Management Notes for B.Com, BBA, MBA, and PGDM

Management Notes for B.Com, BBA, MBA, and PGDM
Posted on 17-08-2023

Management Notes for B.Com, BBA, MBA, and PGDM

Management Basics

What is Management?

Management as a Process

Management as an Activity

Management as a Discipline

Management as a Group

Management as a Science

Management as an Art

Management as a Profession

Features of Management

Levels of Management

Objectives of Management

Importance of Management

Management and Administration

Functions of Management

Definition of Coordination in Management

Coordination and Cooperation

Principles of Management

Features of Principles of Management

Importance of Principles of Management

How Management Functions are Performed at Coca Cola?

Scientific Management by Taylor

Principles of Scientific Management

Techniques of Scientific Management

Criticism of Scientific Management

Study of Fayol and Taylor

Management Functions

Planning Function

Planning: Function of Management

Characteristics of Planning

Advantages of Planning

Disadvantages of Planning

Organizing Function

Organizing: Function of Management

Importance of Organizing Function

Principles of Organizing

Classification of Organizations

Line Organization

Line and Staff Organization

Functional Organization

Delegation of Authority

Importance of Delegation

Principles of Delegation

Centralization and Decentralization

Delegation and Decentralization

Staffing Function

Staffing Function of Management

Staffing Process - Steps involved in Staffing

Manpower Planning

Obstacles in Manpower Planning

Types of Recruitment

Employee Selection Process

Difference between Recruitment and Selection

Orientation and Placement

Training of Employees

Employee Remuneration

Directing Function

Directing: Function of Management

Importance of Directing Function

Role of a Supervisor

Functions of a Supervisor

Controlling Function

Controlling: Function of Management

Process of Controlling

planning and controlling

Organizational Behaviour


What is Motivation?

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Model

Motivation Incentives

Importance of Motivation

Motivation and Morale

Staff Motivation

Workplace Motivation

Self Motivation at Work

Team Motivation

Role of Motivation

Motivational Challenges

Good Motivation System

Classical Theories of Motivation

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of Motivation

Theory X and Theory Y

Modern Theories of Motivation

ERG Theory of Motivation

McClelland’s Theory of Needs

Goal Setting Theory of Motivation

Reinforcement Theory of Motivation

Equity Theory of Motivation

Expectancy Theory of Motivation

Why Intrinsic Motivation Matters

Addressing Burnout and Motivation


Leadership Basics

Importance of Leadership

Role of a Leader

Qualities of a Leader

Leadership and Management

Leader versus Manager

Authority vs Leadership

Leadership and Motivation

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Organizational Leadership

Leadership Ethics

Leadership Strategy

Leadership Styles

How to Create a Personal Leadership Brand?

Level 5 Leadership

Situational Leadership

Impact of Situational Leadership

Influence of Situational Leadership Styles

Introduction to Leadership Development

Leadership: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Appointing Home-Grown Leaders

Transformational Leadership

Leadership for the 21st Century


Three Traits of Effective Leadership

Importance of Compassion in Leadership

An Important Advice to Future Leaders

Quarterly Earnings is corrupting Companies

Reinventing Management for the 21st Century

Ambidextrous Leadership

Invest in Oneself

Six Essential Social Media Skills

Social Stratification and Hierarchy

Ethical Imperative

Leadership in the Face of Adversity

Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

Leadership Theories

Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid

House’s Path Goal Theory

Great Man Theory of Leadership

Trait Theory of Leadership

Leadership-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory

Transformational Leadership Theory

Transactional Leadership Theory

Continuum of Leadership Behaviour

Likert’s Management System

Hersey Blanchard Model

Fiedler’s Contingency Model

Leadership and Trust

How to be a Good Leader

Effective Leadership Skills

Leadership Vision

Different Types of Power

Women and Leadership

What are the Challenges in Leadership?

Tips to Overcome Challenges in Leadership

Role of Communication in Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Role of Management/Organization in Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Tips to Strengthen Bond Among Employees

Vision of Leaders

Leadership in the Time of Epic Changes and Struggles Over Ethics and Values

Great Leadership is about Initiating, Sustaining, and Carrying through One's Vision

Cultural Dimensions of Leadership

Scarcity vs. Abundant Mindsets in Leaders

Leadership Styles in the Real World

Persuasion and the Art of Changing Minds

Managing in Chaos

Leadership in the Contemporary World

Need to Develop Network Thinking and Seventh Sense for Success in the 21st Century

Why Do Some Business Leaders Attain Greatness Whereas Others Fail?

