Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with Soy Basil Paneer | होटेल जैसा फ़्राइड राइस और पनीर | Chef Sanjyot Keer

Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with Soy Basil Paneer | होटेल जैसा फ़्राइड राइस और पनीर | Chef Sanjyot Keer
Posted on 29-01-2022
What's up, guys? Sanjyot Keer here. Welcome to YFL

I am sharing the recipe of 'Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with Paneer in Soy-Basil sauce' with you guys

It is totally a restaurant-style recipe & the burnt garlic fried rice that I make, by adding crispy fried garlic into it It makes a very delicious recipe

So first of all let's see how to make crispy garlic for the burnt garlic fried rice

Now, in a pan, I'm adding 1/3rd cup oil. You have to heat the oil properly Your oil should be moderately hot

Here, the oil is now moderately hot, in this, I am adding 1/2 cup garlic The garlic that I have added is chopped. If you have a chopper just use that to chop it You don't need to make it too finely chopped. Keep the consistency of nicely chopped garlic

Now, you have to slowly fry this garlic on a medium-low flame. You have to fry it until it turns light golden brown in colour

While frying the garlic keep stirring continuously to ensure that the garlic is fried evenly on all sides

The technique is similar to frying the 'Birista' for biryani as in we fry the onions,

similarly, we are going to fry the garlic. As we want to make Crispy Garlic

As you can see patiently I have fried the garlic really nicely while stirring it & now it has turned golden brown in colour

As soon as you get this colour, you have to remove the garlic from the oil. Don't cook more than this else the garlic turns bitter

Remove the garlic & put it in a sieve & drain excess oil by applying pressure from the back of the spoon

If you leave the oil in it, firstly the garlic will turn soggy & secondly the garlic will continue to cook in hot oil & turn dark & bitter

You have to keep this in mind As you can see after draining the oil, the garlic is looking fluffy

The colour is also come out absolutely perfect & slightly darker by carrying forward cooking & absolute Crispy Garlic is ready here

Now the leftover oil from what was used to fry the garlic & was drained off It has lots of flavour of garlic, it has become like Garlic-Oil You can use this oil to bring out the garlicky flavour in lots of recipes

I am going to be using the same oil for making the Fried Rice as well.

To make the Fried Rice, I have taken a Wok The Wok has to be heated nice & hot before putting oil in it

So now that the Wok is heated up nicely on high flame, I am adding 1 tbsp of garlic oil into this Along with it, I have added 2 tbsp of fresh finely chopped garlic

You have to cook this garlic on high heat until it turns light golden brown in colour

Now at this stage, as you can see, I have added 2 tbsp of the bulbs of the spring onions

To this, I am also adding 1 tbsp green stalks of the spring onion

Now you have to again, cook the onions & garlic on high heat

At this stage, you have to slightly overcook the garlic. At this stage, you will get that distinct burnt-garlic flavour

So I am going to continue cooking this more until the garlic turns darker & gets that Burnt Garlic flavour, I'll continue to cook it

Once the garlic reaches this stage, you can add the rice

Here, I am adding 3 cups of cooked 'Sella' basmati rice Along with that, I am adding salt to taste, a pinch of white pepper powder, a pinch of sugar, 1 tsp aromat powder, I tsp light soy sauce, a nice handful of spring onion greens, 1 tsp vinegar & lastly, add 2 tsp Crispy Garlic that we made earlier

After adding all the ingredients, you have to nicely toss the fried rice on high flame, mix all the ingredients really well And you have to continue cooking for a minimum of 1-2 minutes Keep tossing & mixing well on high flame

All the ingredients should mix properly & the rice should get warm as well

Now as you can see that the rice is looking really nice & our Burnt Garlic Fried Rice is ready.

So restaurant-style Burnt Garlic fried rice is ready. I use the same method to cook this at home also

If I want to make a non-vegetarian version, then I add eggs &/or chicken to this. That version also tastes really good.

So if you eat non-vegetarian food, you can add eggs or stir-fried chicken to this recipe as well.

The rice that I have used is 'Sella' Basmati rice. The 3 cups quantity used was for cooked rice

For uncooked rice measurements, use approximately just under 3/4th cup rice, soak it & cook it, cool it & then use it

I have shared the video of How to cook perfect rice for Fried Rice, in past, I'll leave the link in the description box below, you can check it out

A lot of people will ask in the comments, What is the Aromat powder?

