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Posted on 07-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 3

Question -  A new road is being constructed in your Gram Panchayat. Some culverts have also been built on this road. The culvert broke as soon as it was built and with the first rain, the road also got damaged and scattered. You are aware that proper quality of material has not been taken care of in its manufacture. What are your moral responsibilities in such a situation?


Answer- Indian society is generally neutral from administrative work. He does not see government work as his personal work. He ignores the important fact that national wealth is the property of the people and public money is invested in it and is ultimately used by the public, but still, there is a lack of social responsibility in the Indian public.


As an aware citizen, this work should have complained to the concerned officer only. Right to information should be used for all information related to this. If the information is not available at the district level,  then the help of Lokayukta should be taken at the provincial level, and to prevent the recurrence of such criminal activities, applications should be made to the higher officials related to this department and also to the minister and chief minister in the government. A copy of each should be sent.


In fact, there is a great need for such initiatives in Indian society. Ordinary people have to be sensitive towards social work. In fact,  the development of the consciousness of social responsibility is very important for Indian society today.

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