Postmortem I Horror Stories

Postmortem I Horror Stories
Posted on 29-01-2022

It must have been around 8 in the night…

Marutirao, who was swift in performing postmortem,

started walking towards the postmortem room.

He was known for his long postmortem experience.

Sometimes the dead bodies were in such condition

that even the police couldn’t look at them.

Marutirao used to do postmortem of such bodies without any hesitation.

Be it a body swollen due to rains

or a decaying one for several days,

Marutirao used to conduct the postmortem without any fear.

Due to this courage, his colleagues used to praise him a lot.

Due to this he had developed a good friendship

with Dr. Sawant, a senior doctor in the hospital.

While walking, Marutirao suddenly remembered

his previous night conversation with Dr. Sawant.

Yesterday night…

It was around 11.

Marutirao was sitting on the sofa.

Suddenly the phone rang.

Marutirao, received it while looking at the clock.


Yes, Dr. Sawant. Tell me…

Maruti, there is a boy at work who needs to be terminated from work.

I can’t tolerate him as he has misbehaved many times.

That’s why, today I have put him on duty with you.

Sir, what is his name?

He is Deepak.

Don’t worry, sir. I’ll handle him.

Working in a postmortem room is not a child’s play.

Maruti, can I ask something?

(Dr. Sawant asked this with hesitation.)

Sawant sir, why are you hesitating?

Ask me what you want…

Maruti , you have been conducting post mortem for years,

but do you believe in ghosts and spirits?

Ghosts? Ha ha ha!

Sir, all these are just fantasies.

I don’t believe in all these stories.

(Marutirao answered with great confidence.)

And tell me sir, when are you coming back?

I’m still in Mumbai.

Will reach there by tomorrow.

It’s a trip of around 8 hours from Mumbai.

One more thing, Maruti.

That boy Danny has a speciality.

Speciality? Which specliality?

I am a little busy now.

But anyway I will be there tomorrow.

Let’s meet and talk about it.

Remembering yesterday’s conversation, Marutirao concealed a smile.

Once again Sawant sir has given me a responsibility.

When Sawant sir wants to terminate someone,

he fixes their duty with me in the postmortem room,

so that they themselves leave the job.

They don’t have to be terminated officially.

Marutirao, reached near the postmortem room.

A boy of about 24-25 years was standing there.

In front of him was a corpse underneath a white cloth.

What is your name? (In his deep voice)



Don’t get blown out while doing the postmortem.

Marutirao wore his uniform and said to Deepak…

If you are scared, tell me now..

many people have fainted here.

While removing the white cloth from the corpse, Marutirao said…

He must be around 25.

His head is totally crushed.

Seeing the condition of the body, Deepak closed his eyes.

You got terrified with all this?

Only the head is crushed.

While doing postmortem, all the organs have to be removed

What will you do then?

Deepak felt bad after listening to Marutirao.

Gathering little courage, he looked at the body and said…

He has not been murdered.

His bike must have skid while going to work

and then his head must have got crushed under another heavy vehicle.

That’s why we can’t recognise his face.

Is that so?

You seem to be full of courage to arrive at this conclusion by just looking at the body.

Deepak stood there in silence without saying a word.

Marutirao, picked up the surgical blade from the table

and said, while looking at Deepak,

Why do you appear so scared?

The body is undergoing postmortem,

why are you feeling the pain?

Deepak said, with seriousness, looking at the body…

How will his spirit,

which has left the body after death,

feel while looking at the postmortem performed on the body?

Listening to Deepak, Maruti laughingly said,

Spirit, ghosts are all just fantasies.

I don’t believe in all these things.

Deepak stood silently and replied in a deep voice,


I’m sorry sir,

but until we see it we do not believe it.

And it doesn’t matter to them whether we believe it or not.

Seeing Deepak’s troubled face, Marutirao replied confidently…

Seeing our work of postmortem,

ghosts and spirits themselves are terrified of us.

Why should they be afraid?

What will they be scared of?

Wounds, pain cannot affect them as they don’t have a body.

They can go anywhere, even be right in front of you.

Marutirao feeling angry after listening to Deepak,

he picked up the surgical blade in rage

and poked it in the body’s neck and slit it straight upto its stomach.

Seeing all this, Deepak was left in a state of shock.

His face turned pale.

Seeing Deepak’s pale face, Marutirao put his hand inside the body

and said after removing some organs…

Did you see the condition of his lungs?

