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Major Tribes of Bihar - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 12-08-2022

Major Tribes in Bihar

Gond Tribe

This tribe is found in Chhapra, Champaran, and Rohtas districts of Bihar. These people live with non-tribals and their language is Mundari.

Khond Tribe

It is an agricultural laboring tribe, which resides in the Shahabad area. Their language is local Sadani.

Bediya Tribe

The people of this tribe are often scattered, mostly in the Munger district, and use the local language.

Oraon Tribe

The people of this tribe, belonging to the Proto-Australoid and Dravidian family, mainly reside in Jharkhand. In this tribal economic life, there are visions of mixed structure.

Santhal Tribe

The Santhal tribe is also a tribe living mainly in Jharkhand, which resides in the districts of Purnia, Bhagalpur, Saharsa etc. in Bihar. They are also considered to belong to the Protoaustralide family. Their language is Santhali, which belongs to the Austroasiatic language family. Singbonga is their revered deity.

Khairwar Tribe

Khairwar tribe is also a tribe living mainly in Jharkhand, which is also found in Rohtasgarh region of Bihar state. The language of the people of this tribe is Mungri.

Gorait Tribe

This tribe, living in the Gaya and Bhojpur districts of Bihar, belongs to the Protoaustralid group. Family is considered as the smallest unit in their social life and they adopt the nuclear family system.

Chero Tribe

Chero tribe is also a tribe mainly living in Palamu of Jharkhand, some people of the Chero tribe are found in Gaya, Rohtas, Bhojpur, and Munger districts of Bihar. The people of this tribe consider themselves as Kshatriyas and Chauhanshiya Rajputs.

Kora Tribe

The Kora tribe lives in parts of Jamui, Katihar and Munger districts of Bihar, their language is Mundari. Agriculture is the common occupation of this tribe, but these people are more dependent on forest produce and wages.

korwa Tribe

The people of Korwa tribe live in Rohtas, Purnia, Munger and Katihar districts. There is a tradition of nuclear family and inter-caste marriage in their social system. The occupation of this tribe is shifting agriculture and hunting.

Munda Tribe

The Munda tribes live in the Buxar and Rohtas districts of Bihar. Their language is Mundari. The Munda tribes are also dependent on shifting agriculture. They consider Singbonga to be their supreme deity, who is related to the earth.

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