TOP 10 cities to live in the NORTHEAST of Brazil

TOP 10 cities to live in the NORTHEAST of Brazil
Posted on 30-01-2022

Hi people, Elzinga here!

In 10th position, the Maranhão city of Alcântara, with 22 thousand inhabitants,

right there on the other side of the island of São Luiz, on the north coast of the state. Alcântara is the

same place you may have seen on television where

rocket launches take place, more precisely at the Alcântara Launch Center. But, in addition, it

is a place with almost 400 years of history that has already received the title of National Monument City

and that hides treasures and beauties still unknown to many people. In fact,

since its foundation, the Divino Espírito Santo Party takes place there, always in the month of May.

It is also in Alcântara that Livramento Island is located, with several fossil records,

including dinosaurs; also Itatinga Beach, Baronesa Beach,

Tapireí Beach, Livramento Island Beach, and the Ruins of Main Square.

TOP 10 cities to live in the NORTHEAST of Brazil

Going to 9th position, the city of Laranjeiras, in the state of Sergipe, with 30 thousand inhabitants,

which has already been called Open Air Museum and Athens of Sergipe. Laranjeiras

is a city with almost 200 years of age, listed by IPHAN, which maintains the traces of

colonial period architecture such as streets, churches, mansions, in addition to having

been one of the most prosperous places in Brazil in the 20th century due to the sugar culture.

Laranjeiras, with so much history, even offers an Archeology course at the

Federal University of the state, precisely because it is an open-air museum. In fact, it is there that one of

the richest private chapels in the entire northeast is located: that of Sant'Aninha from 1860, which belongs to the Solar

de Sant'Aninha. Other places that delight everyone in the city are the Afro-Brazilian Museum,

the Church of Our Lady of the Conception of the Brown Men, the Church of Our Lady of the

Rosary and Saint Benedict, the Mother Church of the sacred heart of Jesus, the Museum of Art Church,

the Chapel of Good Jesus of the Navigators, the Church of Bonfim's Lord, and the Church of Retreat.

TOP 10 cities to live in the NORTHEAST of Brazil

In 8th position, Ceará-Mirim in Rio Grande do Norte, a place with 75 thousand inhabitants

right in the eastern region of the state, about 30 kilometers from Natal. Ceará-Mirim is a city that, despite having one

of the highest crime rates in the state, is part of the ranking of the 100 Brazilian cities with

50 to 100 thousand inhabitants that provide adequate housing conditions for its residents.

TOP 10 cities to live in the NORTHEAST of Brazil

Going to 7th place, Parnaíba in Piauí with 150 thousand inhabitants,

in the extreme north of the state and about 350 kilometers from the capital. This is one of the only 4 coastal cities in the state,

popularly known as the "Capital of the Parnaíba Delta",

which if you've heard of it then you know that it's one of the most incredible places in Brazil,

and the only open sea delta on the entire American continent. In fact, in 2009, the Ministry of

Tourism considered the Parnaíba Delta, together with Jericoacoara and Lençóis Maranhenses,

which form the “Route of Emotions”, as the best integrated tourist route in the country.

Parnaíba still has great historical importance for Piauí with several monuments

listed by IPHAN; it is the second largest city in the state; it is famous for its landscapes,

as in the coast and in the carnauba; it is strong in commerce and industry; in addition to being one of the 65

cities that promote tourism in Brazil. And if you wonder if this place is worth it, then

take a look at Coqueiro Beach, Pedra do Sal Beach, the Historic Center, Portinho Lake,

the Train Museum and Maria Fumaça and the Simplício Dias Mansion. You can't help to fall in love, right!

Going to 6th position, we go to Sobral, in Ceará, with 210 thousand inhabitants

and about 240 kilometers away from Fortaleza. Sobral is an important city with an urban site listed by IPHAN, in addition to being a reference for economic growth in the interior of the state in

several categories, it is one of the cities that most developed in Brazil in the last 10 years and

also one of the 30 best to live in the country. This is a place that appears in several

cool indexes out there, but perhaps the most interesting is that of the Financial Times that places Sobral as one of the

10 cities of the future of America, or as they say, “the only Brazilian city of its size”. Crazy right!

By the way, I don't know if you know, but it was in Sobral that Einstein proved the theory of

general relativity.

Well, going to the 5th position, the chosen one is the city of Triunfo in Pernambuco, with 15 thousand inhabitants,

the highest in the entire state with approximately 1,000 meters of altitude,

but which reaches up to 1,260 meters there at Papagaio Peek, the highest point of Pernambuco. And,

because of all that height, it ends up being the coldest city too,

which in winter can reach a temperature of 6ºC. Triunfo, is popularly known as the “backwoods' oasis"

and is famous for its super preserved buildings and mansions in raw stone. It is also a place

that keeps the history of the Dutch invasions in the Brazilian northeast and also of the cangaço.

In 4th position, Ilhéus, in Bahia, with its 200,000 inhabitants

and about 350 kilometers from Salvador, in the south of the state. Ilhéus is, among the cities in Bahia,

the one with the longest coastline, in addition to having been founded in the 16th century,

even though it only became a city in the 19th century. It's an important IT hub, in addition to

having been the world's largest producer of cacao in the past. It is also worth

mentioning that the city center is located on an island, which is very cool, and that it was also one of

the favorite places of the Bahian writer Jorge Amado, who loved to set his novels in the city.

TOP 10 cities to live in the NORTHEAST of Brazil

In our 3rd position, Penedo, in Alagoas, with 65 thousand inhabitants,

about 160 kilometers from Maceió, and almost 400 years old. Simply, the first village,

in addition to being one of the most incredible cities in the entire state, and in Brazil. Penedo was listed

as a historical heritage of Brazil by IPHAN and is filled with historic buildings,

imposing churches and convents and several streets that tell the history of Brazil and the

colonization of the Portuguese and Dutch. Apart from the architecture, it is an incredible place when it comes

to natural beauties, such as the rocks, and also the waters of the São Francisco River.


In 2nd place, Campina Grande, in Paraíba, with 415 thousand inhabitants,

a place that delights everyone, in addition to being a great industrial, commercial and food distribution hub. That 's where,

supposedly, the biggest São João of the World takes place, and I say “supposedly” because

Caruaru strongly disagrees with what I've just said. Anyway,

the event is gigantic, it lasts for about 30 days, and half of Brazil has been going there to enjoy it since 1983.

Campina Grande is still a great university center, it has the second largest GDP in the state,

it is considered one of the 100 best cities to to make a career in Brazil, in this case the only

city ​​in the interior, on the list, that is not part of a metropolitan region of the capital. There would

be much more to talk about here, but I'll leave it for when I make a video about the city.

Campina Grande

In 1st place, the only capital on our list and, for me, considered the best in the entire northeast of Brazil… Maceió, in the state of Alagoas, home to just over 1 million people

and a place that surprises everyone who imagines that every capital is horrible to live in.

Maceió, despite being big, is a very welcoming city; that cars stop on the streets for you to

cross; that people are polite; and of course, full of natural beauties, because after all this is

the main reason why people visit or move to this paradise of clear waters.

Maceió is an incredible place, because it has a stable climate almost all year round, which,

despite being hot, benefits from the sea breeze. Things aren't that far from each other,

it's easy to find, there's a lot of options of things to do and where to go, and best of all,

the cost of living, compared to other capitals, is one of the best in Brazil.

Well folks, that's it for today! This is my list of 10 cities to live in the northeast.



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