It’s all the result of alcohol and cigarettes.

While glancing at the cigarette packet

that had come out of Deepak’s pocket, Marutirao said…

Even your lungs must be in the same condition.

Should we examine them right now?

While Marutirao was amused,

Deepak stood there in silence without a word.

Bit by bit, John cut open the entire body.

He removed the samples of the required organs,

broke open the skull with a hammer as if he had opened a lid,

Deepak looked at the body with an empty glance.

Seeing his face, Marutirao wondered…

The boy is very brave.

He stitched the open body and said, looking towards Deepak…

I will post mortem the second corpse myself.

Today, you just watch…

He covered the corpse after postmortem.

Then he looked at the other corpse, placed nearby,

which was covered in a white cloth.

It had been brought there only sometime back.

The name of the dead person was written on a pad kept next to the body.

Reading the name, Marutirao was left in a state of shock

and he kept staring at Deepak’s face with eyes full of fear.

Deepak was standing bravely.

Was he really so or pretending to be fearless?

Maratirao was unable to understand anything.

Maratirao lifted the pad from the table and read it.

He removed the white cloth from the corpse

and the pad fell down from his hand.

Marutirao, who was all confident until now, turned pale.

He suddenly went away from the table.

There was a strange fear visible on his face.

Seeing his condition, Deepak went towards him and said…

Are you scared?

Marutirao was unable to believe his wn eyes.

His eyes, full of fear, kept staring at the corpse.

Deepak calmly placed a hand on his shoulder and said…

Ghosts and spirits exist in their own world.

But some people like you deny such invisible powers.

Their existence and this truth is not affected by your denial.

Marutirao was totally silent in a mental shock.

Is this a dream? No, but this is a fact.

His eyes lacked emotion, as if he was bitten by a snake.

He began looking at the corpse which he had just now postmortemed.

All this was beyond the imagination of Marutirao.

Seeing Marutirao’s condition,

a stange smile appeared on Deepak’s face.

Deepak said, looking at his pale face…

It seems by looking at your expression

that you are witnessing this for the first time in your life.

At that moment, senior Dr.Sawant and his colleague, Shinde

came inside the room and said, looking at the body placed on the table…

How did this happen suddenly?

At night he had a heart attack in sleep.

He didn’t wake up after he slept at night.

When one suddenly dies like this,

his spirit doesn’t accept that the body is dead

and it keeps on performing everyday tasks.

Deepak’s reply attracted their attention.

Oh yes. Shinde, this is Deepak.

He has joined duty today.

And he has a speciality too.

He can speak with ghosts and spirits.

Shinde laughed on hearing that and replied…

This means that Marutirao ’s spirit must also have come to work with his corpse.

You can ask it to this boy...

I do not believe in fantasies like ghosts and spirits.

Postmortem both the bodies kept on the table, Shinde.

Then Deepak covered the face of Marutirao’s corpse,

which was kept on the table,

and said, looking at the half-open window behind Sawant sir….

Even Marutirao never used to believe in all such fantasies.

Hearing Deepak’s reply, Sawant sir was stunned.

He looked towards the window.

And then a cool breeze entered the room.

Deepak said while doing a post-mortem of a corpse placed on the post-mortem table.

"'Truth' is always beyond our imagination,

what is visible is not necessarily true."

And what is true is not necessarily visible.

But these things are understandable when death breaks our pride.

Said the man standing on the other side of the same post-mortem table.

"Like the wind?"

Hitting with a hammer on the head of the corpse placed on the table,

Deepak opened the corpse's skull and said

Absolutely Right

The wind is not visible to us, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

And the second is 'rainbow' ..

as we can see

But you can never touch, nor can you get. ''

Saying this, Deepak opened the entire body of the corpse

placed on the table with a surgical blade.

Then Dr. Shinde, standing behind, told him.

I have my own opinion

Because I believe in what I can see with my eyes, or hear with my ears.

Deepak looked at Doctor Shinde and said shockingly

Hey sir, when did you come?

Doctor Shinde looked at Deepak with astonishment.

If he hadn't seen me then, with whom was he doing these things?

There is no one here except the two of us

Deepak Smiled at him

Deepak tied the face of the corpse tightly with a cloth

The dead body was of a person with whom Deepak was talking.

