6 Important Suggestions For Empowering Right to Information - GovtVacancy.Net

6 Important Suggestions For Empowering Right to Information - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 15-07-2022

6 Important Suggestions For Empowering Right to Information

1. Information about the RTI Act should be made available to the common people at the earliest so that its meaningful use can be made on a large scale. For this, not only efforts should be made at the government level, but various voluntary organizations, mass movements, and mass media can also play an important role in this matter.


2. Any approach to the basics of the RTI Act  should be made acquainted with the general public, otherwise the Right to Information will surely be buried in the legal  texts


3. Government departments and institutions should display the general procedure and rules related to obtaining information in very simple language for the information of the general public so that no situation of confusion remains.


4. Only those people should be appointed in the government body or enforcement system, whose ability, integrity, honesty, character values, ​​and reputation are well-known among the general public  There is also a great need for the general public to be aware of their information related rights  .


5. In the future , serious efforts should be made to bring the private sector under the ambit of  the right to information under certain circumstances  , because the private sector also really runs only with public cooperation, so it should be given the benefit of confidentiality in any case in  public interest . It would not be justified to be allowed to act against him.


6. In addition to all this, the government should automatically  develop a culture of honesty, transparency and accountability in its activities so that people  do not feel the need to exercise their right to information.

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