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Citizen Charter Bill - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 15-07-2022

Citizen Charter Bill

The Citizens' Declaration Bill, 2011 was approved by the Union Cabinet in March 2013. In this bill, the general public will have the right to get service within a stipulated time limit. In the absence of this, there is a provision to take strict action from fine to fine on the responsible government employees. At present, it is proposed to impose a fine of Rs 250 per day on the employees who do not provide service within the stipulated time limit, but the amount of the fine cannot exceed Rs 50000. The amount of this fine will be deducted from the salary of those employees.


By passing this bill, every person in the country will have the right to get any service in a reasonable and fixed time frame. Apart from this, if he has any complaint with the concerned service,  then its disposal should also be done within a certain time limit.


Along the lines of the 'Right to Information Act, this bill will be applicable across the country. The services covered under this will have to be included by the states in their citizen manifesto. Government-aided NGOs will also be included in this bill under the  Citizen's Manifesto. Many citizen-centric services have been included in this bill, such as income tax returns, pensions,  caste certificates, birth-death certificates, passports, etc. Although the Citizens' Declaration Act is already in force in 10 states of the country including Delhi, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh, this Central Citizens'  Declaration will pave the way for its establishment in the entire country.


According to this Citizen's Manifesto Bill, all government departments will have to prepare and publish a Citizen's Manifesto. All the services provided by the concerned department will be mentioned in the manifesto. There will be a fixed time limit for these services. The name and designation of a responsible officer for each job will also be published. A provision has also been made in this manifesto bill that there will be a Central Grievance Redressal Commission. The main function of this commission will be to listen to the complaints of the people in case the work is not done within the time limit. Special officers will be appointed to this commission for redressal of complaints. These officers will help the public in filing complaints. The action taken under this will be treated as a judicial proceeding under the Indian Penal  Code.


Finally, on this basis, we can say that this Citizens' Declaration Bill will ensure the right of every person in the country that he can get any service within a reasonable and stipulated time frame.


Under this, provision has been made for the appointment of grievance redressal officers from the panchayat level to the central offices. Along with this, arrangements have also been made for the establishment of the Central Public Grievance Redressal Commission for the redressal of grievances of citizens.

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