Easy Homemade Hummus Recipe from Scratch

Easy Homemade Hummus Recipe from Scratch
Posted on 15-11-2022
- If you're a huge hummus fan
but have never made it at home,
I'm gonna show you how easy it is.
It's so incredibly delicious
you will never buy it from the store again.
Now, because you know I'm all about keeping recipes
as traditional, as classic as possible,
we have a little bit of prep with these chickpeas.
Sound good?
Let's cook.
I've got some dried garbanzo beans.
That's what chickpeas are also called
and I'm gonna put them right into a half gallon container.
I'm going right over to the sink
because what I wanna do here
is I wanna completely submerge them in water.
I want the water to be about four inches
over the top of the dried garbanzo beans.
What I'm gonna do next is simply set them to the side
on a counter, add a top and let them rest overnight
or at least eight hours.
If you're already thinking no way you're gonna do this step,
why don't you just pop the can, drain it,
put it in the food processor,
boom, you can have hummus right on the spot
or you can fast track it
and add some boiling water to those dried chickpeas,
let it sit for an hour and you're good.
Me, you know I'm a little bit of that classic nature
like I was saying
and I like to keep recipes super traditional
because when they're homemade from scratch,
they always taste better.
Here's what we're gonna do now.
So our beans have been sitting and soaking overnight.
Let's have a look.
You can see they're puffed up and they've multiplied
at least two or maybe even three times the size.
Let's head back over to the sink.
We're simply gonna drain all of that water off
and give it a quick spray just to clean it up a bit,
sort through any, maybe if there's some black ones,
discard them.
Give the strainer a good shake.
Go over to a large size pot.
Empty all those beans in there
and then we're gonna fill up the pot
until it's about two inches
over the top of the garbanzo beans
or like I like to do and stick my finger in there
and once I get to my second knuckle, I know I'm good.
What we're gonna do next is add in some baking soda.
Don't freak out, yes, I just added baking soda
and it creates an alkaline environment in that water
and breaks down the pectin in the chickpea
so the shells easily come off
but we're gonna get to that in a few more seconds.
Now what we wanna do is crank the heat to high
because we want to bring this to a boil.
It will not take long to get there
and once it's at this point,
immediately turn the heat down
because it needs to simmer for in between 30 and 40 minutes.
While most hummus recipes
call for a few cloves of raw garlic,
I feel like it's just a little bit too much bite
like that spicy garlic taste.
I don't want that
and while these chickpeas are simmering down,
this is great timing
because I'm gonna show you an awesome trick
to making roasted garlic.
Here we go.
I've got some garlic cloves
that I'm going to add to a medium size sauce pot.
Next, I'm gonna pour in some extra virgin olive oil.
Please use extra virgin, it'll be that much better.
Immediately turn the heat down to low
because we want to slow cook this.
It's gonna take about 30 minutes or so
but after 15 to 20, let's just come back, give it a look.
Looks great, starting to brown.
Also, let's take a peek into our chickpeas.
You can see the water's a little bit cloudy
but we're in good shape.
After another 10 or 15 minutes, let's remove that pot.
Immediately drain it into the sink.
I'm going to give it a nice little spray
and sort of rinse it down and cool it down a little bit.
Now, this part is completely optional
but it is recommended that you remove the shell.
You can do this one at a time
which will take way too long if you ask me
or you can add them back to the pot
and fill it up with cold water.
Now, the reason we remove the shell
is because it will make the hummus that much more creamier
but again, it is totally optional
and it does take a few minutes to do.
Another easy way to remove the shell
is get your hands in there and sort of irritate them
and rub them together very gently.
You don't wanna break them up.
You'll notice that the shells start to float.
Go ahead and grab a strainer or a little colander
and simply scoop all of those out there.
Discard them and once you've got most of them,
don't worry if you don't get all of them,
go ahead and strain those garbanzo beans again.
What I'm gonna do is just put them right in the pot
then I'm gonna set them to the side
and I wanna go have a look now at my roasted garlic.
Yes, obviously, there are a lot of chickpeas here.
Me, I like to make a lot of hummus
because it lasts for a week
and I can simply graze on it throughout the entire week
or I can put it in a burrito or I can put it in pasta.
There's so many great things to do with hummus.
So don't freak out that there's too much here
and if you want, you can save some to the side,
maybe put some in salads or anything else that you want.
Now, what we wanna do is go ahead
and grab that roasted garlic right off the burner.
It looks absolutely fantastic.
Heading over to the countertop
where I have a small sauce pot and a little strainer,
I just wanna drain out those roasted garlic cloves
and oh my gosh does it smell amazing in here.
Maybe now you're seeing what I'm doing.
You've got roasted garlic cloves.
You've got roasted garlic olive oil.
Yes, there is going to be a lot of leftover of both
but roasted garlic is amazing when spread on bread,
put into pasta dishes, on a sandwich.
It doesn't matter, it's amazing
and the roasted garlic olive oil,
think about cooking a steak in roasted garlic olive oil
or maybe chill it down
and make a delicious roasted garlic olive oil vinegarette.
So many things to do with this.
That's why I always make extra
so I can use it in something else.
Now, we are finally going to make our hummus.
So add all of those chickpeas right to a food processor.
Put the top on and what I'm gonna do
is sort of pulse it on high speed.
What I'm looking to do here is get a really thick paste.
It's gonna take about a minute to a minute and a half
for it to get to this consistency.
Let's go ahead and have a look.
This is perfect.
Now let's add some more ingredients.
We want to next add in some tahini.
This is a crucial ingredient.
It's simply ground up sesame seeds.
I'm next going to squeeze in some lemon juice.
I usually hold my hand down below and let the lemon juice
sort of drip through the cracks of my fingers
and let me catch the seeds just like you see here.
Just an easy trick there.
Now, I'm going to add in
some of those roasted garlic cloves.
So good.
Season it up very, very well with sea salt.
Go ahead and add the top back to the food processor
and what I'm gonna do here is process on low speed
while slowing adding in
some of that roasted garlic olive oil.
This is gonna take your hummus
to the next level, my friends.
I promise you.
Once it is to a nice creamy consistency,
this looks fantastic.
Let's have a little taste.
Stick your spoon in there, give it a try.
Does it need more lemon, need more tahini, need more salt?
If it's good to go then let's go.
I can't say it enough.
Once you start understanding
these fundamental cooking techniques
and putting them into practice
like making a delicious roasted garlic olive oil,
how to properly make a hummus with the right ingredients
and take it over the top with roasted garlic
and roasted garlic olive oil,
you put this into everyday cooking
and your food, oh my gosh, it's gonna be so amazing.
There's gonna be no reason to go out
because it's gonna be better than the restaurants,
better than anything you're gonna get in the grocery stores.
It's the best.
There's just no other way to do it.
So now of course let's plate up in slow-mo.
I like to place this on a plate.
You can absolutely do it in a bowl
but here's why I like the plate.
Once you've got a good amount of hummus on that plate,
place your spoon down to the outside
of that chunk of hummus and slowly rotate the plate
while making this beautiful little spiral.
Here's the reason we do this.
I'm gonna pour some olive oil in
and it's going to drip down in that little crack
and crevice around the outside hummus.
I'm finishing it with a little bit of cayenne pepper.
You could use paprika if you wanted to
and then finally with some fresh chopped parsley.
Man oh man, check out this beauty.
(calm music)
Once you eat homemade anything, there's no going back
and this hummus is the exact same way.
It's so delicious.
You should definitely make this if you're a huge hummus fan.
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Oh yeah, check out this video.
I promise you'll love it.
It's amazing and I'll see you on there.
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