Rajasthan History Questions and Answers in English (Rajasthan GK - General Knowledge)

Rajasthan History Questions and Answers in English (Rajasthan GK - General Knowledge)
Posted on 18-12-2022

Rajasthan History Questions and Answers (Rajasthan GK [General Knowledge])

1 Coronation of Maharana Pratap Gogunda (Udaipur), 1572 AD and later the coronation ceremony took place in Kumbhalgarh fort
2 Arrangement to send Vivekananda to Chicago King Ajit Singh of Khetri did
3 First Englishman to come to Ajmer Sir Thomas Roe met Jahangir at Magazin Durg (Ajmer) on 10 January 1616
4 Thermopally of Rajasthan Haldighati (Rajsamand), Colonel James Tod said
5 Marathon of Rajasthan Diver (Rajsamand), Colonel James Tod said
6 Abhinav Bharatacharya Rana Kumbha, because of his vast knowledge in the field of music
7 Battle of Haldighati On 21 June 1576 AD
8 Idol of Shrinathji A Pandit from Vrindavan saved this idol from Aurangzeb and brought it at the time of Raja Raj Singh (1672 AD) of Rajsamand.
9 most decisive battle Battle of Khanwa (1527), Babur defeated Rana Sanga and established the Mughal Empire in India
10 two and a half day cottage The Sanskrit school built by Bisaldev in Ajmer in 1153 was converted into a mosque by Qutbuddin Aibak in 1193.
11 Jat princely states Bharatpur, Dhaulpur
12 Muslim princely states Tonk (Raj of the Pindaris)
13 Emergency capital of Maharana Pratap Chavand (Udaipur)
14 who sent rakhi to humayun At the time of Bahadur Shah's invasion of Gujarat (1534), Queen Karnavati of Chittor
15 First Saka of Rajasthan 1301 AD Saka of Ranthambore, Alauddin Khilji defeated Hamir Dev Chauhan and Hamir Dev's wife Rang Devi committed Johar
16 First Saka of Chittor 1303 AD Alauddin Khilji defeated Rawal Ratan Singh
17 second saka of chittor 1534 AD Bahadurshah of Gujarat attacked and Johar of Karnavati
18 3rd Saka of Chittor 1567 AD Akbar defeated Jaimal-Patta, the commander of Rana Udai Singh
19 savior king of mewar Rana Hamir Singh
20 Author of the book 'Bhasha Bhushan' Raja Jaswant Singh I of Jodhpur
21 who killed kumbha His son Uda / Udaykaran
22 First Battle Of Tarain 1191, Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori
23 Second Battle of Tarain 1192 Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan
24 Founder of the Chauhan dynasty of Ranthambore Govindraj
25 Founder of Chauhan dynasty of Jalore Kirtipal (Kitu)
26 Father of Rajasthani Architecture Rana Kumbha
27 Name of Meera's husband, father-in-law, father and grandfather Husband- Bhojraj, Father-in-law- Rana Sanga, Father- Ratan Singh, Grandfather- Ravduda
28 Jhadshahi Coins Sawai Singh II of Jaipur ran
29 Uday Singh's nurse Pannadhay (who sacrificed his son Chandan to save Uday Singh from Banveer)
30 In whose reign Muinuddin Chishti came to Rajasthan? Prithviraj Chauhan III
31 Suvarnagiri Jalore
32 Suvarnanagari  Jaisalmer
33 Fort named Taragarh in Ajmer and Bundi
34 At present the stone idols of Jaimal-Patta Outside the Fort of Bikaner (Established by Raisingh)
35 peacock flag  Another name for Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur
36 Tomb of Ghulam Qalandar Khan Jodhpur
37 Nehar Khan Tower quota
38 tower of gamtagazi Jodhpur
39 Gandhi of Rajasthan Gokul Bhai Bhatt
40 Gandhi of Vagad Bhogilal Pandiya
41 Gandhiji's fifth son Jamnalal Bajaj
42 Gandhi of Mewar Manikyalal Verma
43 Deputy Prime Minister of Fisheries Union Couple Kishore Chaturvedi (Bharatpur)
44 Second Jawaharlal Nehru Couple Kishore Chaturvedi (Bharatpur)
45 Sagarmal Gopa On 3 April 1946, at the time of Maharawal Jawahar Singh, Guman Singh burnt him alive in jail. Gopal Swaroop Pathak Committee termed it as suicide.
46 Founder of Bijolia State Ashok Parmar
47 mother of copper age civilizations  Ganeshwar (Sikar), developed on the banks of Kantli river
48 Tata city of ancient India Redh (Tonk)
49 Discovery of Kalibanga In 1952, Amlanand Ghosh
50 City built on the lines of the Indus civilization Jaipur
51 Ashoka's Dhamma Inscribed in the Bhadu inscription (Bairath, Jaipur)
52 fabric scraps from Bairath
53 maker of bijolia inscription Jain Shravak Lolak, 1170 AD. Varchayita – Gunbhadra
54 Other names of Ahar civilization Tamravati, Aghatpur, Nagari, Dhulkot
55 In which inscription the name of Chittor is mentioned as Khizrabad in the dargah of dhaibipir
56 Rajasthan State Archives in Bikaner
57 Jhalirani's Palace Katargarh (Kumbhalgarh)
58 what is a living mouse called Jauser
59 Padakha  The details of the total integrated annual income-expenditure of Udaipur state are known from these records.
60 Author of the book 'Jeez Mohammad Sahi' Sawai Jaisingh (related to astronomy)
61 Arabic Persian Research Institute New name - Maulana Abdul Kalam Arabic Persian Research Institute, Tonk (1978)
62 gold coins made in mewar mint Chandori coins
63 salim shahi coins In Pratapgarh (Chittor)
64 Kaldar coins The silver coins during the British rule were called
65 Mughal coins prevalent in Mewar after Akbar's conquest of Chittor L
66 India's oldest furnaces Goldsmith(Jhunjhunu), iron smelter
67 'Malah' Copper Age civilization site In Ghana Bird Sanctuary (Bharatpur)
68 Jaipur and British settlement 1818 AD, Jagat Singh
69 Historian present in Haldighati war Abdul Qadir Badayuni (who wrote Guntkhaw-ul-Tawarikh)
70 Historian present in the first war of Chittor (1303 AD) Aamir Khusro
71 Meaning of 'fighter' Sign Doha – Soldier asked for bangle, cut off the head of Kshatrani
72 Author of Kirtistambha Prashasti Poet Atri and his son Mahesh
73 Where did Akbar walk on the birth of his son? Ajmer
74 white clouds Martyred fighting in favor of Rawal Ratan Singh and against Alauddin Khilji in the first Sake of Chittor in 1303 AD
75 Jaimal-leaf  Martyred fighting in favor of Uday Singh and against Akbar in the third Sake of Chittor in 1567 AD
76 Alha-udal Martyred in 1182 AD fighting in favor of King Parmardi Dev of Mahoba and against Prithviraj Chauhan III
