4 Kpop Idols Accused Of Seriously BADMOUTHING Their Colleagues

4 Kpop Idols Accused Of Seriously BADMOUTHING Their Colleagues
Posted on 29-01-2022

1. Formerly DAY6’s Jae

When Jae was still a member of DAY6,  he had lots of fans not only for the  

outstanding talents in music but also for  the loving and forbearing personalities.  

However, seemingly because he had  to take much care of DAY6 by himself  

that his mental wellness took a toll, leading  to lots of his questionable actions lately.

Many people used to empathize with Jae for all  the things he’s been through but seemingly,  

they are leaving him all together after witnessing  his straight-up insulting Jamie in a livestream.

On January 9, Jae went online  and had a really fun talk to fans  

until he suddenly brought up Jamie, called  her a “thot” and literally burst out laughing.

According to netizens, what got on their nerves  even more was that before referring to Jamie,  

Jae even emphasized how he “wasn’t in the industry  anymore” so he could say such things like that.

While it wasn’t clear what he really meant,  

netizens said they interpreted his words  as he had been holding onto that thought  

about Jamie for ages and just recently spit  it out because he was set free from JYP.

Some also pointed out that Jae seemed to be  super proud of his words because after that,  

he even told the viewers “That’s right, I said  it, tell her” and repeated the sentence twice.

After the criticism blew up and Jamie even  tweeted about how hurt and disappointed  

she was because she used to always  be there for Jae in his lowest low,  

Jae went on another livestream  and apologized to Jamie. However,  

the reactions weren’t getting better because  Jae even pissed people off more by explaining  

that he didn’t know exactly the meaning of the  word “thot” and thought it’s similar to “baddie”

According to netizens, Jae was actually making  excuses because as a person growing up in the  

West, there was no way he didn’t understand  the gravity of the word “thot” as he said  

in the livestream. Plus, the fact that when  someone told Jae “Don’t do it again” and he  

replied “I hope not” rather than “I won’t”  also made people question his authenticity  

and the willingness to own  up to his terrible words.

2. VIXX’s Hongbin

Similar to the case of Jae, on the very first  day of March back in 2020, Hongbin was also  

seen going on a livestream and humbling his peers.  However, what’s even worse here was that instead  

of being in a good state of mind, he seemed to be  extremely drunk, failing to control his words and  

targeting all those alleged malicious intentions  to not only one, but five famous groups of KPOP.

Basically, Hongbin went on Twitch  after having a heavy drink outside  

and as drunkenness reveals what soberness  conceals, netizens were shook to see how  

he straight up put on the Everybody remix  stage of SHINee before annoyedly questioning  

“Who would mix this type of idol  music with the band genre?.”

Though that was already a huge shocker to his  viewers, Hongbin still continued humbling EXO  

and saying he didn’t like the way all members  were strictly managed by SM Entertainment from  

the expressions to the moves, while VIXX could  carry everything by themselves from A to Z.  

He even compared the vampire concept  of VIXX to the wolf-figure of EXO,  

figuratively downgrading them by telling how from  the past to present, from fictions to movies,  

werewolves always yielded to vampires so  EXO were for sure losers compared to VIXX.

People believed the disturbance then  reached its peak when Hongbin sent  

the message to EXO as “Try to catch up  with us” and ironically mocked the group  

“Oh, I forgot no one in the wolf  pack could catch up with us ever."

The thing is, since EXO has been outshining  VIXX on every front, from the domestic to  

foreign market, and from the individual to the  group brand value according to many netizens,  

it was almost humiliating to see Hongbin try to  defend himself in the most pathetic way like that.

However, in a very contrast to everyone’s  belief, the beef didn’t end there  

and somehow, as an experienced male idol being  in the industry for nine years, Hongbin is still  

said to neglect all those gentleman manners to  drag Red Velvet, a girl group, into the mess.

