Power and Irrigation Projects in India

Power and Irrigation Projects in India
Posted on 21-08-2023

The list provided enumerates various water and power projects in India, highlighting their respective locations, states, and purposes. These projects are crucial for irrigation, hydro-electricity generation, flood control, and thermal power production. Here is a rephrased version of the information:

Numerous water and power initiatives across India play a pivotal role in addressing multifaceted needs. These projects, situated in diverse locations within the country, are designed to serve a spectrum of purposes ranging from irrigation and hydro-electricity generation to flood control and thermal power production. The comprehensive list below highlights the project's names, locations, respective states, and intended functions:

  1. Nagarjuna Sagar Multipurpose Project - Andhra Pradesh - River Krishna - Aims to support irrigation and hydro-electricity generation.

  2. Pochampad Project - Andhra Pradesh - River Godavari - Dedicated to facilitating irrigation.

  3. Lower Sileru Project - Andhra Pradesh - River Sileru (Godavari) - Focuses on hydro-electricity generation.

  4. Kakarpara Project - Gujarat - River Tapi - Designed for irrigation purposes.

  5. Kothagudem Project - Telangana - Singareni Coalfields - Geared towards thermal power production.

  6. Kosi Project - Bihar - River Kosi - Addresses flood control and irrigation requirements.

  7. Gandak Project - Uttar Pradesh, Bihar - River Gandak - Encompasses irrigation and hydro-electricity generation.

  8. Dhuvaran Power Station - Gujarat - Kheda District - Contributes to thermal power generation.

  9. Sabarigiri (Pamba-Kakki) Project - Kerala - River Pamba-Kakki - Primarily focused on hydro-electricity generation.

  10. Idukki Project - Kerala - Rivers Periyar Cherutheni Idukki - Designed to harness hydro-electric power.

  11. Tawa Project - Madhya Pradesh - River Tawa (Narmada) - Facilitates irrigation efforts.

  12. Chambal Project - Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh - River Chambal - Aims at irrigation and hydro-electricity generation.

  13. Korba Project - Chhattisgarh - Near Korba Coalfields - A vital source of thermal power.

  14. Satpura Power - MP Coalfield - Patharkada Station - Contributes to thermal power generation.

  15. Koyna Project - Maharashtra - River Koyna - Focused on hydro-electricity generation.

  16. Nagpur Power Station - Maharashtra - Near Nagpur City - Engaged in thermal power production.

  17. Tungabhadra - Karnataka and Telangana - River Tungabhadra Multipurpose Project - Targeting hydro-electricity generation.

  18. Upper Krishna Project - Karnataka - River Krishna - Supports irrigation endeavors.

  19. Sharavati Project - Karnataka (near Jog Falls) - River Sharavati - Drives hydro-electricity generation.

  20. Hirakud Multipurpose Project - Odisha - River Mahanadi - Addresses irrigation and hydro-electricity needs.

  21. Mahanadi Delta Project - Odisha - River Mahanadi - Designed to meet irrigation requirements.

  22. Talcher Power Station - Odisha - Near Talcher - Contributes to thermal power generation.

  23. Bhakra-Nangal Multipurpose Project - HP, Punjab, Haryana - River Sutlej - Encompasses irrigation and hydro-electricity generation.

  24. Rajasthan Canal Project - Rajasthan - River Sutlej in Punjab - Originates at Rajasthan Headworks in Punjab - Focused on irrigation.

  25. Kundah Project - Tamil Nadu - River Kundah - Strives for hydro-electricity generation.

  26. Neyveli Power Station - Tamil Nadu - Neyveli - Dedicated to hydro-electricity generation.

  27. Ramganga Multipurpose Project - Uttarakhand - Chuisot stream (near Kalagarh) - Addresses irrigation and hydro-electricity needs.

  28. Matatilla Multipurpose - Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh - River Betwa - Aims at hydro-electricity generation.

  29. Rihand Scheme - Uttar Pradesh - River Rihand - Contributes to hydro-electricity generation.

  30. Obra Power Station - Uttar Pradesh - Obra - Engaged in thermal power production.

  31. Damodar Valley Project - Jharkhand shared with West Bengal - River Damodar - Serves flood control and hydro-electricity generation purposes.

  32. Ukai Project - Gujarat - River Tapi - Focused on irrigation.

  33. Mahi Project - Gujarat - River Mahi - Aims at irrigation.

  34. Ghataprabha Project - Karnataka - River Ghataprabha - Contributes to irrigation efforts.

  35. Bhima Project - Maharashtra - River Bhima - Geared towards irrigation.

  36. Sardar Sarovar Project - Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh - River Narmada - Targets irrigation and hydro-electricity generation.