77 Jaita-Kumpa These two generals of Maldev were martyred while fighting Shershah Suri in the battle of Sumel/Jaitaran in 1544 AD.
78 eye of mewar Katargarh (residence of Kumbha situated in Kumbhalgarh)
79 The treacherous minister of Hamir in the battle of Ranthambore Ranmal
80 According to Prithviraj Raso, how did the Rajputs originate? from the fire pit
81 responsible government first On August 14, 1947 in Shahpura (Bhilwara) at the time of the king Sudarshan Dev.
82 ultimately responsible governance in Jaisalmer
83 oldest princely state Mewar, 566 AD. Guhil dynasty
84 newest state Jhalawar, 1838 AD Jhala Dynasty
85 largest state Jodhpur(36,120 sq km)
86 smallest state Shahpura(405 sq km)
87 Establishment of Kachhwaha dynasty In 1137 AD, Dulhrai / Tejkaran
88 sultry queen Umde, the wife of King Maldev of Marwar, is called
89 Mughal-Mewar Treaty Between Amar Singh and Jahangir in 1615 AD
90 Who called the Battle of Haldighati as the Battle of Gogunda? Abdul Qadir Al Badayuni
91 Who called the battle of Haldighati as the battle of Khamnore? Abul Fazl
92 Karna of Rajputana Raisingh (Bikaner), Munshi Dev Prasad said
93 ear of Kalyug Rao Lunkaran (Bikaner)
94 Rajasthan's oldest fame fame of muhnot nainasi
95 Who killed King Vikramaditya of Chittor Banveerne (who was the illegal slave son of Rana Sanga's brother Prithviraj)
96 Founder of Rathore dynasty Rao Seeha (in the 13th century)
97 Muslim general of Maharana Pratap Hakim Khan Suri
98 Establishment of Udaipur In 1559, Rana Udai Singh
99 soldier's wreckage to Rana Sanga
100 beginning of english education King Bannesingh of Alwar did
101 Battle of Khatoli Rana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodi in 1518 AD
102 Museum of Hindu Gods and Goddesses Vijayastambh (Chittorgarh)
103 jodha bai Daughter of Mota Raja Udai Singh of Jodhpur, real name- Jagat Gunsai, who was married to Jahangir in 1587 AD, Shah Jahan was her son.
104 Harka Bai Daughter of Raja Bharmal of Jaipur, married Akbar in 1562, Jahangir was her son. Jahangir named it 'Mariam Ujjamani'.
105 Sultan Nissa Daughter of King Bhagwant Das of Jaipur, real name - Man Bai / Manbhavani, she was married to Jahangir and Khusro was her son.
106 The last and grandest temple of Gurjar Pratihara style Someshwar Temple of Kiradu (Barmer)
107 oldest inscribed temple Sheetaleshwar Mahadev Temple (Jhalawar), 689 AD.
108 'Hindu Sun' was known as the king of mewar
109 Lines inscribed in the coat of arms of Udaipur “Jaidrhad rakhai dharmakotihin rakhai kartar.”
110 Lines inscribed in the coat of arms of Bikaner Jai Jangaldhar Badshah
111 Garh Chintamani Other names of Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur are Mordhwaj and Garh Chintamani.
112 Original name of Bapparawal Kalbhoj
113 Name of Padmini's favorite parrot Hiraman Parrot
114 Pandit of Rawal Ratan Singh Raghav Chetan
115 Hindi's first epic 'Prithviraj Raso' by Chandvardai
116 famous sufi poetry 'Padmavat' by Malik Mohammad Jayasi
117 Where is the history of Vansh Bhaskar Of Bundi, the creator – Suryamal Mixture and his son Muraridas
118 Mention of Gauri's death by a word-breaking arrow Prithviraj Raso (Prithviraj Chauhan III killed Muhammad Ghori with a piercing arrow after listening to Chandvardai's couplet
119 In which book the Nayaka going to Orissa to bring back diamonds is described? In Bisaldev Raso (by Narapati Nalh) the hero Bisaldev / Vigraharaja IV at the behest of his queen Rajmati
120 Ancient Bhumij style temple Jain Temple of Sewadi, Pali
121 war of gigolo In 1807, there was a war between King Mansingh of Jodhpur and King Jagatsingh of Jaipur regarding the marriage of Princess Krishna Kumari of Udaipur.
122 Which state is the gift of Mughals quota
123 Founder of Sambhar Lake Chauhan King Vasudeva
124 Birthplace of the great poet Magh Bhinmal (Jalore)
125 Which Guhil ruler defeated Iltutmish Rawal Jetra Singh (also defeated Balban)
126 To which war did Babur give the slogan of 'Jihad'? Battle of Khanwa (1527 AD)
127 During the reign of which ruler, Jawar village in Magra region extracted lead and silver mines at the time of Rana Lakha
128 Mewar Kesari Maharana Pratap
129 maru kesari Durgadas Rathod
130 Abul Fazal of Marwar face to face
131 Birbal of Marwar Bankidas
132 Taj Mahal of Marwar Jaswant Thada
133 astrological ruler Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur
134 brajnidhi To Raja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur. Raja Bandan Singh of Bharatpur is called 'Brajraj'.
135 Fifth Veda/19th Purana 'Veli Krisan Rukmani Ri' (composed by Prithviraj Rathore) was said by poet Dursa Adha
136 Writer of 'Sooraj Prakash' Karnidan (at the time of King Abhay Singh of Jodhpur)
137 Writer of 'Veer Vinod' Shyamlal Das
138 At the time of 1857 revolution, A.G. of Rajputana. George Patrick Lawrence
139 Rajputana's first A.G. mr locket
140 Revolution of 1857 started in Rajasthan On 28 May 1857, in the military cantonment of Nasirabad, Ajmer
141 total military cantonments There are total 6 sanil cantonments – Nasirabad, Erinpura (Pali), Neemuch (M.P.), Devli (Tonk), Beawar (Ajmer), Kherwara (Udaipur).
142 cantonments that did not participate in the revolution Beawar and Kherwara
143 'Chalo Dilli Maro Firangi' slogan The soldiers of the cantonment of Erinpura
144 war between whites and blacks War between the revolutionaries of Auwa and the British
145 Major centers of popular uprising Kota, Auwa (Pali)
146 Murder of Major Burton In Kota, on October 15, 1857, under the leadership of Jaidayal and Mehrab Khan, the revolutionaries beheaded Major Burton, the political agent of Kota, and paraded it through the city.
147 the murder of mech mason On September 18, 1857, under the leadership of Thakur Kushalsingh Champawat of Auwa (Jodhpur princely state, currently in Pali district), the political agent of Jodhpur, Make Mason, was killed and his body was hanged on the fort of Auwa.
