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Posted on 09-07-2022

Ethics Case Study - 9

Q: You are the District Magistrate. The female literacy rate in your district is very low. What effective steps will you take to increase the literacy rate?


Answer -  The root cause of problems related to women is gender discrimination. There are obstacles to the education of women at all levels. In primary education, the girl child is often stopped to help the mother at home. Girls are not sent to school because of the feeling of insecurity in higher-level education. It is often not sent to the level of higher education  because the same traditional thinking exists
about what it will do by reading and writing.


First of all, it is necessary to ensure the attendance of girls in the school at the primary level. In this context, the help of a head teacher and village head should be taken.


At the secondary stage, efforts should be made to see whether the higher school is not too far from home, and law and order should also be strengthened so that insecurity can be removed from the mind of the parents.


For the propagation of social awareness at the tertiary level, the administration should prepare an action plan. Slogans related to this should be written in public places and if possible,  Panchayat day should be organized like Thana day and Tehsil day. The district magistrates should take out their own time to reach the gram panchayat and give detailed information about the action plan related to it to the villagers.


In fact, the activism of the administration is the solution to such problems. In the present era, there is a need to work on the concept of 'Administration till your doorstep'. Although there is generally a difference of 10% in the literacy rate of females and males. The establishment of some additional girls' schools should be recommended along with other effective steps to bridge this gap.


The officers and teachers of the blocks where the literacy rate of girls is high in the school should be encouraged. Some schemes can also be recommended to attract girls towards education,  such as cycle distribution, Laxmi Nidhi Rashi, Ladli, etc. Schemes should be actively implemented. It is the duty of the administration to give this message to the general public that when a  girl is educated, the whole family is educated because she is the axis of the house.

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