What is the job of an auditor? The pros and cons of the profession - GovtVacancy.Net

What is the job of an auditor? The pros and cons of the profession - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 21-10-2022

What is the job of an auditor? The pros and cons of the profession

Auditors are people who daily demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. They control the financial and economic activities of organizations and help to minimize financial risks legally.

What is the job of an auditor? What do auditors do during the working day?

There are no identical clients, therefore, while working on each new project, the auditor must show all his professionalism. Very often, verification is carried out at the customer's location.

Depending on the scale of the company's activities, work on the project can last from several weeks to three months. During large projects, auditors often work as part of specialized teams. As a general rule, an audit of a company includes: investigation and consultancy work, exchange of information, verification, and analysis of reports.

Professional skills and personal qualities required to work as an auditor

Since the work of an auditor is very responsible, a person involved in this activity must have many professional skills:

  • Excellent knowledge in finance, economics and accounting.
  • Perfect knowledge of financial and tax legislation.
  • Ability to prepare financial documentation.
  • The ability to identify violations and errors (in this case, it is necessary to distinguish when it was done intentionally and when not).
  • Ability to quickly understand the essence of the activities of the audited company.
  • It is desirable to know foreign languages.
  • Ability to work in all programs necessary to perform a complete audit.

In addition to professional skills, a good auditor must have the following personal qualities:

  • Attention.
  • A responsibility.
  • Beginning.
  • Precision.
  • Sociability.
  • analytical mind.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Good memory.

Pros and cons of being an auditor

Like any other job, the auditing profession has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the profession:

  • High demand in the labor market.
  • High profit payout.

Disadvantages of the profession:

  • Irregular working hours.
  • Frequent and long business trips.
  • Auditors cannot be wrong (if a client pays a fine for an undetected violation during a tax audit, the audit firm will lose its reputation).
  • In a short time, the auditor must process a large amount of information.
  • Without work experience, it is almost impossible to get a job as an auditor.
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