  37. Bana Sagar Project - Chhattisgarh, MP, UP, and Jharkhand - River Son - Engaged in irrigation.

  38. Dul Hasti Project - Jammu and Kashmir - River Chenab - Focused on hydro-electricity generation.

  39. Salal Project - Jammu and Kashmir - River Chenab - Contributes to hydro-electricity generation.

  40. Thein Dam Project - Punjab - River Ravi - Addresses irrigation and hydro-electricity needs.

  41. Malaprabha Project - Karnataka - River Malaprabha - Aims at irrigation.

  42. Jayakwadi Project - Maharashtra - River Godavari - Strives for irrigation.

  43. Beas Project - Punjab and Haryana - River Beas - Contributes to hydro-electricity generation.

  44. Sharda Shayak - Uttar Pradesh - River Ghaghra - Supports irrigation efforts.

  45. Mayurakshi Project - West Bengal - River Mayurakshi - Designed for irrigation and hydro-electricity generation.

  46. Rana Pratap Sagar - Rajasthan - River Chambal - Drives hydro-electricity generation.

  47. Suratgarh Super Thermal Project - Rajasthan - Suratgarh - Engaged in thermal power generation.

  48. Mettur - Tamil Nadu - River Cauvery - Dedicated to hydro-electricity generation.

  49. Pallivasal - Kerala - River Mundirapujha - Focused on hydro-electricity generation.

  50. Papanasam Project - Tamil Nadu - River Tambiraparani - Targets hydro-electricity generation.

  51. Loktak Project - Manipur - Lake Loktak - Contributes to hydro-electricity generation.

  52. Tehri Project - Uttarakhand - River Bhagirathi (Ganga) - Addresses irrigation and hydro-electricity needs.

  53. Farakka Project - West Bengal - Ganga - Primarily focused on irrigation.

These initiatives collectively reflect the diverse efforts undertaken in India to harness its water and power resources for multifarious developmental purposes.

Multipurpose Projects

A multipurpose project is a river valley initiative that achieves several objectives simultaneously, earning its name as such. These projects involve the construction of a large single dam or a series of smaller dams along a river and its tributaries, serving the following functions:

  1. Water Storage: The projects store substantial amounts of rainfall water for future use.

  2. Flood Control: These projects help in flood control and safeguarding soil from erosion.

  3. Irrigation: They supply water for irrigation in areas within their command.

  4. Ecosystem Preservation: Through afforestation of the dam's catchment areas, these projects aid in maintaining the natural ecosystem, preventing silting of dams, lakes, river channels, and irrigation canals.

  5. Wildlife Preservation: Afforested areas support wildlife preservation, conserving nature's valuable assets.

  6. Soil Erosion Control: Afforestation and flood control measures contribute to checking soil erosion.

  7. Hydroelectricity Generation: By utilizing the stored water's potential energy, these projects generate hydroelectric power, offering a clean and renewable energy source.

  8. Inland Waterways: They contribute to the development of efficient inland water transportation routes for heavy goods.

  9. Land Reclamation: Waterlogged areas are reclaimed, aiding in malaria control.

  10. Fisheries Development: The projects contribute to the growth of fisheries.

  11. Recreation and Tourism: Riverside areas become recreational spots, health resorts, and tourist attractions.

Damodar Valley Multipurpose Project

The Damodar Valley Project aimed to develop irrigation, flood control, navigation, and power generation in West Bengal and Bihar. Administered by the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), it emulated the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) of the USA. The project included:

  • Multiple storage dams (Tilaiya, Konar, Maithon, and Panchet).

  • Hydel power stations (Tilaiya, Maithon, and Panchet).

  • A barrage at Durgapur and extensive irrigation-cum-navigation canals.

  • Thermal power stations at Bokaro, Chandrapura, and Durgapur.

This project provided flood control and irrigation to a significant area, with hydroelectric and thermal power generation supporting industries in the region.

Bhakra-Nangal Multipurpose Project

This project was a collaborative effort of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan and stands as India's largest multipurpose project. It consisted of:

  • Bhakra Dam across the Sutlej in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Nangal barrage downstream, along with hydel channels and canals.

  • Four powerhouses.

The Bhakra Dam stored water for irrigation, while its powerhouses generated significant hydroelectric power. The canals facilitated irrigation on a vast scale, contributing to agriculture and development.

Nagarjunasagar Multipurpose Project

Initiated in 1956, this project aimed at large-scale irrigation. Key components included a massive dam across the Krishna River and canals on both sides of the river, enabling irrigation in several districts.

Kosi Multipurpose Project

An international project shared by India and Nepal, this project's primary objectives were irrigation, flood control, and power generation. Key features included a barrage, flood embankments, and canal systems on both sides of the Kosi River.

Chambal Valley Multipurpose Project

An inter-state project between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, it focused on soil conservation, irrigation, and power generation. Storage dams, barrages, and canals formed integral parts of this initiative.

Tungabhadra Multipurpose Project

A joint effort of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, this project prioritized irrigation and power generation. Its components included a dam, canals, and powerhouses on both sides of the river.

Ramanganga Multipurpose Project

Situated in Uttar Pradesh, this project aimed at irrigation and flood control through a series of dams, canals, and powerhouses.

Idukki Hydro-Electric Project

In Kerala, this project harnessed the power of water by constructing dams, reservoirs, and powerhouses to contribute to power generation and regional development.

Kundah Hydro-electric Project

Located in Tamil Nadu, this hydroelectric project involved multiple storage dams and powerhouses, providing energy to industries and regions.


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