148 Which kings went to Punjab to suppress the revolutionaries? Raja Sardar Singh of Bikaner
149 Bhamashah of the Revolution of 1857 Amarchand Bathia
150 Lakshmibai and Tatyatope were supported through money Amarchand Bathia, that is why the British gave him the death sentence
151 Who defeated the revolutionaries of Auwa Colonel Holmes on 20 January 1858
152 Th. those who gave shelter to kushal singh Jagirdar Keshar Singh of Salumber and Jagirdar Jodh Singh of Kotharia
153 Raja of Jodhpur at the time of 1857 revolution Takht Singh
154 Raja of Jaipur at the time of the revolution of 1857 Sawai Ram Singh II
155 Raja of Kota at the time of 1857 revolution Maharao Ram Singh
156 Raja of Udaipur at the time of 1857 revolution Swaroop Singh
157 Th. The presiding deity of Kushal Singh Champawat Sugali Devi (whose idol has 10 heads and 54 hands)
158 Who led the rebellion in Tonk? Mir Alam Khan
159 Ram Singh of Jaipur for helping the British in the 1857 revolution The British gave the pargana of Kot Kasim
160 “If I do the job of the state, then who will do the work of throwing out the Britishers” Statement of Arjun Lal Sethi
161 The officer who concluded the treaty on behalf of the East India Company in 1818 AD charles metcalf
162 Hurda Conference On July 17, 1734, Raja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur and Jagat Singh of Udaipur called a conference at a place called Hurda in Bhilwara with the aim of gathering the Rajput kings against the invasion of Marathas.
163 The last Hindu king who performed Ashwamedha Yajna King Sawai Jaisingh of Jaipur, whose priest was Pundarik Ratnakar
164 Who saw the period of three Mughal emperors Mirzaraja Jaisingh, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb
165 originator of subsidiary alliance Lord Wellesley
166 The first princely state to make a defensive and offensive treaty with the British Alwar (on 14 November 1803)
167 Dayanand Saraswati first came to Rajasthan as a state guest of which state? Dholpur (in 1864) for the discovery of Vedas
168 “I am very happy that the son of Mother India became a martyr for her liberation.” Kesari Singh Barhath said these statements on the martyrdom of his son Pratap Singh.
169 Bijolia Kisan Movement lasted for how many years for 44 years (1897–1941)
170 real name of vijaysingh pathik Bhup Singh (Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh)
171 Those who hoisted the national flag on the Dharma Stupa of Churu on 26 January 1930 Revolutionary Chandanmal Bahad
172 To which newspaper the credit goes for the promotion of the Bijolia movement? Pratap newspaper, which was published from Kanpur and Ganesh Shankar Vidyarti was its founding editor. Later Vijay Singh Pathik was also the editor of Pratap.
173 Kalibai (Bhil girl) Martyred in 1947 at Rastapal (Dungarpur) by British bullet while saving his teacher Sengabhai.
174 Vedic Ministry Printing Press Established in Ajmer by Arya Samaj
175 Father of freedom movement in Bikaner Mangaharam valid
176 bavji Nickname of Motilal Tejawat, who is also known as the 'Messiah of the Tribals'.
177 “Let my mother cry so that no other mother has to cry. I don't want to make thousands of mothers cry to make my mother laugh.” – Narration of Pratapsinh Baharath, after Pratapsinh Barhath was convicted in the Banaras Conspiracy Case, Director of Intelligence Charles Cleaveland reached Bareilly and asked information about Ras Bihari Bose, hurt by the news of his mother's illness.
178 Dungarpur Praja Mandal Established on 4th August 1944 by Bhogilal Pandya
179 Saka means Martyrdom in the battle field by Rajputs wearing saffron and Rajputanis doing Johar in the fort, these two incidents together are called 'Saka'.
180 Where was Dayanand Saraswati poisoned? In Jodhpur, on 29 September 1883, Nanhi Bhaktan (Nanhi Jaan), the beloved of Maharaja Jaswant Singh Singh, made her drink milk mixed with powdered glass after being called a 'bitch'.
181 Where did Dayanand Saraswati die? On 30 October 1883 in Ajmer on the day of Diwali
182 Where did Dayanand Saraswati compose Satyarth Prakash? Udaipur, sitting in the Navlakhon palace located in the Sajjan Niwas Garden.
183 Founder of Sisodia dynasty Rana Hamir (by defeating Jaisa Songara in 1326 AD)
184 Architect of Kumbhalgarh Fort Mandan Mishra
185 halguru Being the master of Giri forts, Rana Kumbha was called.
186 ranoraso This title was given to Rana Kumbha because of giving shelter to learned poets.
187 hindu surattan The Muslim rulers of the time called Rana Kumbha Hindu Surttan (Hindu Sultan).
188 Bhishma of Mewar Kunwar Chunda (Son of Rana Lakha, vowed to remain celibate for life like Bhishma on Rana Lakha's marriage with Princess Hansabai of Jodhpur.)
189 Vishamaghati Panchanan to Rana Hamir (engraved in the Kirti Stambh Prashasti)
190 Creator of 'Ekling Mahatmya' Kanha Vyas, in which 'Rajavarnana' was written by Rana Kumbha himself.
191 Kumbha's father Rana Mokal
192 Sangram Singh's father Raimal
193 When, where did Maharana Pratap die? In Chavand in 1597 AD
194 Who first appeared in Jahangir's court from Mewar? Amar Singh's son Karan Singh appeared in Jahangir's court in 1615 AD after the Mughal Mewar treaty.
195 twenty strokes Martyr fighting Aurangzeb's army while saving the temple at the time of Raja Raisingh of Rajsamand
196 avant-garde competition At the time of Amarsingh Sisodia of Mewar, there was a competition between Chundawat (Jaitsingh) and Shaktawats (Ballu) to win the Untala fort (Vallabhgarh, Udaipur) to stay in the vanguard (frontline) squad.
197 greatest honor Rajsamand Prashasti, Rajsamand Prashasti of Mewar written in Sanskrit language by Ranchod Bhatt on 25 inscriptions on 9 outposts at the northern end of Rajsamand Lake
198 Kumbha Kalin Jainacharya Som Sundar Suri, Jaishekhar Suri, Bhuvan Kirti and Somdev
199 Pathal to Maharana Pratap
200 Peethal Prithvi Raj Rathore of Bikaner


