoli
linga tal  Chamoli
Tampt Kund Chamoli
Virahi Tal Chamoli
Benital Chamoli
Vishnu Tal Chamoli
sukhtal Chamoli
Nadi Kund Chamoli
Rishi Kund Chamoli
gohna tal Gopeshwar
nachiketa rhythm Uttarkashi
Dodital Uttarkashi
Rohisadatal Uttarkashi
Kanatal Uttarkashi
lamatal  Uttarkashi
Fachkandi bayan Uttarkashi (boiling water)
Devasadi Tal Uttarkashi
Divya Sarovar Haridwar
Sukhdital Rudraprayag
Nandikund Rudraprayag
Lake Vek Rudraprayag (elliptical pool)
Badanital Rudraprayag
Gandhi Sarovar  Rudraprayag
Gaurikund Rudraprayag
Bhauriamola Kund Rudraprayag
 Deoriatal Rudraprayag
Kansrotal Dehradun


  • Mahasartal  is located in Tehri Garhwal  district
  • This lake is made up of two bowl-shaped locks.
  • Mahasar Tal is   also known as Sibling Tal


  • Sahastratal  Tehri is the largest and deepest pool in the Garhwal region located in the Garhwal district.


  • This Tal is located in Tehri Garhwal District


  • Basukital is located in Tehri Garhwal district
  • The water of Basukital is   red in color
  • This pool is famous for the blue-colored lotus.

Mansoor Tal

  • Mansoor Tal is situated near Khatling Glacier in the Tehri Garhwal district.
  • The river Doodh Ganga originates from this pool.


  • Roopkund is situated near Bedini Bugyal in the Chamoli district.
  • It is believed that this pool was built by Shiva Parvati on her way to Kailash.
  • Male skeletons are found near this pool, hence it is also called Kankali  Tal, it is believed that these skeletons belong to King  Yashdhaval and Queen Balpa and their soldiers. 


  • This tal is located near Tehri, it is also called  Achhri Tal.


  • Homkund Lake is located in the Chamoli district at a distance of 17 km from Roopkund. 


  • Hemkund is located in Chamoli district 
  • On the banks of this lake, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Gobind Singh did penance, there is a famous Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib on its banks. 
  • Hemkund Lake is also known as  Lokpal Lake.
  • The Lakshman Ganga, a tributary of the Alaknanda,   originates from Hemkund.

Satopanth Taal 

  • Satopanth Tal is located in the Chamoli district 

Sharavadi Lake 

  • This pool is located in the Rudraprayag district 
  • This pool is also called  Gandhi Sarovar, in 1948 the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were flown here.
  • Sharvadi Tal is   also known as  Chaura Bari Tal


  • Lingatal is situated in the middle of the Valley of Flowers in Chamoli district. 


  • This pool is located in Chamoli district, near it is the Nanda Devi temple. 

Fachkandi Bayantal 

  • This pool is located in Uttarkashi district,  its water is boiling. 

Bhenk Taal 

  • This pool is located in the Rudraprayag district, its shape is elliptical.