Social Life of Indus Valley Civilization (Based on NCERT)

Social Life of Indus Valley Civilization (Based on NCERT)
Posted on 25-04-2022

Social Life of Indus Valley Civilization

The social life of Indus Valley Civilization: The social life of the Indus Valley Civilization was happy and comfortable. The family was the mainstay of the social life of the Indus Civilization. There was no distinction between rich and poor among the Indus people.

Social Life of Indus Civilization

The social life of the Indus Civilization or Harappan Civilization was as follows-

  • The family of the Indus residents (Indus residents) was matriarchal, this is estimated from the number of female idols found in excavations.
  • Small and big houses have been found nearby in the excavation of Harappa, which proves that there was no discrimination between the poor and the rich.
  • The society of the Indus civilization was divided into many classes on the basis of occupation such as - traderspriestscraftsmen, workers, etc.
  • Utensils made of claygoldsilver, and copper were used.
  • Tools and implements made of metal and stone (stone) were used for agriculture.
  • Indus people used to eat both vegetarian and non -vegetarian food. Wheat, rice, barley, sesame, and pulses were mainly consumed as vegetarian food.
  • The Indus people used to do activities like huntingsingingdancing, and gambling for entertainment.
  • Dice was the dominant game of this era.
  • Fishing and bird hunting were regular activities. This activity was done for both entertainment and food.
  • In the excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization, many small terracotta sculptures have been found, possibly used as revered statues or as toys. Miniature sculptures (small-sized clay idols) of both men and women have been found, but the number of women's idols is more.
  • Armor, Kada, KanthaharHansuli, etc. were used in ornaments that were made of gold, silver, copper, oyster, ivory, etc.


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