201 Author of the poem 'Pathal va Peethal' Kanhaiyalal Sethia of Churu
202 where was the bone queen Wife of Chundawat Sardar of Salumber (Udaipur)
203 Charumati She was the princess of Kishangarh (Ajmer) whose marriage was fixed with Aurangzeb and was abducted by Raja Raj Singh of Rajsamand.
204 Name of mother and father of Prithviraj Chauhan III Mother- Karpoori Devi / Kamla Devi, Father Someshwar Chauhan
205 From which word is the word Rathore derived? country code
206 Whose great-grandson was Ravsiha? Jaichand Gahadwal of Kannauj
207 Completer of 'Prithviraj Raso' Jalhan, son of Chandvardai
208 Completer of 'Vansh Bhaskar' Muraridan, son of Suryamalla mixture
209 Poet Bandhav Title of Bisaldev (Vigraharaja IV) of Ajmer
210 The author of the book 'Lalit Vigraharaj' Somdev
211 name of wife of hamir dev chauhan rang devi
212 Which Rathor king made Mador the capital of Marwar? Rao Chunda Rathore
213 Marriage of Rana Lakha in old age With Princess Hansabai of Jodhpur (daughter of Rao Chunda)
214 ruler of hashmat Farkhi historians called King Maldev of Jodhpur
215 Akbar's court of 1570 Planted in Nagaur
216 Forgotten hero of Marwar Rao Chandrasen
217 glory of marwar Rao Chandrasen
218 where was abul fazal from of Nagaur
219 Rajasthani included in Akbar's Navratna Bhagwant Das (Jaipur), Mansingh (Jaipur), Abul Fazal (Nagaur)
220 indrakunvari Daughter of Raja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur, who was married to Mughal emperor Farrukhshiar.
221 umbrella of durgadas rathore in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh)
222 umbrella of Maharana Pratap Chhatri of 8 pillars in Bandoli village near Chavand (Udaipur)
223 Chhatris of the kings of Jodhpur umbrella of Mandore
224 Canopies of the Kings of Jaipur Gator Canopies (Nahargarh, Jaipur)
225 Umbrellas of the kings of Kota Ksharbagh umbrellas
226 Umbrellas of the Rajas of Bundi Canopies of Kesar Bagh
227 Umbrellas of the kings of Udaipur Gango village near Mahasatiyan, Ahar (Udaipur)
228 Canopies of the kings of Jaisalmer big garden umbrellas
229 Canopies of the kings of Bikaner Devkund umbrellas
230 Mother of Jahangir (Salim) Amer's Harka Bai
231 Mother of Shah Jahan (Khurram) Jagatgunsai of Jodhpur
232 Khusro's mother Jaipur's Pleasing/Sultan Nissa
233 With whose help Uday Singh became the king of Chittor With the help of Raja Maldev of Jodhpur
234 where ranmal was killed At the behest of Rana Kumbha in Chittorgarh
235 Shahjahan's brother-in-law Salawat Khan killed Amarsingh Rathod of Nagaur did
236 Battle of Pahouba In 1541 AD, Raja Maldev of Jodhpur defeated Raja Rao Jaitsi of Bikaner.
237 The author of 'Rao Jaitsi Ro Chand' Bithu Souza
238 Who made Amer the capital of the Kachhwaha dynasty? Kokil Dev defeated the Meenas of Amer in 1207 AD.
239 Who gave Mansingh the title of 'Farzand'? Akbar, Farzand means son
240 Whose courtier was Vice Chancellor Mishra? It was the nephew of Bihari, who composed more than 52 texts and like Bihari, the court poet of Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh.
241 iserlat Also known as Sargasuli, built by Maharaja Ishwari Singh of Jaipur on the occasion of defeating the combined forces of Madho Singh in the Battle of Rajmahal (Tonk) in 1747 AD
242 who built hawamahal Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 AD, which has five storeys – 1 Sharad Mandir, 2 Ratna Mandir, 3 Vichitra Mandir, 4 Prakash Mandir, 5 Hawa Mandir. Hawa Mahal has 953 windows and 353 windows.
243 who painted jaipur pink Sawai Ram Singh II (during 1835-1880)
244 largest silver vessel City Palace (Chandramahal) in Jaipur
245 the biggest turban Bagore Ki Haveli (Udaipur)
246 9 castles alike In Nahargarh fort (Jaipur), Madho Singh built for his 9 paswans
247 Real name of Sawai Jaisingh Vijay Singh
248 battle of sivana 1307-08, Alauddin Khilji defeats Sheetaldev and renames Sivana fort as Khairabad
249 Battle of Jalore 1311-12, Alauddin Khilji defeated Kanhadde Songara and renamed Jalore as Jalalabad.
250 Battle of Khatauli In 1517 AD, Rana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodi at Bundi.
251 Battle of Gagron (Jhalawar) In 1519 AD, Rana Sanga defeated Mahmud Khilji II.
252 Writer of 'Raj Vinod' Sadashiv Bhatt, (about the social pattern of the 16th century)
253 Author of 'Raj Vallabh' Mandan Mishra (about 15th century architecture)
254 when and by whom Thakur Krishna Singh of Bijolia imposed a Chanwari tax of Rs.5 on the bride's side on the marriage of a girl in 1903 AD.
255 Constitution of 'Uparmal Punch Board' In 1917 AD, Vijay Singh Pathik, Manna Patel was its first sarpanch.
256 Begu (Chittorgarh) Peasant Movement Started in 1921 AD under the leadership of Ramnarayan Chowdhary, from a place called Menal (Bhilwara)
257 First ban on female slaughter 1834 AD in Kota
258 First ban on sati practice In Bundi in 1822 AD
259 First ban on stamping practice 1853 AD in Udaipur
260 first ban on human trafficking 1847 AD in Jaipur
261 Establishment of Bikaner Prajamandal In 1936 AD, Magharam Vaidya in Calcutta
262 Establishment of Rajasthan Service Association In Wardha (Maharashtra) in 1919, Vijay Singh Pathik, Kesari Barhath and Arjun Lal Sethi. In 1920 AD, its headquarters became in Ajmer.
263 Vidyashala (Jantar Mantar) built by Sawai Jaisingh 5 places Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura, Kashi, Ujjain
264 'da sahib' Haribhau Upadhyay of Ajmer
265 Hindi as the 'Language of Honor' Jamnalal Bajaj said
266 'What Are The Indian States' Book written by Vijaysingh Pathik
267 Pip English language newspaper brought out by Jaynarayan Vyas
268 fire Rajasthani language newspaper brought out by Jaynarayan Vyas
269 Warning Ra Chungtya Kesrisingh Barhath wrote 13 Sorthes to prevent Raja Fateh Singh of Udaipur from attending the Delhi Durbar organized by Lord Curzon in Delhi in 1903 to celebrate Edward VII's coronation. Who came to be known as  'Warning Ra Chungtya'  .
270 Jain Vardhaman School In Jaipur, founded by Arjunlal Sethi
271 Bhishma grandfather of journalism Pt.Jhabarmal Sharma
272 Chief Ministers of Ajmer before 1 November 1956 Haribhau Upadhyay (Da Sahib)
273 Establishment of Sanatan Dharma School and Wardha Navbharat School in Beawar Seth Damodar Das Rathi
274 Former name of Tarun Rajasthan New Rajasthan, published from Ajmer, 1921
275 'Gentleman's Agreement' In 1942, an agreement was signed between the President of Jaipur Praja Mandal, Hiralal Shastri and the head of Jaipur, Sir Mirza Ismail.
276 Slave no. 4 Jamnalal Bajaj used to call himself. First slave - India, second slave - native king, third slave - Sikar state
277 'Pralaya Pratikshon Namo Namah:' Famous folk song of Hiralal Shastri
278 Merger of Ajmer with Rajasthan on 1 November 1956
279 first chief minister  Hiralal Shastri (on 30 March 1949)
280 first elected chief minister Tikaram Paliwal (on 3 March 1952)
281 first governor Gurmukh Nihal Singh (on 1 November 1956)
282 first chief justice Kamalkant Verma (on 29 August 1949)
283 first assembly speaker Narottam Lal Joshi (on 31 March 1952)
284 first assembly deputy Lal Singh Shaktawat (on 31 March 1952)
285 first chief secretary Of. Radhakrishnan (on 13 April 1949)
286 first director general of police  Raghunath Singh (20 January 1983) Earlier, the head of police at the state level was called the Inspector General of Police. The first Inspector General of Police of Rajasthan, R.K. Banerjee (7 April 1949).
287 Dates of the Seven Stages of Integration First – 18 March 1948 (Fisheries Association)


