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Posted on 09-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 7

Question- In your parliamentary constituency, often a leader of a criminal image is elected repeatedly. You are also aware of the fact that he uses all moral and immoral means to win elections. His image is criminal. The people of the parliamentary constituency also do not like him. What can you do in this regard?


Answer – There are many shortcomings in the Indian electoral system. For this, the Election Reform Commission has been set up. Some of the recommendations of this commission have also been implemented but the trend of increasing crime in politics still cannot be stopped.


In fact, in Indian politics, first, there was the criminalization of politics and the politicization of criminals. The problem with Indian elections is that the general public has to choose one of the options available. A complete solution to this problem is not possible until the public is not given the option of the Right to Reject.


But till such time there is no provision for such laws, it is my duty as a citizen to make the general public aware of the real situation. And if possible, efforts should be made to have a wide discussion and movement on this subject at the school and university levels. However, at the level of a citizen, no major changes can be expected in the electoral system. The Jan Lokpal Bill will be a revolutionary step in this context. We should prepare the mentality of the general public to pass this bill. As far as this particular MP is concerned, for his immoral acts,  we should inform the administration in writing before the election to the commission. We should also bring this to the notice of the concerned Returning Officer and other institutions. Should bring My task should be to convert this personal struggle into a social struggle.

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