Geography Notes for Govt Exam Preparation

Geography Notes for Govt Exam Preparation
Posted on 23-08-2023

Indian Geography

Physical Geography of India

Geographical Location of India

India's Physiographic Diversity

Northern Mountains of India

Northern Plain of India

Peninsular Plateau (Deccan Plateau) of India

Islands of India

Coastal Plains in India

Drainage System of India

Himalayan Drainage System

Peninsular Drainage System of India

Indian Climate

Factors Determining or Affecting the Climate of India

Spatial and temporal distribution of temperature & pressure

What are the Winds, How Do They Form, Causes, Classification, and Types of Winds?

Rainfall distribution in India

Climatic Regions of India

Indian Monsoon

Introduction to Monsoons in India

Mechanism of Formation of Indian Monsoon

Classical Theory or The Thermal Concept of Monsoon

The Dynamic Notion: Shifting Dynamics of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)

⟾ Recent Concepts

Role of Jet Streams in Indian Monsoons

Role of Tibetan Plateau in the Indian monsoon

Role of El Nino and Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in Indian Monsoon

Role of Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) in Indian Monsoon

Role of Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) in Indian Monsoon

Nature of Indian Monsoon

Characteristics of Monsoonal Rainfall in India

Distribution of Annual Rainfall in India

Variability of Rainfall in India

The Monsoon's Impact on India's Economy

Impact of Climate Change on Indian Monsoon

Soils of India

Classification of Soils in India

Problems of Soil in India

Soil Conservation in India

Indian Flora & Faun

Forests and their distribution

Forest Conservation in India

Fauna of India

Indian Economic and Human Geography

Agricultural Typology in India

Major Crops grown in India

Food Crops of India

Cash Crops of India

Plantation Crops of India

Agro-Climatic Regions of India

Land Reforms and Land use pattern

Land Reforms in India

Land Use Pattern in India

Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Animal Husbandry in India

Aquaculture in India

Fisheries in India

Water Resources in India

Water Availability and Potential in India

Dams, Lakes, and Rivers of India

Power and Irrigation Projects in India

Wetlands in India

Interlinking of rivers of India

Water Issues in India

Conservation of Water Resources in India

Mineral Resources of India

Distribution, Classification, and Conservation of Mineral Resources of India

Energy Resources of India

India's Population Dynamics

Density of Population in India

Distribution of Population in India

Literacy in India

Racial Groups in India

Sex Ratio in India

Tribes of India

Rural and Urban Settlements in India

Industries of India

Locational Factors for Industries in India

Transport and Communication in India

Railways in India

Roadways in India

Importance of Roads in India

Roadways: Growth and Development of Roads in India

Classification of Roads in India

Geographical Distribution of Roads in India

Inland Waterways in India

Water transport in India

Air transport in India

Airport Authority of India (AAI)

Role of Airways in Regional Development of India

Challenges faced by the aviation Industry in India

Measures Taken by the Indian Government in Aviation Sector

Ramsar sites in India

National Parks in India


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