Second – 25 March 1948 (East Rajasthan)

Third – 18 April 1948 (United Rajasthan)

Fourth – 30 March 1949 (Greater Rajasthan)

Fifth – 15 May 1949 (United Greater Rajasthan)

Sixth – 26 January 1950 (Rajasthan Union)

Seventh – 1 November 1956 (Rajasthan)

288 Inaugural of Fisheries Association and East Rajasthan NV Gadgil, the inaugurate of Greater Rajasthan was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
289 Shantabai Shiksha Cottage Established in 1935 by Hiralal Shastri and his wife Ratan Shastri, present name – Banasthali Vidyapeeth
290 Alamshahi Coins Run by Maharaja Salim Singh (Pratapgarh).
291 Who gave the name Matsya Sangh? KM the scribe
292 Chairman of State Reorganization Commission Dr. Fazal Ali
293 Secretary, State Reorganization Commission V.P. Menon
294 Who returned his title of 'Rai Bahadur' in protest against the Jallianwala Bagh massacre? Jamnalal Bajaj
295 princely states, territories, union territories In Rajasthan, after the independence of the country, there were 19 native princely states, 3 thikas/chiefsiffs/khudmukhtiars (Lawa (Jaipur), Kushalgarh (Banswara), Neemrana (Alwar) and 1 union territory (Ajmer-Merwara).
296 Which royal family patronized the Prajamandal Jaipur has
297 Jaisalmer Praja Mandal In 1945, Mithalal Vyas established in Jodhpur.
298 Inaugurated the first session of Mewar Prajamandal Acharya Kripalani on 25-26 November 1941
299 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of Rajasthan Nimuchana Kand Alwar (14 May 1925)



