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Posted on 09-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 6

Q: You are standing in a public place. Some youths are molesting a woman. They do not stop molesting the woman despite her protest. What would you do in such a situation?


Answer –  Crime against women is a widespread problem in Indian society. Women have to deal with many difficult situations. Crime against women starts with female feticide. They have to face domestic violence within the confines of the house and outside the home, they have to struggle with the dirty mentality of men which often reflects the maladaptive mentality of our male-dominated society. Laws have been enacted on female feticide and domestic violence,  but there is a need to make more strict laws on the offense of molestation.


Women often do not feel safe outside the home due to molestation and criminal incidents. This is not a sign of a healthy society. As far as this particular immediate incident is concerned, in such a situation I should immediately intervene and seek the help of the police. I should not only stay at that place till the arrival of the police but also tell other people present about this act and try to take that girl home safely.


Often people do not take bold steps in such a situation. They ignore this incident  and try to escape from their moral responsibility, but  this criminal mentality cannot be ended until some people of the society do not take positive steps against it  . In fact, the establishment of values  ​​starts from the family itself. If good values ​​are given to the children in the family itself  , then this mentality can be eliminated  completely. The need is not only to solve the immediate problem but to  eliminate this attitude completely.


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