Hands on Approach to Leadership: The Need for Leaders to be Good Administrators

How Great Leaders Transform Organizations, Nations, Societies, and the World

Why Business and Political Leaders Must be Institution Builders to Ensure Longevity

Qualities of an Inspirational Leader and their Benefits

Foundation Pillars of Successful Leaders

Self Assessment for Leadership

Self Motivation for Leaders

Techniques for Developing Self-Motivation

Leadership Development Plan

Writing a Leadership Development Plan

When Hope Meets Reality: The Challenges for Leaders to Sustain the Momentum

The Challenge for Contemporary Leaders is to Restore Trust and Faith in Institutions

The Ever-Shortening Business Cycles and What They Mean for Business Leaders

Leadership Case Study: Steve Jobs - The Man Who Ushered in the Smartphone Revolution

Why Leaders Must be in Control over the Direction and Pace of Organizational Change

The 4Cs of Leadership Styles for Leadership in the Digital Age

Lessons for Business Leaders from the Downfall of Charles Ghosn of Renault - Nissan

Truly Great Leadership is All about Walking the Talk in All Aspects of Being Leaders

Examining the Crisis of the Leader-Follower Relationship in the Present Times

How Great Leaders use a Mix of Micromanagement and Hands off Approaches

Leadership during Crises is what Distinguishes Great Leaders from Manager Leaders

What the Dalai Lama can teach Corporate Honchos about Leadership and Management

Why We Need More Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and Managers in Chaotic Times

Why the Digital Age Calls for a New Approach to Leadership and Team Management

Business Leadership in the Age of Nationalism and Populism and the Rocky Road Ahead

Leadership in a Collapsing World when Faced with Insurmountable Problems

The Importance of Thought Leaders and Influencers in the Age of Social Media

Leadership by Optics Management: Taking the Howdy Modi Event as a Case Study

What Should Corporates and Business Leaders Do in Low Growth and Recessionary Times

What Ails India Inc. and Is it a Crisis of Leadership or a Structural Issue to be Addressed?

The Tyranny of the Quarterly Results: Why Business Leaders Must Avoid Short-Termism

The Perils of Leaders and Their Personality Cults in Times of Authoritarian Rulers

Leadership in the Digital Age and Why Contemporary Leaders Must Master These Skills

Misdemeanours by Senior Leaders Must Be Handled Firmly and the Right Message Sent

When Hope Meets Reality: Why Visionary Leaders Have to Balance Dreams with Realities

Power as a Managerial Tool

Why We Need More Self-Aware and Less Self-Centred Leaders, Who Can Self-Evaluate

Communication - Basics & Strategies

Understanding Communication and the Communication Process

Different Types of Communication

Difference between Communication and Effective Communication

Role of Effective Communication in Organization and Personal Life

Overview of Phonetics, Homophones and their Importance in Effective Communication

Communication Theory

Popular Theories of Organizational Communication

Communication Models

Aristotle's Model of Communication

Berlo’s Model of Communication

Shannon and Weaver Model of Communication

Schramm’s Model of Communication

Helical Model of Communication

Westley and MacLean’s Model of Communication

Role of Communication Barriers in Ineffective Communication

Strategies to Improve Communication

Improve Communication Skills at the Workplace

Improve the Communication Skills of an Individual

Role of Communication in Group Discussion

Tips for a Successful Group Discussion

Basic Idea of Presentation Preparation, Content and Delivery

Role of Communication in Presentation and Speech

Understanding Communication System

Different Types of Communication Systems

Digital Communication System

Laser Communication System

Satellite Communication System

Network Society - Rise of Digital Networks

Effective communication strategy at the workplace

Business Communication

What is Business Communication?

Components of Communication Process?

Oral Communication - Meaning, Advantages and Limitations

Written Communication - Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Non Verbal Communication - Actions Speak Louder than Words

Importance of Communication in an Organization

Communication Flows in an Organization

Writing Effectively to get a Job/Potential Client

Effective Writing for Results

How to make a Great Presentation?

Use of Body Language in Communication

Grapevine Communication (Informal Business Communication)

Feedback Communication - Meaning and its Importance

Communication Barriers - Reasons for Communication Breakdown

Effect of Communication Barriers in Business Communication

Overcoming Communication Barriers

Seven C’s of Effective Communication

Informal Networks in Organizations and Organizational Effectiveness

Corporate Meetings

How to Conduct a Meeting?

Securing Critical Minerals for Clean Energy

What is Intercultural Communication and How to Improve it

Guidelines for Effective Communication

Tips for Students and MBA Aspirants to Improve Communication

Tips for Professionals to Improve Communication

Effective Listening Skills - An essential for good communication

Effective Presentation Skills

Effective Report Writing

Checklist for Effective Resume Writing

Format of a Resume

A Resume - What it is and Why You Need One?