Commission constituted to investigate the farmers of Bengu trench commission


301 Sump meeting Established by Govind Guru in 1883 AD
302 Other name of Bhomat Bhil movement Unity movement started in Matrikundia (Chittodgarh) in 1921 under the leadership of Motilal Tejawat, the messiah of tribals
303 Which princely states declared independence on 15 August 1947? Dungarpur, Alwar, Bharatpur, Jodhpur
304 Capital of United Rajasthan Udaipur
305 Chief Minister of Greater Rajasthan Hiralal Shastri
306 head of fisheries association Udaybhan Singh (Dhaulpur)
307 Prime Minister of Fisheries Association Shobharam Kumawat
308 erstwhile capital of Rajasthan quota
309 To merge the princely states of Dholpur and Bharatpur in Rajasthan A committee was formed under the chairmanship of Shankarrao Dev, these two princely states wanted to meet in Uttar Pradesh.
310 Who was the Chief Minister on 1 November 1956? Mohanlal Sukhadia
311 when was the post of governor created on 1 November 1956
312 The area of ​​Kota which was given to Madhya Pradesh on 1 November 1956? Sironj
313 In which category was the state of Rajasthan placed on 26 January 1950? 'B' Category
314 Maharaj Pramukh of Greater Rajasthan Maharana Bhupal Singh (Udaipur)
315 Whose court poet was Bankidas? King Mansingh of Jodhpur, Bankidas (Birbal of Marwar) wrote the book 'Krip Darpan'.
316 Whom Dr. Tessitori called the 'Heroes of Dingle language'? Prithviraj Rathore, the famous poet of Bikaner
317 Nadol / Junakheda is related to which dynasty? From the Chauhan dynasty, there is also a temple of Ashapura Mata, the family goddess of the Chauhans.
318 First Saka of Jaisalmer Rawal Mulraj and Kunwar Ratansi martyred during the attack of Alauddin Khilji
319 Second Saka of Jaisalmer Rawal Duda and Trilok were martyred during the attack of Firoz Shah Tughlaq.
320 Third (Semi Saka) of Jaisalmer In 1550 AD, Lunkarna was martyred during the treacherous attack of Amir Ali Pathan of Kandahar, Rajputs were martyred in this war but Rajputanas could not do Johar. That's why it is called Ardha Saka.
321 'Baghishwari' Rama Bai (Daughter of Rana Kumbha who was a musician)
322 Pictures on Ragamala, Rasik Priya, Geet Govind During the time of Amar Singh I of Mewar (1597-1620)
323 son of pannadhay Chandan
324 Ajit Singh's midwife of Jodhpur goradhay
325 Nath Prashasti In 971 AD, inscription obtained from Lakulish temple near Eklingji's temple (Kailashpuri, Udaipur) in which Bapa Rawal and other Guhil rulers are praised.
326 By killing which Pratihara ruler, Mahmud Ghaznavi ended the Pratihara dynasty in 1019? mihirbhoj
327 The first, second, third, fourth and fifth capital of Bhatis of Jaisalmer First – Bhatner