The Aromat Powder is a taste enhancer. It is used in lots of restaurants instead of MSG

If you aren't using Ajinomoto or MSG, but want to enhance the taste then, you can use Aromat Powder

You can skip it if you want

If you like Ajinomoto or MSG, you use it, then put some MSG, the fried rice becomes very tasty,

but if you want to skip it, you can completely skip it

Now the Fried rice is ready Next we have to make 'Paneer in Soy Basil sauce'

For that, we need to coat the paneer (cottage cheese) & fry it, Let's prep for it

For the batter to coat the paneer, in a bowl, I have added 1/3rd cup cornflour, 1/4th cup refined flour

Salt to taste, 1 pinch black pepper & 1 tsp oil

Now you have to slowly add water to form a semi-thick batter

So keep adding water slowly & whisk it with a whisk or a fork to make a lump-free batter

Initially add little by little water to make a thick batter, later you can adjust the consistency of the batter by adding more water

Now as you can see there are no lumps, the batter is semi-thick & lump-free.

You have to prepare the batter in a similar consistency for coating

Now to fry the paneer, I have nicely heated the oil. Your oil should be heated nicely around 170 degrees Celsius

Or your oil should be slightly more than moderately hot

Here, I have cut 350 gms of paneer into cubes Now you have to coat & fry these paneer cubes.

So coat it in batter, let the excess batter drip off & add it to oil to fry it.

You have to fry it on medium heat. You don't need to cook the paneer, you only need to fry to make the coating crisp.

Here you have two options, Either you can directly fry it until it turns light golden brown

Or if you want extra crispy paneer, then first once the coating is cooked, remove it from the heat

& let it rest for 3-4 minutes & then in hot oil flash fry it, for the second fry to get super-crispy paneer

Today, I'm doing a single fry- so as you can see the paneer is perfectly fried

Remove the paneer with a spider and add to the sieve to drain out excess oil

Now to make the gravy, I am heating up a Wok on high flame, to keep the Wok nice and hot

Now to this add, 1 tbsp oil, 1 inch chopped ginger, 1/4th cup chopped garlic, 1-2 slit green chillies, & I've added 1/4th cup chopped spring onion bulbs.

Now you have to cook ginger & garlic for 1 minute on high flame. Keep stirring while cooking on high flame for 1 minute

Now here I am adding, 1/2 cup onion petals cut into triangles, & triangles of green capsicum

Along with it, I'm adding 400-500 ml vegetable stock to this

After adding the vegetable stock, I am adding 1 tsp green chilli paste, 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1-2 tsp dark soy sauce, 1 tsp vinegar, a pinch of white pepper powder, 1 tsp sugar, & salt to taste.

Now you can mix all the ingredients well. Make a note to not add too much salt, as soy sauce is salty too. So you can taste the gravy in the end & later adjust the salt accordingly.

While stirring, you have to cook this until it comes to a boil, once the boil comes in a minute or so, then you have to thicken the gravy

To thicken the gravy, I am making a 'slurry' with corn-starch Mix 2 tsp cornflour and 2 tsp water & mix it well to form a lump-free slurry

Slowly add the slurry to the gravy, mix it well, & keep adding the slurry until the gravy thickens

Don't add the entire slurry all at once, else the gravy will become too thick,

So add the slurry slowly, & once the gravy has thickened, you will not add any more slurry

Now the gravy has thickened & reached a perfect consistency. At this stage now I will add the fried paneer

After adding the paneer, I am adding the green stalks of spring onion & I'm tearing in a handful of basil leaves

You don't have to cook too much at this stage just stir it nicely to coat the gravy on the paneer, & to slightly warm up the paneer.

Cook the paneer for 1/2- 1 minute

And our 'Paneer in Soy Basil sauce' is ready

Restaurant-style veg Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with Paneer in Soy Basil sauce is ready

Now let's plate it YFL style

So both these Restaurant style dishes are extremely delicious, Definitely make them

Especially the texture of crispy garlic in this fried rice is very delectable

And if some crispy garlic is left-over, you can store it in an air-tight container in the refrigerator

You can add it to a lot of Chinese appetisers like Salt & Pepper Baby-corn, Salt & Pepper prawns if you eat non-vegetarian food

You can sprinkle this crispy garlic on top of it and enjoy

You can give that a try as well

Try these two restaurant-style dishes at your homes & tell me how you liked them in the comments

Have an amazing time with my Burnt Garlic Fried Rice & Paneer in Soy Basil sauce recipe at your homes