And said looking at the other side of the table

May your soul ........... rest in peace

Doctor Shinde said in astonishing manner, looking at Deepak.

I have to inform to Sawant Sir

A few days later

Due to the rainy season,

the sky was surrounded by dark rainy clouds throughout the day.

For the last three-four days,

the rain was ravaging in such a way as if the sky had burst.

It was four in the evening.

Due to the absence of a single post-mortem case on this day,

Deepak was sitting in his cabin on his chair

checking the post-mortem report and photos of the dead bodies

and then he received a call from someone on his mobile

Yes, sir

Deepak, a case of post-mortem has come

A girl who went mad

Call me after doing post-mortem

Deepak asked hearing of Sawant Sir

"Cause of death, shock treatment ...?"

Oh no, but you will find out in the post mortem

and Deepak

All the ambulances of the city have been set up for the corona patients,

so there is an old government hospital near that insane asylum

In a while, the people of the mental hospital will deliver

the corpse to the post-mortem room of the hospital

Is it okay?

Okay sir, but that hospital has a post-mortem facility, isn't it?

Hey Deepak, It is the oldest post-mortem department of this city.

So don't worry. Call me as soon as the work is over."

Deepak got out of his bike to post mortem on his bike wearing a raincoat.

It was still raining heavily

Road was completely deserted due to the lockdown

No ordinary person was seen on the road

The policemen standing on the road,

and the fast-moving ambulances playing sirens seemed to be doing just that.

In a while, Deepak reached Sawant Sir's address.

The hospital's Building was quite old

but some patients were still being treated.

After finishing the official work and hiding his file in a raincoat,

he saved himself from rain water

he started walking alone towards the post mortem room located in the back of the hospital.

Due to rainy weather and corona lockdown

the post mortem department behind the hospital was almost without humans

The green grass that rose up to the waist around the rough road

the color that had grown shabby among some bushes

the room looked quite scary from outside

Despite the 4.30 in the evening, the sky was surrounded by dark thick clouds

feeling like the darkness of night

Stopping outside the postmortem room

Deepak kept looking at the banyan tree standing on the right for a few seconds

The door opened to the outside

He went inside and closed the door and hung his raincoat there.

Open the door of the wooden wardrobe adjacent to the wall

and put on the clothes of the post-mortem.

He looked at the post mortem table

On a few steps, a corpse covered in white cloth was placed on top of the table.

As soon as the button next to the cupboard started

the tublight hanging above the post mortem table turned on

While looking inside the old dilapidated room,

Deepak went close to that corpse

Looked at the report placed on top of the table

Name Simran, age 24 years, address

After reading all the information

he removed the white cloth covered on the body of the corpse,

The corpse belonged to a young girl.

Strange fatigue was visible on the face.

The dark circle formed under the open eyes revealed that

she was very upset,

due to lack of sleep or any such thing.

He removed the cloth over the corpse.

The girl's body had clothes from the patients of the Mental Hospital.

Shirt and pant.

How can such a young and beautiful girl go mad.

There must be some reason?

Looked carefully at his face.

Like he is asking the corpse because of his madness.

A strange silence was spread all over the room.

Deepak knew his soul is somewhere here.

He wanted to know what was the reason for her going mad?

Then there was some movement near the ear covered with the girl's hair.

The black hairs near the ears started shaking slightly.

Deepak stopped his heart and started looking at that place.

Silence, a very frightening silence, was spread all around.

There was so much silence

that even Deepak was able to hear his heartbeat clearly.

Deepak felt a bit awkward.

Moving his hand gently to the girl's ear,

the hair was touched when only a bee-like worm came out of the girl's hair

and quickly dipped on Deepak's face.

The strange silence spread quite late with a loud bee's humming sound.

Deepak struggled to remove the insects,

But they bothered Deepak for a while while making the sound of rotating.

And within a few seconds that kind disappeared from his eyes.

Again a deep silence was established inside that room.

Deepak looked at the dead body of the corpse placed on the post mortem table

again with a surprised look.

"Something is strange"

Saying that the hair of the corpse should be gently removed from the top of the ear

and then he hear the same voice, ssss and sssss.

He looked back.

Nothing was visible,

but gradually that voice started getting louder in the ears.

Louder more louder voice

Looked around, closing his ears with both hands of such a loud voice,

but there was nothing.

And the sound stopped immediately.

Turning his eyes, he slowly removed his hands from his ears.