II – Tanot

Third – Derawal

IV – Lodrava

Fifth – Jaisalmer

328 When and where did Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur die? In Jamrud (Afghanistan) in 1678
329 First Patron of Chaugan (Polo) Games Mirza Raja Jaisingh
330 Architect of Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur charles corea
331 Writer of 'Azadi Ke Deewane' Sagarmal Gopa
332 In which civilization have fishing hooks been found? Ganeshwar (Sikar)
333 Gilund Civilization Site in Rajsamand
334 Jaipur Architect Bengali Brahmin Vidyadhar Bhattacharya
335 Iswal Lohkalin Civilization Site Udaipur (in 2003)
336 Dadikar Ancient Rock Painting Site Alwar
337 Pandavas went into exile in Bairath (Jaipur)
338 first bird rider rock painting Gardada (Boondi)
339 Coins prevalent in Rajasthan during the British period Kaldar
340 Ancient name of Hanumangarh Bhatner
341 Ancient name of Dholpur cottage
342 ancient name of jaisalmer Manddhara/Valladesh
343 ancient name of Bhinmal Shrimal
344 Ancient name of Rishabhdev (Udaipur) Dhulev
345 ancient name of Nathdwara Sinhad
346 ancient name of Bayana Shripanth
347 ancient name of Jhalrapatan Brijnagar
348 ancient name of Mandore Mandavyapur
349 Ancient name of Shri Mahavir Ji (Karauli) Chandan
350 ancient name of nagaur Akshatriyapur
351 ancient name of bikaner jungle region
352 Jaisamand's ancient name Dhebar
353 ancient name of udaipur Shivi
354 Area of ​​Hanumangarh and Ganganagar battlefield
355 ancient name of sirohi tumor region
356 Ancient name of Karauli Gopalpal / Vijaygarh
357 In 1818 AD, which princely state was freed from Khiraj by the English Bikaner
358 purchase Correspondence (between one Maharaja and another Maharaja)
359 Triratna Archives Received from Bairath (Jaipur)
360 Hiuen Tsang in the 7th century came to Bhinmal (Jalore)
361 Those who prepared the base land for revolution in Rajasthan Shyam Krishna Verma
362 Triveni of History, Archeology and Spirituality Kiradu (Barmer)
363 Abul Fazl's brother Faizi (he was also a poet in Akbar's court) but was not a Navratna)
364 war of attrition 14 March 1659, Ajmer Aurangzeb defeated the Darashiks
365 Battle of Manpur Between Maharaja Ishwar Singh of Jaipur and Ahmad Shah Abdali on 3 March 1748
366 Commission constituted to investigate the atrocities on the farmers of Bijolia Formed in April 1919 under the chairmanship of Justice Bindulal Bhattacharya
367 Shaheed Kripaji and Rupaji Martyr in Bengu movement
368 The leader who first raised the demand for responsible governance Jamnalal Bajaj
369 Author of 'Mahendra Kumar', 'Madan Parajay', 'Pashwagya Pustak' Arjunlal Sethi
370 The Bolshevik verdict (1925) was the product of which movement? Bengu Peasant Movement
371 Author of 'Foundation of Sarvodaya' Haribhau Upadhyay
372 Birth place of Manikyalal Verma Bijolia (Bhilwara)
373 Leader of Native State Lok Parishad in Rajasthan Jaynarayan Vyas
374 maker of modern rajasthan Mohanlal Sukhadia
375 Creator of 'Raj Singh Charit' and 'Ruthi Rani' Kesrisingh Barhath
376 Efforts to prohibit alcohol Gokul Bhai Bhatt during 1972-81
377 Wife of Manikyalal Verma Narayani Devi
378 The first to give birth to political consciousness in Rajasthan Arjun Lal Sethi
379 Gandhi Ashram Established by Haribhau Upadhyay at Hatundi (Ajmer)
380 First Paramveer Chakra winner Rajasthani Havildar Major Pirusingh (1948 AD Jhunjhunu resident)
381 2nd Param Vir Chakra winner Rajasthani Major Shaitan Singh (1962) resident of Jodhpur. So far 2 Rajasthanis have got Paramveer Chakra
382 black law of bikaner Public Safety Act of 1932 AD
383 Those who died during hunger strike in Central Jail Balmukund Bissa (Jodhpur)
384 'Sher-e-Bharatpur' Gokul Ji Verma
385 Those who defeated Tatya Tope in Rajasthan Gen. Roberts, Col. Holmes, Capt. Shavers
386 Taxes on water before 1947 Abiana
387 Marwar Hitkarini Sabha 1918 AD Established by Chandmal Surana in Jodhpur
388 Vagad Seva Mandir Established by Bhogilal Pandya, in 1917 AD at Dungarpur
389 Charkha Union Established by Jamnalal Bajaj in 1927 AD, Jaipur
390 all interest magazine 1879. Published from Bundi
391 author of direct biography Pt. Hiralal Shastri
392 first padma shri Mrs. Ratan Shastri (wife of Hiralal Shastri) in 1955
393 first padma bhushan Conversen (in 1956 AD)
394 First Padma Vibhushan Smt. Janaki Devi Bajaj (1956) Wife of Jamnalal Bajaj who was awarded for her special contribution in Bhoodan-Kupdan.


Note – The first Rajasthani man to receive Padma Vibhushan is Mr. Ghanshyamdas Birla (1961 AD). Who is called the father of Indian industry.

395 First Ashok Chakra winner Havildar Shambhu Dayal Singh, Nagaur (1948)
396 first Vir Chakra winner Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja, Quota 1999
397 first woman pilot Namrata Bhatt
398 first woman flying officer Nivedita
399 Radha of Rajasthan Mirabai
400 Vagad's Meera Gawri Bai


