Symbols of Madhya Pradesh State | Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge

Symbols of Madhya Pradesh State | Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge
Posted on 20-04-2022

Symbols of Madhya Pradesh State 

Madhya Pradesh had declared animalsbirdstrees, etc. as the state on November 1, 1981, on the 25th anniversary of its establishment of the state. Later state sportsstate fish, etc. were declared.

Madhya Pradesh State Flower MP State Flower

  • Lily Lili
  • Main climatic zones- temperate and sub-tropical climate zones
  • medicine


State Dance MP State Dance

  • Rai (the main folk dance of Bundelkhand)
  • Main Region- Bundelkhand
  • Specialty - Beautiful combination of makeup and bravery. Happens on every auspicious occasion.
  • Main Characters - Stupid and Clown


State Bird MP State Bird

  • Dudhraj or Shah Bulbul (Turfisphone)
  • Main Area-   North-West Madhya Pradesh (Selana and Sardarpar Sanctuary)
  • Mostly found in Malwa.


State Sports MP State Sports

  • Malkhamb (Malkhamb Academy established in Ujjain)
  • Announced April 2013


State Natya MP State Folk Dance

  • Macha
  • Main Area- Malwa
  • Specialties- dramas based on mythological tales and culture


State Fish MP State Fish

  • Mahaseer species (Taur putitaura)
  • Availability - Narmada River
  • Announced- 2011

State Animal MP State Animal

  • reindeer (Russvers duvauseli)
  • Species - breadry species
  • Main Area Kanha Kisli National Park Mandla

State Tree MP State Tree

  • Banyan (Ficus bengal galensis)
  • Uses - drug making treatment

State Symbol of Madhya Pradesh MP State Symbol

  • MP In the state emblem adopted by the government after the establishment of the state, importance has been given to both the state emblem and local features of India.
  • Out of the above sign there are twenty-four stupa figures. After this there is a circle which signifies the infinite possibilities of continuous growth and development. Madhya Pradesh Government and Satyamev Jayate are engraved within this circle. Along with this, the main crops of the state are wheat and paddy earrings. The central circle depicts the Lion figure of the Ashoka Pillar and the state tree Banyan ' .


State Crop Soybean (Glycine Max)

  • State River Narmada
  • State Fruit Mango (Mangifer indica)


mahseer fish-

  • On 26 September 2011 , Mahaseer fish was given protection in the state.
  • It has been declared extinct by the IUCN in the year 2012 .

MP UNESCO heritage in

  • Khajuraho - 1986
  • Sanchi- 1989
  • Bhimbetka - 2003
  • Mandu- Proposed

significant other

  • Establishment Day of Madhya Pradesh - 1st November
  • Official language of Madhya Pradesh- Hindi
  • Madhya Pradesh Anthem - My Madhya Pradesh
  • Final reorganization of the state - November 2000
  • Geometric Shape- Rectangular
  • Composer of State Anthem - Mahesh Srivastava Year   2010


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