10 things to do in Ramadan in English / Hindi / Urdu | 10 Kaam Ramzan Me Zaroor Karen

10 things to do in Ramadan in English / Hindi / Urdu | 10 Kaam Ramzan Me Zaroor Karen
Posted on 20-04-2022

10 things to do in Ramadan

The happy month of Ramadan has come, and it is so blessed that the Prophet of Allah himself (sallalla lahu alayhi wa sallam) used to start its preparation in the month of Sha'baan, and be more vigorous in the good deeds in worship. used to go, did not want to miss even a moment

so friends ! If you want to share in the blessings of this month, then throw away the lethargy and laziness, and make a routine of worship and noble deeds apart from your work from morning till evening and join those noble men who take every minute of this month. charge

So here we have given a list of what you should and should not do from morning till evening, which will help you to make a noble routine, and with these works you will be able to pay zakat for your body and material.

1. To abstain from all sins with a sincere heart and to observe a lot of repentance and Istighfar

The first is to read Istighfar , and the second is to ask Allah for forgiveness of our sins in our prayers, keeping in mind whether we know whether the next Ramadan will be lucky or not.

2. Complete Ehtemaam of fasting and reciting Taraweeh

The most important prayer of Ramadan is fasting, which has spiritual benefits as well as physical benefits, and by observing it, Allah is pleased, and Taraweeh is to be established in the night and after a day, pay a few rak'ats in front of Allah. Which is the most important prayer of this month

3. Make every effort to protect the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, heart, brain and physical parts from every sin during fasting

If you prayed, but were not saved from sins, then it has become the same thing that instead of a bowl, take water in a sieve in which water will come but will go out, in the same way, keep doing good deeds on one side but from sins on the other. keep ruining the good deeds

4. Precautions for Baa Jamaat Prayer

The order to offer prayers with the Jamaat is for the whole year, and it has been prescribed in the hadith, and especially in Ramadan, its reward increases manifold, so do not be deprived of it by being busy in work.

5. Elimination of Ishraq, Chasht, Awwabeen, Salatut Tasbeeh, Tahiyatul Masjid, and Tahajjud

Apart from the Farz Namaz, there are many Nafl prayers, by the performance of which we can become closer to our Lord, and in Ramadan, we should find excuses for worship and should not do any kind of laxity.

6. Monitoring the training of Rasool Akram (Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam)

Read what our master Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (sallalla lahu alayhi wa sallam) has taught a Muslim to lead a righteous and true life and make it a daily routine to read and follow the hadith

7. Recite Quran Kareem as much as possible

One, there are many benefits of reciting the Qur'an itself, secondly, Ramadan has such a relation with the Qur'an that Allah has revealed the Qur'an in Ramadan itself, and all the elderly deen who lived till now, they used to maintain their relationship with the Qur'an in Ramadan, and used to recite the Quran most of the time

Read the scale and tafseer of at least one verse

And if possible, read his scale along with Tilawat.

8. Stop walking while walking (la ilaha illal lah), sometimes reciting Durood Sharif after reciting the entire Kalma

The mention of Allah keeps the hearts leisurely and whether it is Ramadan or non-Ramadan, keep the mention of Allah in your heart, if you do this, it will bring peace not only in life but also in the hereafter.

9. Asking for Jannatul Firdaus and seeking refuge from the torment of Hell

Along with all these good deeds, when praying, you should seek Paradise, which is the place of righteous people, and seek shelter from Hell, which is the place of evil people, and if you ask Allah for something with a sincere heart, then it cannot happen that you will not get yes if no one has worked against you

10. Sadaqah

Spending in the way of Allah and involving the poor in Iftari and Sehri is a very noble act, and doing Sadaqah increases wealth in the same way, so if you keep on doing Sadaqah, Inshallah, the effect of this month will be visible to you throughout the year.

May Allah accept our weak prayers and noble desires



ramazaan mein 10 kaam zaroor karen

ramazaan ka mubaarak maheena aa chuka hai, aur ye apane andar itanee barakat lie hue hai ki khud allaah ke nabee (sallal laahu alaihi vasallam) shaabaan ke maheene mein hee isakee tayyaaree shuroo kar dete the, aur ibaadat mein nek kaamon mein aur zyaada tez ho jaate the yahaantak ki ek lamhe ko bhee ganvaana nahin chaahate the

to doston ! agar aap is maheene kee barakat mein hissa chaahate hain to sustee aur kaahilee ko door phenk deejiye, aur subah se shaam tak apane kaamon ke alaava ibaadat aur nek kaamon ka rooteen banaiye aur un nek bandon mein shaamil ho jaiye jo is maheene ka ek ek minat vasoolate hain

to aapako subah se shaam tak kya karana chaahie aur kya nahin, isakee list ham ne yahaan bayaan kee hai, jo aapako ek nek rooteen banaane mein madad karegee, aur in kaamon se aap apane jism aur maal kee zakaat ada kar paenge


