20 Facts About Brent, Alabama: Interesting and Fun Facts

20 Facts About Brent, Alabama: Interesting and Fun Facts
Posted on 15-06-2023

20 Facts About Brent, Alabama, Zip Code - 35034

Brent, Alabama, is a small but vibrant city located in Bibb County. With a rich history and a close-knit community, Brent has played a significant role in the development of the state. In this essay, we will explore 20 facts about Brent, Alabama, covering its history, culture, economy, and notable landmarks.


  1. Founding and Name: Brent was founded in 1898 and named after the first postmaster of the town, Brent H. Armstrong. It was officially incorporated in 1913.

  2. Geographic Location: Brent is situated in the central part of Alabama, approximately 35 miles south of Birmingham, the state's largest city.

  3. County Seat: Brent serves as the county seat of Bibb County, which was established in 1818. The county was named after William W. Bibb, the first governor of Alabama.

  4. Population: As of the 2020 census, the population of Brent was approximately 4,500 residents. It is a close-knit community where neighbors often know each other.

  5. Historical Significance: Brent played a crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement. It was the site of significant protests and activism during the 1960s, as local citizens fought for equal rights and an end to racial discrimination.

  6. Education: Brent is home to Brent Elementary School and Brent Middle/High School, both part of the Bibb County School District. These institutions provide quality education to the local community.

  7. Industry: The city has a diverse economic base. Manufacturing, construction, retail, healthcare, and education are some of the prominent industries that contribute to Brent's economy.

  8. Brent Oil Field: The Brent Oil Field, discovered in 1955, is located in Bibb County. It was an important source of oil production for the state and brought economic benefits to the region.

  9. Outdoor Recreation: Nature enthusiasts can enjoy several outdoor recreational activities near Brent. The Cahaba River, one of the longest free-flowing rivers in Alabama, offers opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and wildlife observation.

  10. Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park: Located just a few miles southwest of Brent, Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park is a popular destination for history buffs. It was once a major supplier of iron and played a significant role in the Confederacy during the Civil War.

  11. Cahaba Lily Festival: The Cahaba Lily Festival, held annually in Brent, celebrates the blooming of the rare Cahaba Lily. This event attracts visitors from all over to enjoy live music, arts and crafts, and guided tours of the river.

  12. Brent Civic Center: The Brent Civic Center is a multipurpose facility that serves as a gathering place for community events, meetings, and celebrations. It hosts various activities and cultural events throughout the year.

  13. Brent Police Department: The Brent Police Department ensures the safety and security of the city's residents. They work diligently to enforce the law, prevent crime, and maintain peace within the community.

  14. Brent Fire and Rescue: The Brent Fire and Rescue department plays a vital role in responding to emergencies and providing fire protection and medical assistance to the city and surrounding areas.

  15. Local Media: The city is served by local media outlets, including newspapers, radio stations, and online platforms. These channels help keep residents informed about local news, events, and developments.

  16. Annual Brent Christmas Parade: The Brent Christmas Parade is a beloved tradition that brings the community together to celebrate the holiday season. It features festive floats, marching bands, and Santa Claus.

  17. Historic Downtown: Brent's historic downtown area is home to various locally-owned businesses, shops, and restaurants. It exudes a quaint charm and offers a unique shopping and dining experience.

  18. Brent Library: The Brent Public Library provides residents with access to a wide range of books, educational resources, and community programs. It serves as a hub for learning and intellectual growth.

  19. Community Involvement: The residents of Brent actively participate in community events and initiatives. Volunteerism and civic engagement are highly valued, and many community-driven projects aim to improve the quality of life for all.

  20. Close Proximity to Natural Beauty: Brent is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including rolling hills, forests, and scenic waterways. The natural beauty of the area provides ample opportunities for outdoor exploration and enjoyment.


In conclusion, Brent, Alabama, is a city steeped in history, with a strong sense of community and a range of cultural and recreational offerings. From its founding to its role in the Civil Rights Movement, Brent has left a lasting impact on the state. With its diverse economy and proximity to natural beauty, Brent is a place where residents can thrive and visitors can experience the unique charm of a small Southern town.

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