Major mass movements were held from time to time in the state of Uttarakhand - GovtVacancy.Net

Major mass movements were held from time to time in the state of Uttarakhand - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 14-06-2022

Major mass movements in the state of Uttarakhand: From time to time there have been many movements in the state of Uttarakhand. The purpose of some of which was to get their rights, while the purpose of some was to give Uttarakhand the status of a separate state. Rather, many movements were made to save the forest wealth, which is an example for us even today. Some of the major mass movements are as follows –

Mass movement in Uttarakhand

Porter forced movement

During the British rule, porters were given to the British officers to move and carry goods, and their account was kept by the head of the village, which was called Begar Register, this movement started from Khavyadi of Almora, And on 13-14 January 1921, this evil practice was put to an end on the day of Uttarayani fair on the banks of river Saryu in Bageshwar. Under the leadership of Hargobind Pant, Badridutt Pandey, Victor Mohan Joshi, etc., the registers of porter forced labor were dedicated to Saryu, and thousands of people took a pledge not to do porter-begar.

Tehri State Movement

In 1939, with the efforts of Shri Devsuman, Daulatram, Nagendra Saklani, etc. Praja Mandal was established and the movement expanded, in May 1944 Shri Devsuman sat on an indefinite hunger strike and died on 25 July 1944 after 84 days of hunger strike. After India's independence, a rebellion broke out against the state in Tehri's Saklana, and due to the situation, Raja Manvendra Shah signed the merger form in 1949, and on 1 August 1949, Tehri became a district of United Uttar Pradesh.

Dola Palki Movement

The purpose of this movement of craftsmen against the social system was to achieve a status equal to that of upper caste bridegrooms, before that they did not have the right to sit in a dola palanquin on marriage, movement against this movement was led by Jayanand Bharti around 1930 After that the craftsmen got this right.

Meiti Movement

The word Maiti means maternal, the father of this unique movement was Kalyan Singh Rawat, in whose mind the idea of ​​​​the movement came in 1996. He did not even imagine that this movement would get so much expansion. Seeing the students of Gwaldam Inter College taking care of the forests in Bedni Bugyal during an educational tour, Mr. Rawat realized that the girls could work better in conserving the environment, only after that did the Maiti Andolan Organization and all other Things start taking shape.

Due to this movement, even today, the tradition of planting saplings by the bride and groom during the marriage ceremony and after that, the tradition of taking care of the plants by the people of the maternal side has developed, Maiti program is printed on the invitation letter of marriage and people in it. Take a full interest.

Chipko Movement

In the 70s, due to the indiscriminate felling of oak trees, the Himputris (women there) gave the slogan that  'Him daughters' challenge, forest policy change government', forest awakens vanwasi awake'These slogans echoed in the forests of Reni village are still being heard today. This movement started in 1972 with the aim of stopping the indiscriminate and illegal felling of forests. Chipko movement was started in 1974 by 23-year-old widow Gauri Devi at Gopeshwar in Chamoli district, with a slogan ( "What are the blessings of this forest, soil, water, and winds, basis for survival" )  in 1977 by the women of Chipko movement . which became quite famous.
Environmentalists Sundarlal Bahuguna and Chandiprasad Bhatt played an important role in taking the Chipko movement to its peak. Bahuguna Ji gave the slogan "Save the Himalayas, Save the country". Chandi Prasad Bhatt of Chamoli was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1981 for this movement.

Khatima Bullet Case

On September 1, 1994,  25 people died when police opened fire on a rally of students and ex-servicemen in Khatima of Udham Singh Nagar, on the second day of this incident, people protested in Mansoorie at P.A. C. (PAC) and attacked the police, in this incident Deputy Superintendent of Police Umakant Tripathi died.

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