Different Types of Resume

The Importance of a Resume

How to Write an Impressive Resume

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out and a Winning One

How to Address Career Gaps and Other Career Weaknesses in Your Resume

India's G20 Presidency: Paving the Way for Global Change

Writing a Resume in the Absence of Strong Work Experience

Tips for Providing the Resume a WOW Factor

Job Interview - Meaning, Tips for Interviewee & Interviewer

Business Negotiations

How to Conduct High Stakes Negotiations in the Digital Age without Being Short-changed

Managerial Communication

Managerial Communication - Meaning and Important Concepts

Importance of Managerial Communication at the Workplace

Types of Managerial Communication

Barriers to Effective Managerial Communication

Tips for Effective Managerial Communication

Skills Required for Effective Managerial Communication

Role of Managerial Communication at Workplace

Ways to Improve Managerial Communication at Workplace

Public Speaking

Public Speaking - An Overview

Role of Communication in Effective Public Speaking

Preparing for Public Speaking

Role of Effective Public Speaking in Career Growth

Role of Confidence and Attitude in Public Speaking

Role of Dressing in Public Speaking

Time Management

Time Management - Meaning and its Importance

Benefits of Time Management

Time Management Techniques

Time Management Skills

Time Management in Corporates - Need and its Importance

Role of Managers in Inculcating Time Management Skills in Employees

How to Practice Effective Time Management at Workplace

Time Management Tips for Professionals

Role of Planning in Time Management

Time Management Tips for Students

Corporate Etiquettes

Etiquette - Meaning, its Need and Types of Etiquettes

Corporate Etiquette - Do’s and Dont’s

Clothing Etiquette / Dress Code

Interacting with Co-Workers

Telephone Etiquettes to Improve Communication

Interview Etiquette - Codes of Conduct for Interviews

Tips for Conducting Interviews

Meeting Etiquette - Codes of Conduct while attending Meetings

Employer Etiquette - Codes of Conduct necessary for an Employer

Employee Etiquette - Codes of Conduct necessary for an Individual at Work

Desk Etiquette - Codes of Conduct required at the Workstation

Office Lunch Etiquette

Office Party Etiquette

Office Toilet Etiquette - Rules to follow while using the Restroom

Visiting Card Etiquette - Must Have Qualities in a Visiting Card

Mobile Phone Etiquettes (Mobiquette)

Internet and Email Etiquettes - Netiquette

Corporate Dressing

Business Dressing Etiquette

Importance of Corporate Dressing

Corporate Dressing for Men

Corporate Dressing for Women

Corporate Dressing and Personal Grooming

Corporate Dressing for Success at Workplace

Corporate Dressing for Personality Development

Personal Grooming Tips for Men

Personal Grooming Tips for Women

Personality Development

Personality and Personality Development - An Overview

Importance of Personality Development

Personality Development Tips

Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality Development

Importance of Character in Personality Development

Personality Types - Different Types of Personality

Personality Traits - Meaning and Different Types of Traits

Personality Disorders - Meaning and Different Types of Disorders

Personality Development at Workplace

Personality Traits of a Successful Manager

Dressing and Personality Development

Communication Skills and Personality Development

Role of Personality Development in Reducing Stress and Conflicts

Role of Personality Development in Success of an Organization

Organization Culture

Understanding Organization and Organization Culture

Types of Organization Culture

Importance of Organization Culture

Factors Affecting Organization Culture

Changing Organizational Culture

Adjusting to Changing Organization Culture

Role of Employees in Organization Culture

Role of Communication and Relationship for a Healthy Organization Culture

Setbacks of Organization Culture

Threats to Organization Culture

Open Door Policy - Meaning and its Advantages

Edgar Schein Model of Organization Culture

Robert A Cooke Model of Organization Culture

Hofstede Model of Organization Culture

Charles Handy Model of Organization Culture

Organization Management

Organization Management - Meaning, Need and its Features

Management Style - Meaning and Different Types of Styles

Management Skills - Leadership Skills for Efficient Functioning of an Organization

Management by Objectives - Meaning, Need and its Limitations

Leadership and Control

What is Organization Development?

Communication at Workplace

Work Culture - Meaning, Importance & Characterics of a Healthy Culture

Organization Ethics - Meaning and its Importance

Common Threats to an Organization

Role of Employees in Reducing Threats to Organization

Role of HR Consulting in Redesigning Organizational Structure

Relationship Between Organizational Structure, Design & Change

How Organizations Can Conduct Root Cause Analyses Without Indulging in Witch Hunts

Defining Organizational Purpose in the Post Pandemic World

Organizational Development in Pandemic


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