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Reforms in Civil Services - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 13-07-2022

Reforms in Civil Services

Reforms in civil services is a core mandate of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission. According to the commission  , the administrative system should be changed so that there is a  structured and accountable allocation of duties and responsibilities at each level of the civil service in which  the government servant can be held accountable in the manner in which he performs his duty. Such allocation should be specific and clear and should include concretely the  supervision and monitoring responsibilities of the controlling officers. All this  should be in a single line in such a way that accountability can  compel every level of government servants to work efficiently.


There should be an in-built system of rewards and punishments, laying down a  criterion that eliminates arbitrariness  and subjectivity in conferring rewards and awarding punishments. At this time there is no incentive to work diligently and efficiently and  face consequences for evading work, engaging in corruption or failing  to achieve an acceptable level of efficiency. At this  time, not only accounting of work is done, but  the old system of ascertaining the strengths, weaknesses and reputation of an officer also seems to be a thing of the past. It is high time that the performance of officers should be monitored periodically and purposefully. A mechanical system for accounting of work to be done for evaluation  should be introduced for each level of civil service.

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