Top 50 Most Important Profit, Loss and Discount Questions

Top 50 Most Important Profit, Loss and Discount Questions
Posted on 31-03-2023

Profit, Loss and Discount


Ques. 1 - Abhishek and Bhanu both are dealers of KML scooters. The price of a KML Scooter is Rs. 28,000. Abishek gives a discount of 10% on whole, while Bhanu gives a discount of 12% on the first Rs. 20,000 and 8% on the rest Rs. 8000. What is the difference between their selling prices?


Ques. 2 - A trader sells two articles, one at a loss of 10% and another at a profit of 15% but finally there is no loss or gain. If the total sale price of these two articles is Rs. 30,000, find the difference between their cost prices :


Ques. 3 - A milkman purchases the milk at Rs. x per litre and sells it at Rs. 2x per litre still he mixes 2 litres water every 6 litre of pure milk. What is the profit percentage?


Ques. 4 - 60% goods are sold at 5% loss while rest are sold at 10% profit. There is a total profit of Rs. 100, then the worth of goods sold is:


Ques. 5- A retailer bought 20 kg tea at a discount of 10%. Besides 1 kg tea was freely offered to him by the wholesaler at the purchase of 20 kg tea. Now he sells all the tea at the marked price to a customer. What is profit percentage of retailer?


Ques. 6 - Two articles are sold at the same price. One at a profit of 75% and another one at a loss of 30%.What is the overall profit or loss?


Ques. 7 - What is percentage profit in selling an article at a discount of 20% which was earlier being sold at a 40% profit?


Ques. 8 - A man bought 18 oranges for a rupee and sold them at 12 oranges for a rupee. What is the profit percentage?


Ques. 9 - A dealer buys a product at Rs. 1920, He sells at a discount of 20% still he gets the profit of 20%. What is the selling price of that product?


Ques. 10 - Tinkawala purchased the articles for Rs. 123684. He sold 60% of those at a profit of 16.66% and rest at a loss. Find loss percentage on the remaining if the overall loss is 14%?


Ques. 11 - A shopkeeper sold 12 cameras at a profit of 20% and 8 cameras at a profit of 10%. If he had sold all the 20 cameras at a profit of 15%, then his profit would have been reduced by Rs. 36. What is the CP of each camera?


Ques. 12 - Mr. Mittal purchased a car for Rs. 3,00,000 and a bike for his son for Rs. 1,00,000. He sold the car at a profit of 10% and bike at a loss of 20%. What is the net gain or loss?


Ques. 13 - A trader sells 20 kg of sugar at Rs. 400. A customer asks 20% discount and he agrees to it but instead of 1 kg he gives 4% less sugar. What is the effective discount that customer gets?


Ques. 14 - The profit percentage on three articles A, B and C is 10%, 20% and 25% and the ratio of the cost price is 1 : 2 : 4. Also the ratio of number of articles sold of A, B and C is 2 : 5 :2, then the overall profit percentage is:


Ques. 15 - The marked price of an article is increased by 25% and the selling price is increased by 16.66%, then the amount of profit doubles. If the original marked price be Rs. 400 which is greater than the corresponding cost price by 33.33%, what is the increased selling price ?


Ques. 16 - An item was sold after giving two successive discount of 20% and 10% respectively. If the item was sold for Rs. 468. The marked price of that item is :


Ques. 17 - The cost price of an article 'A' is Rs. 160 and selling price of another article 'B' is Rs. 240. If the selling price of 'A' will be equal to the cost price of B, then the profit after selling A is 20%. What is the profit on 'B'? 


Ques. 18 - A single discount equivalent to three successive discounts of 5%, 10%, 20% is :


Ques. 19 - Ragini purchases oranges at Rs. 10 per dozen and sells them at Rs. 12 for every 10 oranges. What is the profit percentage?


Ques. 20 - A trader use a weighing balance that shows 1250 g for a kilogram. He further mark - up his cost price by 20%. What is the profit percentage?


Ques. 21 - On selling an article for Rs. 240, a trader loses 4%. In order to gain 10% he must sell that article for :


Ques. 22 - A merchant marks his goods at Rs. 300 and allows a discount of 25%. If he still gains 12.5%, then the cost price of article is : 


Ques. 23 - An item costing Rs. 200 is being sold at 10% loss. If the price is further reduces by 5%, the selling price will be :


Ques. 24 - A person sold two cows each for Rs. 9900. If he gained 10% on one and lost 20% on the other, then which of the following is true?