The silence,

a deadly silence, was spread all over the room.

Deepak, keeping control of his fear,

again went close to the corpse placed on the table.

It seemed that the girl is still alive

and will just get up and start talking.

Then his eyes went to the nose of the dead body.

The same kind fly crawled through his nose, trying to get out.

Deepak picked up the pliers for post mortem.

Slowly caught the worm and saw it out.

As if a creature looked like a honey bee.

And then another worm started trying to get out of his nose.

In the deep silence, that child's voice ssss and ssss,

and such a light sound began to ring continuously in his ears.

Surprised, Deepak opened the girl's mouth with one hand

and very quickly a large group of thousands of

warms that looked like bees came out of her mouth

and started spreading in the room.

They sobbed and ssss, they sobbed and made such a sound,

they started hovering around the Deepak.

As if the head of the Deepak was bursting with that disgusting horror.

With both hands removing the bees hovering over his head,

Deepak opened the door of the post-mortem room and was stunned.

Because there was not a single fly or a bee.

Everything was absolutely quiet.

Now he was afraid to go to that dead body.

Deepak said while walking towards the corpse placed on the post-mortem table.

"Who are you ....... and what do you want?"

Deepak had now understood that this is the work of a demonic soul.

And that is present somewhere in the room.

He stood still for a while with his eyes closed

He started speaking in his mind.

I know where you are.

But it does not know what you want?

And I will keep knowing this.

Deepak kept trying to listen to the fine voice with every pause.

Trying to feel the breath of the air that touches his body.

The sound was coming, but the sound of light rain.

The sound of drops dripping from the leaves of the trees,

the rest was absolutely silent.

Then there was a strange sound on Deepak's ears.

That voice sounded very scary in that creepy silence spread within the room.

The way a tree is breaking the dry wood from his hand, like that voice,

as well as the sound of a girl groaning in pain.

Deepak quickly opened his eyes

and saw that on top of the post-mortem table

He looked down at the post mortem table and was stunned.

Because the girl's body was no longer on the post mortem table.

" What is this happening? "

Deeply frightened, he started to move one step ahead.

His eyes were looking for that corpse around the room.

When the lights were turned off, there was ever a light,

then a few seconds of darkness was spreading in that room.

He started moving slowly.

Then the girl's head part appeared on the ground on the other side of the post mortem table.

Giving courage, the lamp slowly started to move forward,

but the fear was visible on his face.

And the body of the girl lying on the ground appeared.

His hands and legs were completely twisted by someone.

The body part was completely turned to the left and the neck to the right.

Seeing the scary scene, Deepak shivered from head to toe.

This is not an ordinary soul.

Perhaps this girl was not mad but possessed by some devil.

After the death, the girl's soul was freed from the body,

but that devil still holds her body.

Deepak dared to lift the girl's body with both his hands

and again put it on the table.

The post-mortem hit hands on the tube starting continuously above the table,

and the tube turned on.

Deepak said looking at the girl's face while lifting the surgical blade.

I know you have taken possession of this girl's body.

And you do not want this to be your post-mortem.

Because you will have to find the body of a new girl again,

but I will free your soul with this body….

Looking at his face, the surgical blade was rotated round two or three times.

Shortly, Deepak opened the body of the girl with a blade.

But some creeping warm were still alive in his intestines.

Seeing this, Deepak too was stunned for a moment.

He said looking at the girl's face.

If I tell this thing to Sawant Sir, he will not believe.

You died not today but a month ago when this soul made your body your home.

Shortly completed the post-mortem.

The whole body was wrapped in white cloth

and before covering the face, he said again while looking into the eyes of the corpse.

I told you, will you destroy this body as well as your demonic soul.

Come on ... May your soul ............. rest in peace.

And covering the face of that corpse, he tied it well.

Call me once you finished the work.

First inform Sawant sir.

He had pulled out of the mobile pocket to make the call

when the lights started turning on - off again.

light was playing hide and seek with the darkness.

Deepak started walking towards the button of light.

He Call Sawant Sir And he started on off the switch.

The light was still flickering .

After 3 - 4 ring Sawant Sir picked up the phone.

Hey Deepak, where are you, when have I been trying the phone?

Sorry sir, mobile was on silent mode.

Okay. Never mind.

Deepak, Doctor Shinde told me that you really talk to souls.

Deepak smiled "Ya maybe.