401 Kabir of Rajasthan Sant Dadudayal
402 Narasimha of Rajasthan Saint Durlabhji
403 Sher-e-Rajasthan Jaynarayan Vyas
404 princely states included in matsya union Alwar, Bharatpur, Dhaulpur, Karauli
405 Former Rajpramukh of Rajasthan Union Kota Naresh Bhim Singh
406 Before independence A.G. Headquarters of mount abu
407 "I am signing my death warrant" This statement was said by Raja Chandraveer Singh of Banswara while signing the merger letter at the time of unification of Rajasthan.
408 first mahavir chakra Colonel Kishan Singh Rathore, Churu (1948)
409 where is khanwa ground In Roopwas Tehsil of Bharatpur
410 'Book Light' Library established by Maharaja Mansingh in Jodhpur fort
411 Rajput kingdom that tried to keep itself independent till the death of Aurangzeb Marwar
412 Where are Maurya and Guhil dynasty? Mewar (Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Rajsamand etc.)
413 Where is the Rathore dynasty? Marwar (Jodhpur), Bikaner, Kishangarh
414 Bhati dynasty? Jaisalmer
415 Chauhan dynasty? Ajmer, Ranthambore, Jalore
416 Kachhwaha dynasty? Jaipur
417 Songara Dynasty Bhinmal
418 rice grains from which civilization From Rangmahal (Hanumangarh)
419 'Lakkad and Kakkar' Jayanarayan Vyas was called.
420 Capital of the ancient fishing region Viratnagar (in Mahabharata)
421 Capital of the Fisheries Union Alwar (at the time of unification of Rajasthan)
422 Author of Rajsamand Prashasti Ranchod Bhatt
423 Which ruler of Rajputana first established matrimonial relations with the Mughals? Raja Bharmal of Jaipur got his daughter Harkhabai married to Akbar in 1562.
424 Writer of 'Narsing Ji Ka Myra' Mirabai
425 By what other name is the Battle of Jaitaran known? Battle of Giri Sumel/Samel, in 1544 AD
426 Who gave the title of Maharaja to Jaswant Singh I of Jodhpur Shah Jahan
427 Who gave the title of Mirza Raja to Mirza Raja Jaisingh Shah Jahan
428 capital of ancient Shursen kingdom Mathura
429 The author of 'Khuman Raso' Dalpati Vijay
430 'Matire ki Raad' war In 1644 AD between Amar Singh Rathod of Nagaur and Karan Singh of Bikaner
431 the capital of the Gurjars Bhinmal (Jalore)
432 'forest of pillars' Jain temple of Ranakpur (Pali) 1444 pillars
433 Famous works of Rana Kumbha Sangeetharaj, Rasik Priya, Sood Prabandha, Kamaraj Ratisar
434 Treaty of Purandar In 1665, on behalf of Aurangzeb, Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh of Jaipur met Chhatrapati Shivaji
435 Famous works of Pundarika Vitthal Raga Chandrodaya, Raga Manjari, Dance Nirjan
436 real name of jodhabai Jagatgunsai (daughter of Mota Raja Uday Singh of Jodhpur)
437 Real name of Sultan Nissa Manbhavani (daughter of Bhagwant Das of Jaipur)
438 maryam ujjwani real name Harkhabai (daughter of Bharmal of Jaipur)
439 Number of pillars in Ranakpur temple 1444
440 Number of windows in Hawa Mahal 953
441 Guru of revolutionary Pratap Singh Barhath Master Adityendra
442 Birth place of Damodar Das Rathi Pokaran (Jaisalmer)
443 Father of armed revolution in Rajasthan Gopal Singh Kharwa
444 Birth place of Gokul Bhai Bhatt Hathal Village (Sirohi)
445 Prime Minister of United Rajasthan Manikyalal Verma
446 Birth place of Jamnalal Bajaj Kashi Ram Bass (Sikar)
447 Birth place of Kesrisingh Barhath Shahpura (Bhilwara)
448 Those who make a living by teaching Arabic-Persian to Muslim children Arjunlal Sethi (in the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti)
449 Birth place of Hiralal Shastri Jobner (Jaipur)
450 Author of the book 'Desh Ke Deewane' Edited by the Government of Rajasthan
451 who killed rana mokal Two feudatories named Chacha and Mera
452 construction of the great temple King Mansingh of Jodhpur pleased with his Guru Ayasnath/Devnath
453 Where is Bhureshah's tomb? Mehrangarh (Jodhpur)
454 Quit India movement found its roots in Rajasthan in jodhpur
455 Where and who banned Jamnalal Bajaj from coming On coming to Bikaner and King Gangasingh of Bikaner
456 weight movement Under the leadership of Chandmal Surana in Jodhpur in 1920 AD
457 Who went to the second round table conference Raja Gangasingh of Bikaner went to London
458 sword captive This tax was imposed by Prithvi Singh, the successor of Krishna Singh in Bijolia.
459 84 types of keys are required Used to be taken in Bijolia (Bhilwara)
460 Publication of Dainik Navjyoti 1936 AD Ajmer, Captain Durgaprasad Chowdhary
461 Meeting Maharana Pratap as Akbar's envoy Firstly Jalal Khan, apart from this Mansingh, Bhagwant Das, Todermal also went
462 Who translated Todd's 'Annals' into Hindi? Gorishankar Hirachand Ojha
463 Author of 'History of Rajputana' Gorishankar Hirachand Ojha
464 Rajasthan's first college which was of intermediate level  1875 E. Mayo College (Ajmer)
465 first wire house 22 February 1895 (Udaipur)
466 Builder of Eklingji's temple Bapa Rawal
467 whose son was banveer Rana Sanga's brother Prithviraj was the son of an illegal slave.
468 war of dharmat In this war in Ujjain in 1657 AD, King Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur lost to Aurangzeb and Murad while fighting in favor of I Darashikoh.
469 founder of mewar Guhaditya
470 Maharana Pratap's mother's name Jaywanti Bai (daughter of Akhairaj Songara of Pali)
471 who made jaswant thada It was built by Raja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur in the memory of his father Jaswant II in 1899-1906 AD.
472 When did Vasudev establish the Chauhan dynasty? In 551 AD in Sapadalaksha (Sambhar)
473 Establishment of Ajmer In 1113 AD, Ajayraj
474 Establishment of Jaisalmer 1153 AD Jaisal Bhati
475 Establishment of Jodhpur Rao Jodha on 12 May 1459
476 Establishment of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh on 18 November 1727
477 Establishment of Bikaner In 1488, Rao Bika
478 establishment of quota 1625 AD Madho Singh
479 Establishment of Udaipur 1559 AD Uday Singh
480 Establishment of Bharatpur Surajmal Jat in 1733
481 where was jayanak from From Kashmir, the author of the book 'Prithviraj Vijay'
482 who defeated balban Rawal Jaitra Singh of Chittor
483 The name given by Alauddin Khilji to Jalore Jalalabad
484 Alauddin Khilji's given name of Sivana Khairabad
485 first use of gunpowder In the battle of Khanwa (in Rajasthan), Babur
486 Where did Udaipur die? In Gogunda (Udaipur), in 1572 AD
487 The oldest umbrella in Mahasatiyan of Amar Singh I
488 Akbar made whom the subedar of Rajasthan in 1580? to Abdur Rahim Khankhana
489 When was the reorganization of Rajasthan on 1 November 1956
490 princely state of yadavas Karauli, Bhatner (Hanumangarh), Jaisalmer
491 Who patronized Prince Akbar? Durgadas Rathore of Marwar
492 The last Rawal king of Mewar Rawal Ratan Singh (1303)
493 First Rana Raja of Mewar Rana Hamir (in 1326 AD)
494 Whose daughter was Hansabai? Daughter of Rao Chunda of Jodhpur and sister of Rao Ranmal and aunt of Rao Jodha.
495 Who sacrificed in the foundation of Jodhpur fort? Rajaram Meghwal / Rajia Bhambi
496 First Maurya King of Chittor Chitrangad Maurya
497 Last Maurya King of Chittor Maan Maurya (by defeating Bappa Rawal started the Guhil dynasty in Chittor.
498 Kilkila Cannon, Shambhuban, Ghazni Khan Cannon In Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur)
499 Gagron's first Saka In 1423 AD, Achaldas Khinchi was defeated by Sultan Alap Khan Ghori (Hoshgshah) of Mandu. Contemporary poet Shivdas Gadan has described this war in 'Achal Das Khinchi Ri Vachanika'.
500 Gagron's second saka In 1444 CE, Sultan Mahmud Khilji of Mandu attacked, Palhansi was pulled and ran away, but others were martyred. That's why Khilji named it 'Mustafabad'.
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