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Posted on 09-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 8

Question - You are an administrative officer and you have received information that criminal activities are taking place in some of the correctional homes in your district. How will you solve this problem?


Answer –  There are many problems related to children in Indian society like child abuse, child labour, child crime and dropping out of school in childhood, etc. In India, this problem also becomes very serious because illiteracy and unemployment also exist here. At present India has 42% of the population of children below the age of 45 years. Therefore, it is very important to solve the problem related to children.


Children in correctional homes come to those children who have dropped out of school earlier,  have worked as laborers, or are of criminal background. These children have already suffered a lot of harassment and if they do not get a proper environment in the childcare homes, then the chances of their deterioration remain strong. Children are the future of the country. Therefore, there is a need for quick action on their problems.


It is my duty as an officer to do a survey of those correction homes, take proper stock of the situation and then take written action against the officers responsible for this and suspend them with immediate effect. In fact, suspension alone is not enough. If those officers are guilty, then  I should also recommend legal action for this.


After redressing the immediate problem, I should try to know at which places in these correctional homes, what types of crimes are present, and to which criminal elements or groups are related to these crimes,  etc. For this, I myself should make surprise inspections and if necessary,  order my subordinate officers to submit their complete information within the time limit and when the problem is controlled to a great extent, then plan and implementation of some constructive tasks for the children will be implemented. I'll give Children learn something easily. I should motivate them for education by disciplining them from criminal acts soon. If educational institutions are available there If not, then I should try to start education by appointing some teachers there immediately. In this context, I should try to provide all possible facilities through my higher officials, administration, and governance.

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