Chera Dynasty (Based on NCERT)

Chera Dynasty (Based on NCERT)
Posted on 27-04-2022

Chera Dynasty

Chera Dynasty: The first ruler and founder of the Chera dynasty is considered to be Udayin Jeral (Udayin Jeral). The kingdom of the Chera dynasty was situated between the sea and the mountains in the west and north of the Pandya country. He ruled in parts of Kerala and Tamil.

  • The Chera kingdom was also known by the names Banavar, Villavar, Kuttuvar, Paurayar, Malayar, etc.
  • The capital of the Chera dynasty was Vanji. It was also called the country of Kerala. The poet Mudinagarayar has used the names 'Vanavaramban' and 'Peroonjoran Udiyan' in his composition 'Puram', a famous Chera ruler.
  • Udian Jeral was a merciful ruler who used to run a kitchen where people were given free food.
  • Udian Jarl started the 'Patani' or 'Kannagi' worship.
  • Imayvaramban Nedunjeral was the son of Udiyan Jeral and became the king in the 155th century AD.
  • The Chera rulers had several wars with the Chola rulers over the years.
  • One of the Chera rulers was Perunjeral Imporai who was the patron of scholars. He also performed many yagyas during his lifetime. Sugarcane cultivation started in the south during the reign of Perunjeral Imporai.
  • The successful ruler of this dynasty is believed to be 'Senguttavak' who is also known as 'Lal Cher'.
  • The Chera rulers also had trade relations with the Roman Empire.
  • The famous Chera port Musiri or Muziris was a major center of Indo-Roman trade.
  • The Roman rulers had also established their two regiments here to protect the trading activities.
  • Mandarjeral Imporai was the last Chera ruler. It was called the elephant's eye.


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