Ajit Doval is a guest at a meeting held by China - GovtVacancy.Net

Ajit Doval is a guest at a meeting held by China - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 16-06-2022

Ajit Doval is a guest at a meeting held by China

In the News: The Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) recently was a participant in the virtual BRICS gathering hosted by China's Chinese NSA with the aim of enhancing "political and cooperation in security" within the five-nation grouping.

The contents of today's news article:

  • About the BRICS (Origin, expansion, BRICS Summits, various Forums or Meetings for BRICS, New Development Bank, concerns on BRICS Agenda)
  • News Summary


  • The origin of HTML0: The BRIC[Brazil, Russia, India, and China idea [Brazil, Russia, India, and China] idea was initially conceived around the year 2001 by Goldman Sachs as part of an economic modeling exercise designed to predict global economic trends for the next two decades.
  • Expanding of BRIC into the BRICS:
    • BRIC Foreign Ministers during the meeting held at New York in 2010 agreed that South Africa may be invited to be a part of BRIC.
    • In the same way, South Africa was invited to join at the 3rd BRICS Summit in Sanya (China) in the year 2011.
  • BRIC(S) Summits:
    • From 2009 the head of the governments from the BRICS states have been meeting each year for formal summits.
    • The first five-member BRICS summit was held in 2011.
    • Indiahosted at the latest 13th Summit of the BRICS in 2021, virtually.
  • Other BRICS meetings or Forums:
    • Foreign Ministers Foreign Ministers from BRICS meet frequently at New York on the side-lines of the UN General Assembly since their first meeting in 2006.
    • Ministers of Economic or Finance:
      • A first gathering of BRICS Economic or Finance Ministers was held in 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil for consultations following the global financial and economic crisis.
      • The BRICS Finance or Economic Ministers are regularly meeting on the sidelines of G20 meetings, as well as IMF as well as WB annual gatherings.
    • National Security Advisers:Russia hosted a formal conference of BRIC National Security Advisers (NSAs) in 2009 to discuss security consequences of the global economic and financial crisis.
  • New Development Bank (NDB):
    • The NDB is officially referred to informally as"the BRICS Development Bank, is an international development institution (headquartered at Shanghai, China) operated by the five BRICS states.
    • The idea to establish the bank was suggested by India on the occasion of the 4th BRICS summit in 2012 , which was held in Delhi.
      • BRICS leaders agreed to set up an institution for development at 5th BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa in 2013.
      • in 2014at the sixth BRICS summit that was held at Fortaleza, Brazil, the BRICS states agreed to sign the Agreement on the New Development Bank which provides for the legal foundation of the bank.
    • The bank has a capital base in the range of 50 billion ($10 billion for each of the BRICS states) and its wealth growing to $100 billion over the course of time.
    • In accordance with the Agreement on the NDB, the Bank will provide support private or public projects via guarantees, loans by way of equity participation, loans, and other financial instruments such as equity participation, guarantees, loans and other financial.
      • Additionally, the NDB shall work with international organizations and other financial institutions and offer technical assistance to projects that are financially supported with the Bank.
    • Recently, Bangladesh, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Uruguay were added as brand new members of the NDB.
  • Questions on BRICS Agenda:
    • In the past the agenda of BRICS meetings has widened substantially to include the global political issue including the crisis of the Middle East and North Africa region, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria.
    • It also addresses questions relating to the global governance institutions like IMF, the UN, IMF, World Bank Group International terrorists and climate change food security as well as energy security global financial and economic conditions as well as other issues.

Update Summary

  • The NSA's meeting took place on One of two multilateral gatherings that was attended by India as well as China on a day which was two years ago since the Galwan battles in at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
    • Multilateralism and global governance New threats and threats on national security, governance and security in the new areas" were the topics for the discussions at the meeting.
    • In the meeting, the NSA OF India called for cooperation in the fight against terror without reservation, and also to prevent terrorists from using Information & Communication Technology (ICT) by terrorists.
    • He also stressed the necessity for urgent reforms to the system of multilateral cooperation in addition to the necessity of robust supply chains.
  • The virtual meeting took place one week after The head for the BRICS summit which was hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping It is a function that is where the Indian Prime Minister of India will be attending along alongside the Russian President and the leaders from Brazil as well as South Africa.
    • This is the very first BRICS summit since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and will be monitored closely for talks among the leaders.
  • New Delhi also hosted a border security conference for SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) countries, which includes the officials of China, Russia, Pakistan and Central Asian countries.
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