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Posted on 15-07-2022

Basic objectives of the Citizen charter

The basic objective of the Citizen's Manifesto is to empower citizens in the context of public service. Citizen's manifesto is basically based on six principles-


1. Quality: Improving the quality of services.

2. Selection: To give the opportunity of selection as far as possible.

3. Standards: If the service standards are not met, then what should be the expectation of the citizen and the action to be clarified.

4. Values: Adoption of essential values.

5. Accountability: Accountability to individuals and institutions.

6. Transparency: To ensure transparency with respect to rules, procedures/schemes/complaints.


Generally: Citizen manifestos are issued for the departments related to public services and their purpose is to make public services quick and people-oriented. In the general sense, the Citizen's Declaration means a brief document issued by an organization in the public interest. In this, the methodology of the organization, the process of work, the rights of the public along with the rights of the public for achieving the set goals like administrative transparency, efficiency, sensitivity, and accountability, are described.

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