10 kaam ramzan mai

  1. sachche dil se tamaam gunaahon se tauba karana aur khoob tauba va istegphaar ka ihtimaam karana

pahala to istegphaar padhana, aur doosara hai ki apanee duaon mein allaah se apane kiye hue gunaahon kee maafee chaahana ye dhyaan mein rakhate hue ki kya maaloom agala ramazaan hamen naseeb ho ki na ho


  1. roza rakhane aur taraaveeh padhane ka poora ehatemaam karana

ramazaan kee sab se aham ibaadat hai roza rakhana, jisake rohaanee faayade to hain hee, jismaanee faayade bhee hain aur isake rakhane se allaah taaala khush hote hain, aur taraaveeh raat mein qayaam karana hai aur din bhar ke baad allaah ke saamane kuchh rakaaten ekstra ada karanee hai jo is maheene kee bahut aham ibaadat hai


  1. roze mein aankh kaan, naak, zubaan, dil, dimaag aur jismaanee hisson ko har gunaah se bachaane kee pooree koshish karana

agar aapane ibaadat to kee, lekin gunaahon se nahin bach rahe, to ye vahee baat ho gayee ki katore ke bajaaye chhalanee mein paanee lena jis mein paanee to aayega lekin nikal jaayega, vaise hee ek taraf nek amal to karate rahe lekin dusaree taraf gunaahon se nek aamaal ko barabaad karate rahe


  1. ba jamaat namaaz ka ehatimaam karana

jamaat ke saath namaaz ada karane ka hukm to poore saal hai, aur hadees mein isakee taakeed aaee hai aur khaas kar ramazaan mein to isaka savaab kaee guna badh kar milata hai isalie kaamon mein mashagool hokar is se maharoom na rahen


  1. isharaaq, chaasht, avvaabeen, salaatut tasbeeh, tahiyyatul masjid, aur tahajjud ka maamool banaana

farz namaaz ke alaava bahut saaree naphl namaazen hain jisakee adaayagee se ham apane rab se aur bhee zyaada qareeb ho sakate hain aur ramazaan mein to ibaadaton ke lie bahaana dhoondhana chaahie aur kisee bhee tarah kee kotaahee nahin karanee chaahie


  1. rasoole akaram (sallal laahu alaihi vasallam) kee taaleemaat ka mutaala karana

hamaare aaqa hazarat muhammad mustafa (sallal laahu alaihi vasallam) ne ek musalamaan ko nek aur sachchee zindagee guzaarane ke lie kya sabaq diya hai isako padhen aur hadees padhane aur us par amal karane ko rozaana ka maamool banaayen


  1. quraane kareem kee jitanee tilaavat ho sake karana

ek to khud quraan kee tilaavat ke hee bahut saare faayade hain, dusare ramazaan ka quraan se aisa rishta hai ki allaah ne ramazaan mein hee quraan utaara, aur jitane bhee buzurgaane deen ab tak rahe vo ramazaan mein quraan se apana taalluq mazaboot banaaye rakhate the, aur zyaada tar vaqt quraan kee tilaavat karate rahate the

kam se kam ek aayat ka tarajuma aur tafaseer bhee padhana

aur agar ho sake to tilaavat ke saath usaka tarajuma bhee padh lena


  1. chalate phirate (la ilaaha illal laah) ka virad karana, kabhee kabhee poora kalama padh kar durood shareef padhana

allaah ka zikr dilon ko itminaan bakhshata hai aur ramazaan ho ya gair ramazaan, allaah ke zikr ko apane dil se lagaaye rakhen agar aap aisa karate hain to isase na sirf zindagee balki aakhirat mein bhee sukoon haasil hoga


  1. jannatul firadaus maangana aur jahannam ke azaab se panaah maangana

in tamaam nek aamaal ke saath saath jab dua karana to jannat kee talab karana jo nek logon kee jagah hai aur jahannam se panaah maangana jo bure logon kee jagah hai aur agar poore sachche dil se aapane allaah se kuchh maanga to aisa ho hee nahin sakata ki aapako na mile haan agar koee khilaaf kaam na kiya ho


  1. sadaqa karana

allaah kee raah mein kharch karana aur gareebon ko iphtaaree va saharee mein shaamil karana ek bahut hee nek kaam hai, aur sadaqa karana to vaise hee maal badhaata hai to agar aap sadaqa karate rahe to inshaallaah is maheene ka asar aapako poore saal par dikhane lagega

allaah hamaaree kamazor ibaadaton aur nek tamannaon ko qubool pharamae



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