Top 10 Most Killer Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

Top 10 Most Killer Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans
Posted on 30-01-2022

Friends, today we are introducing you to the 10

most dangerous animals of the world,

some of which are found in our own country too

pray to God that you will not find these


1. Locust

This is a special item that we have

brought specially for you.

If you look at these, you may not have heard about it.

The terror of this happened when one morning people

saw that the yellow

locusts on top of the trees,

which were like green grasshopper

or grasshopper in the shape,

were sticking and licking all the leaves and

then completely wandered the herds.

n the surrounding hundreds of square kilometer area

crops of all the fields were flooded and

emergency was declared in the district

This is why we called it a dangerous animal.

Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans


2. Blue Ringed Octopus

or Octopus with Blue Stripes

This 8-inch little octopus

is a very dangerous creature

that is found in the Indian Ocean

and Pacific Sea. By the way,

it leaves the sharp blue light of light

from the striped sticks on its body

and warns it only after trying to touch it and

you do not even know because cutting

does not cause pain or burn.

Yet once it bites, it saves as much as

1200 times faster than cyanide,

it is enough to kill 26 people.

So if you get into the sea, beware of this.

Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans  octopus

3. Saifu Ants or Saifu worm

These worms, found in the forests of East Africa,

are a way of moving around in a way.

They run very fast by making a huge swamp of 10 m

in the number of 40-50 lakhs

and chase every creature that comes in its way.

They do not last for more than two weeks

Every creature in the forest is afraid of them

and stays away from them

If you ever get laced with these, then just

run and sleep on the opposite side :P

ants Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

4. Crocodile

Friends, look at this crocodile, which looks just like a dull man

It is found in the saltwater but in

Eastern India, Southeast Asia, and Australia

It is the largest in the world - up to 23

feet long - and is a powerful crocodile

and can kill any animal entering the water

The weight of this can range from 500 to 1000 km.

Hundreds of people are victims of it every

year in Egypt's Nile River.

That is why it is counted among the

world's most dangerous animals.

crocodile Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

5. Elephant

Friends, you are looking at this elephant.

This animal, which is so lovable and lovable,

is very dangerous

and when it gets worse,

there is no place for it.

Its herds attack villages

and ruin crops.Many years ago, hundreds

of lives were lost due to the elephant

deterioration in the Kumbh Mela,

since then elephants have been banned in Kumbh Mela.

So elephants are dangerous animals.

So keep distance from him

elephent Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

6. Box jellyfish

Friends, now what you

are seeing is a box jellyfish

that is found in the North Sea of ​​Australia

. Its head is small and square

but the ones you understand

as hair are stings of it, which

is about 6.5 feet long.

The sting of the stomach halts

as soon as the body gets stuck and the man immediately dies

It has killed so many people till date that it has been

included in our list because of its infamy.

jellyfish Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

7. Comodo Dragon

Friends, you must have

never seen a dirty animal like this

Let us tell you that the exploits of this are

dirty with its body too.

This is a kind of lizard which can be around 6 feet long

and weighing 80 - 90 kg

It is a carnivorous animal that can eat up

to 80% of its weight once in a day.

Its tongue is torn as a snake's tongue, from

which it can smell its prey

from a distance of 4km away.

And finally, the most surprising thing is that

it can be born without children.

komodo dragon Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

8. The Indian Red Scorpion

Hindustani Red Scorpion

Friends, 86 species of scorpions are found in our country,

in which the 9-inch tallest is

'huge wild scorpion'

but this small red scorpion

which is found in entire India,

is very scary and dangerous.

The poison is so fast that at least 100 people are

killed in our country every year due to the bite of this

And that is why it is the title of the most

dangerous scorpion of the world.

So recognize it well

and stay away from it.

indian red scorpio Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans

9. The Indian King Kobra / Nagraj

Friends, you have ever seen Indian cobra- which is called Nagraj

in our country and that which Hindus worship-see.

We have seen this snake from 18 feet long and

the people's citric pits are missing

This is glorious, beautiful and

fierce is altogether.

It leaves so much poison at a time that

it is enough to kill 20 people or an elephant.

Friends, remember that it is ok to worship

this but it is not good to go near. :D

the indian king kobra Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans


10 Box Cape Buffalo or African Buffalo:

Friends, you must have seen the ferocity and

a strife of non-vegetarian animals so far.

Now, look at this pure vegetarian African buffalo,

which can fight from lions

and crocodiles fearlessly

and defeat them.

It is the only animal of the world that is born and lives

like other wild animals in the forest

It weighs around 800 kg.

box cape buffelo african buffalo Top 10 Most Dangerous & Deadliest Animals To Humans


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