Shurpanakha cursed her brother Ravana for death

Shurpanakha cursed her brother Ravana for death
Posted on 13-05-2022

Shurpanakha cursed her brother Ravana for death

Despite the negative character of Ravana in the Ramayana, he was called a gyani and a mighty warrior. Ravana's might can be gauged from the fact that he had kept many gods and goddesses under his control. He had won many yuddh single-handedly in his lifetime. Often this thought comes to our mind when Ravana was so mighty then why did he get destroyed? Lord Rama's power was there in the destruction of Ravana, but there was one more thing that became the reason for his destruction. That was the curse given by Ravana's sister Shurpanakha. Due to this not only Ravana but his entire clan got destroyed. In such a situation, the question arises that Ravana used to love his sister very much, then why did he curse his own brother?


The story behind it is as follows:

Shurpanakha used to love the commander of King Kalkeya.

Vidyutjiv was the commander of King Kalkeya. Ravana wanted to conquer every kingdom and merge it into his kingdom. Because of this, Ravana attacked the kingdom of Kalkeya. After killing Kalkeya, Ravana also killed Vidyutjiv. It is said that Ravana did not know that his sister Kalkeya was in love with the commander Vidyutjiv, due to which Ravana killed him too. While in many mythological stories it is believed that Ravana knew that his sister was in love with Vidyut Jiva, due to this he killed the warrior.


Shurpanakha had cursed

When Shurpanakha came to know about this act of her brother, she started mourning with anger and sorrow and she cursed Ravana with a sad heart that you will be destroyed because of me and as we all know that in Sita Haran Shoorpanakha played the lead role.


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