Sawant Sir, the phone was disconnected when he spoke something further.

Deepak tried to call them but was probably not coverage.

Then the same frightening sound started coming from the dreadful silence spread inside the room

The sound of breaking the bones of human body like dry wood.

Then, in the darkness behind the Deepak,

there was some movement in the corpse wrapped in white cloth on that post mortem table.

Surprised, he looked back and saw the color of his face go away.

There was some movement within the corpse placed on the post mortem table.

Two hands were coming out of the white cloth wrapped over that corpse,

and in that silence the sound of an animal's noise started echoing.

Deepak began to watch the movement

that was happening in front of him, keeping his fear under control.

Then the light started

Deepak saw that the flesh on the hands

that had come out of the white cloth was hanging on the bones.

While wailing, both of those hands now started rolling

rolling on the cloth tied on the face of the corpse.

He was a heart-throb for Deepak,

his eyes were fixed on the corpse

but he started to step back one by one without sounding.

And then the hands of the dead corpse laid on the table

started tearing the cloth tied on the face,

then the tube above the table burst and there was a dark darkness in the whole room.

The sound of tearing cloth echoed in the deep silence spread in that room .

and then everything became quiet.

Starting his mobile flashlight with his trembling hands,

he put the lights on the post mortem table

and his heart stopped beating in fear.

There was no corpse on the post mortem table.

The table was empty.

If there was a sound, the breath was done by someone's .

Staying there now was the equivalent of feasting on his death.

Because she was a demon soul.

The demonic spirit that kills innocent people and occupies their bodies.

Deepak quickly turned towards the door to get out.

He was about to open the door

that a large branch of a banyan tree , outside the post mortem room

broke and fell in front of the door.

His way to go out was closed.

Now he could not open the door even if he wanted to.

He called Sawant Sir from his mobile phone

but in the dark someone pulled his phone and hit the wall on the wall.

Deepak was now completely helpless.

It was nightfall, and Deepak started banging on the door,

but there was no one around the post-mortem room in the back of the hospital.

Then he started to hear a strange sound from behind.

Fearing he turned backward, but due to the darkness,

he could not see anything clearly.

But he knew that this demonic spirit is present somewhere here.

He said in a scared scared voice.

What the hell do you want?

Deepak was seen turning his scared and tearful eyes in the darkness spread all around.

Just then a terrifying laugh was heard echoing in his ears

with a frightened voice his heart shook.

The hive of thousands of bees fell on him.

And in that dark room sssss rotate ssssss this kind of sound kept buzzing.

Next day, When he opened his eyes,

he was on the bed of the hospital,

The beep of the machine was heard and everything else was quiet.

No scary voice, no sound of anyone.

A nurse nearby walked out seeing her glucose bottle.

Deepak .... how are you now?

Sawant Sir was sitting by his bed.

Holding Deepak's hand, he said while crying


Deepak, Doctor Shinde told me that you really talk to souls,

he was quite sure.

By the way, I do not believe in all these ghosts,

because I do not want to believe.

A few years ago, my daughter's body was captured by a demonic spirit,

we showed many psychiatrists but to no use.

Her insanity began to increase to an extent.

She would stay awake through the night,

If you were sleepy, you would wake up with a loud scream.

Cockroaches crawling on the ground,

she would eat creeks on the trees, without any hesitation.

Then she had to enter the mental asylum.

There, another insane lady attacked and touched the flesh of her hand.

But she died a month later.

But when the post mortem report came,

it was found that she had died a month earlier.

Her post-mortem was the same as you were in post-mortem room.

People working there say that after the post-mortem of Simran,

strange things happened at that place.

Since then the department was closed.

Forgive me because I lied to you and sent it there.

Because you talk to souls.

I just want to know

what has freed the soul of my daughter who died years ago?

Is that evil spirit still there?

Deepak did not answer any of his questions,

perhaps he was angry.

Desperate, Sawant Sir left,

Deepak turned to look at the ceiling fan lying on the bed in the lonely room.

Absolutely quiet seemed cool.

Closing his eyes, he remained calm.

But then again,

the light sound of the bee started echoing in his ears.

Out of fear, he quickly opened his eyes.

In real a bee sat on his arm hovering in front of his face.

A few seconds Deepak's fearful eyes were fixed on him.

The next moment he quickly caught him

looked at him carefully

and put it slowly in his mouth.