Ques. 25 - Two third of a consignment was sold at a profit of 5% and the reminder at a loss of 2%. If the total profit was Rs. 400, the value of the consignment (in rupees) was :


Ques. 26 - A fruit seller declares that he sells fruits at the cost price. However, he uses a weight of 450g instead of 500g. His percentage profit is :


Ques. 27 - A person loses Rs. 20 by selling some bananas at the rate of Rs. 3 per banana and gains Rs. 30, if he sells them at Rs. 3.25 per banana. The number of Bananas sold by him :


Ques. 28 - Due to an increase of 30% in the price of eggs, 3 eggs less are available for Rs. 9.10. The present rate per egg is :


Ques. 29 - By selling 12 apples for a rupee, a man loses 20%. How many for a rupee should he sell to gain 20%?


Ques. 30 - A dealer buys a washing machine, listed at Rs. 10000 and gets 10% and 20% successive discounts. He spends 10% of his CP on tansport. At what price (in rupees) should he sell the washing machine to earn a profit of 10%?


Ques. 31 - 6% more is gained by selling a coat for Rs. 1425 then by selling it for Rs. 1353. The cost price of the coat is :


Ques. 32 - By selling a wrist watch at Rs. 405 the shopkeeper incurs a loss of 10%. What is the gain loss percentage if he sells the same watch at Rs. 465?


Ques. 33 - Titan sells a wrist watch to a wholeseler making a profit of 10%. The wholesaler, in turn, sells it to the retailer making a profit of 10%. A customer purchases it by paying Rs. 990. Thus the profit of retailer is 2(3/11) . What is the cost incured by the Titan to produce it ?


Ques. 34 - Pepsi and Coke, there are two companies, selling the packs of cold - drinks. For the same selling price Pepsi gives two successive discounts of 10% and 25%. While Coke sells it by giving two successive discounts of 15% and 20%. What is the ratio of their marked price?


Ques. 35 - When a Shopkeeper reduces the selling price from 1080 to 1026 its loss increases by 4 percentage point. What is the selling price of this same article when it fetches a profit of 4%?


Ques. 36 - The difference between CP and SP of a table fan is Rs. 175 when it gives the profit of 14%. What is the selling price of that fan?


Ques. 37 - ITC sells one product at a profit of 20% another at a loss of 20% at the same selling price. What is the loss incurred by ITC?


Ques. 38 - A company instead of raising the mark-up by 20% discounted the cost price by 20% while stiching the price tag on its product. Further the company offers a discount of 6.25% to its customer. In this process company incurs a loss of Rs. 37.5 on a single article. What is the selling price of that article?


Ques. 39 - When an article is sold for Rs. 703 loss incurred is 25% less than the profit earned on selling it at Rs. 836. What is the selling price of the article when it earns a profit of 20%?


Ques. 40 - Arun bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee he should sell to gain 20%?


Ques. 41 - A scientific calculator is available at Universal Shoppe in Hazratganz at 20% discount and the same is available at only 15% discount at Universal Shoppee Bhootnath Market. Ms. Agrawal has just sufficeint amount of Rs. 800 to purchase it at Universal Shoppe hazratganz. What is the amount that Ms. Agrawal has less that the required amount to purchase it at Universal Shoppe Bhootnath?


Ques. 42 - A balance of a trader weighs 10% less than it should be. Still the trader marks-up his goods to get the overall profit of 20%. What is the markup on the cost price?


Ques. 43 - The Cost price of 19 articles is same as the selling price of 29 articles. What is the amount of loss %?


Ques. 44 - The selling price of 13 articles is same as the cost price of 23 articles. What is the profit percentage ?


Ques. 45 - A trader can procure 34 pencils by selling 28 pencils. What is the ratio of cost price to the selling price of a pencil?


Ques. 46 - At style cloth emporium the shopkeeper measures 20% less for every metre of the cloth also he marks-up goods by 20%. What is the profit percentage?


Ques. 47 - A bookseller procures 40 books for Rs. 3200 and sells them at a profit equal to the selling price of 8 books. What is the selling price of one dozen books, if the price of each book is same?


Ques. 48 - The profit percentage of A and B is same on selling the articles at Rs. 1800 each but A calculates his profit on the selling price while B calculates it correctly on the cost price which is equal to 20%. What is the difference in their profits?


Ques. 49 - Each A and B sold their article at Rs. 1818 but A incurred a loss of 10% while B gained by 1%. What is the ratio of cost price of the articles of A to that of B?


Ques.50 - A trader sold an article at a loss of 5% but when he increased the selling price by Rs. 65 he gained 3.33% on the cost price. If he sells the same article at Rs. 936, what is the profit percentage?

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