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Posted on 09-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 12

Question - In the present context, if government schools are left out, then almost commercialization of education has taken place. Today education is only a means of getting employment. The basic value of education is the development of personality but the sad aspect is that the development of personality itself has been commercialized. Social and national values ​​are not included in the development of the child's personality. What can be done for the development of the child's personality?


Answer -  The fact is that today school children do not even have proper knowledge of national monuments, national symbols, national celebrations, etc. In such a situation,  understanding national subjects cannot be expected from them.


There are many problems at the social and national levels in India. Dowry system, female feticide, casteism, child labour, domestic violence, female oppression, etc. are social problems. Illiteracy, unemployment, Naxalism, terrorism, corruption, etc. are national problems. Educational institutions should make an action plan for the knowledge of these subjects along with the teaching of the subject and make children aware of these subjects on the occasion of national celebrations like  Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc. On this, competitions for debate and essay writing, etc. should be organized. For this, children should be encouraged and rewarded.


In fact, only 152-158 days are working 365 days of the year. In such a situation, educational institutions have enough time, the only need is willpower. If they accept their responsibility and make a proper action plan for it, then in a short time, complete knowledge of social and national themes and values ​​can be developed in the children. In fact, only such initiatives are needed. 

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