Commenting about the Red Flavor remix stage  of the girls, Hongbin was seen saying the  

performance was too “loud,” “too much of  the idol-vibe [instead of highlighting  

the artistic elements],” “too colorful,”  and “clueless of what the audience likes.”

After a rant about SM Entertainment's artists,  Hongbin targeted INFINITE, one of the most famous  

gen2 boy groups and technically also his seniors.  Here, Hongbin complained how the choreography of  

INFINITE’s Be Mine was a joke and he would beat  the choreographer for failing to do his only job.

Even with his juniors, Hongbin  also had something to tell them  

and that was apparently nothing  positive. Talking about ONF,  

he said their concept was way too dated and  disappointing because the music wasn’t upbeat.

Still, the action that hit his fans hardest  and served as the last straw for their  

leaving the fandom was when some noticed his  unstable condition, telling him to go sleep  

but instead of replying to them  friendly, Hongbing just flipped them off,  

spitted out a bunch of slurs  and continued his live.

Things were so bad that VIXX’s Leo had to speak  up right off the bat and apologize for Hongbin’s  

actions, for something he never did. Then when  Hongbin gained back his consciousness, he went on  

the second livestream, crazily apologized for the  mess he had caused and blamed it on the alcohol.

Under the pressure, Jellyfish Entertainment  initially announced that Hongbin would take  

a long hiatus but after the scary  reactions piling up on his Twitch  

five months after that, Hongbin  ended up leaving VIXX for good.

3. NCT’s Lucas

When the “cheating” scandal of Lucas broke  out, lots of fans were on his side because  

they believed all the accusers were anti-fans  ganging up to bring down Lucas, especially when  

it was only two days more until his sub-unit debut  with Henry. However, as the story proceeded and  

more people entered that chat, many were shook  to see he was even accused of talking behind the  

back of other NCT’s members and while things  were actually just some baseless allegations,  

loads of fans still left him and even trended  the hashtag #Lucas_Out on various platforms.

It all started with the second girl  who not only accused Lucas of cheating  

but also shading other members, calling them lazy  but still managed to grow big thanks to the face  

as well as pissing on one boy for  stealing his fashion contracts.

Not only that, the girl even accused him of  calling a yet-to-debut member of NCT rubbish,  

saying that the members never listened to each  other, that Taeyong’s words had no gravity and  

how much he hated Keep Running for  painting him out as a silly clown.

However, the incident became more  confusing as on September 10,  

Lucas was said to be innocent after fans hired  cyber investigators to analyze the case. According  

to them, the first self-proclaimed girlfriend  wasn’t a South Korean and when the team tracked  

down the person’s digital footprint and they found  out she was from Indonesia, had been a long-term  

K-Pop fan, looking up lots of boy-love fanfictions  before coming to the allegations against Lucas.

4. Kawaguchi Yurina

The case of Yurina isn’t completely  like she straight out humbled Bahiyyih  

but rather, it was like implicitly hating on  her through liking for a hate comment on TikTok.

After the appearance on Girls Planet 999,  Yurina has garnered lots of attention for  

her outstanding talents and, sadly, for  failing to make it onto the final line.  

Because her dropping out of the  top 9 was a huge shocker to fans,  

there were countless angry opinions  complaining about how rigged the program was  

and how Bahiyyih, one of the most hated members  of the show, was stealing the spotlight of Yurina.

The thing is, while it could have been just  another cancel-culture among certain fans  

aiming at Bahiyyih, on January 17, Yurina was  reported to like a comment saying her fans were  

constantly asking the show to give Yurina the  spot of Bahiyyih and some even threatened to kill  

Bahiyyih. Though Yurina was reported to un-like  that comment shortly, the hate spread to Twitter  

swiftly and people were ganging up to trend the  hashtag #yurinaapologize to hold her accountable.

So, except for when idols pissed  on others on live streams,  

do you believe other cases were true or  netizens just had too much time to spend?  

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