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Posted on 07-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 4

Question - You are invited to your friend's wedding. Your friend has been selected for the Civil Services Examination this year. He is taking one crore rupees dowry in his marriage. You are well aware of all these facts. What would you do in such a situation?


Answer – The dowry system still exists as a burning problem in Indian society. There does not seem to be any solution at the societal level and the administration usually does not intervene in this matter unless a complaint is lodged.


In fact, this social problem is related to the individual value of man. To take or not to take dowry is a personal decision of the individual.


Dowry is a social problem as well as a sign of social prestige and earning money. Dowry is seen as social prestige. The party receiving the dowry also sees it as earning money. The dowry giver rich class wants to spend money voluntarily but it becomes a problem for them, who are financially poor.


Being a friend, first of all, my moral responsibility is to explain to the friend that he should not give priority to dowry in his marriage, but to the education, quality, employment, and personality of his future wife. Because marriage is a mutual relationship between two persons. This cordial relationship depends on the advanced personality. As far as money is concerned, after succeeding in the civil service, he has automatically become financially self-sufficient, and if his future wife is also involved in this service, then she gives so much for life which is comparable to dowry. cannot be done.


A friend should also keep in mind that the decision taken by him takes the form of a model in society. In such a situation, he also has some social responsibility. Being a friend, I will make him aware of all these things and if he does not refuse to take dowry even after my sincere effort, I  will report his criminal act to the police without damaging personal relations and taking appropriate action. I will treat the Dowry system as a  heinous social crime. I will take whatever positive steps we find desirable to end this.

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