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Folk songs of Bihar - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 11-08-2022

Bihar Folk Songs

Sanskar song

Sanskar songs are related to worldly rituals. These songs are sung in all castes and tribes on all major occasions from birth to death of man. Songs sung on occasions like Janam, Mundan, Vivah, Gauna, Dwiragaman are full of gaiety and joy. Some Muslim ritual songs are sung under Magahi region in Bihar.

  • In Bihar, 'Sohar' is sung on the occasion of son's birth anniversary.
  • In Mithilanchal it is customary to sing the song 'Sammari' on the occasion of Ram Vivah.
  • In Bihar, "Domach" is a theatrical folk music, which is sung on the occasions of marriage with the joint cooperation of the bride's side.
  • In Mithila, a special style of song is sung at the time of the farewell of a daughter, which is known as 'Samaduni' . In Bhojpur region it is called 'Samadavan' and in Magadha region it is called 'Samadan' .

Season song

Songs like Fagua, Chaita, Kajari, Hindola, Chaturmasa and Barhamasa etc. are sung in this song-tradition.

  • Kajari is sung in Thumri style in the rhythm of Kaharwa and Dadra . A form of Kajari is famous in Mithila as Malar.
  • Phag or Holi is the song of the spring season. It is mainly sung in groups.
  • It is customary to sing 'Hori' or 'Jogida' in Bihar . There is often participation of men in the Hori song.
  • The 'Chaita' , which is a cow in the month of Chaitra, is a unique identity of Bihar. It is sung in both solo and group form.
  • The practice of singing Chaita is mainly found among men in the Maghi and Bhojpuri-speaking regions of Bihar.
  • Chaita sung on dholak and cymbals is called ' Ghat' which is mainly sung in Bhojpur region.
  • Twelve months are described in 'Barahmasa' . It is actually a song of disconnection.
  • The short form of Barhamasa songs, Chaumasa and Chhamasa songs are also sung in Bihar.

Festival song

Festival songs are sung on all festivals like Deepawali, Chhath, Teej, Nagpanchami, Godhan, Nihura, Madhushravani, Ramnavami, Krishnashtami etc.

  • In Chhath festival, the folk songs of Chhath festival are sung.
  • After the end of Chhath, women-oriented theatrical songs 'Sama-Chakeva' are specially sung in Mithilanchal region in the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month .

A song about caste

There are folk deities of every caste living in the village, whose folk songs containing heroic tales come in the category of caste songs.

  • Ahir, Dusadh, Chamar, Kahar, Dhobi and Luhar all have their own songs.
  • The song sung by the Ahirs is known as Birha Geet .
  • Along with this, 'Loriki' is also a song of this caste.


The songs which are sung at the time of editing any work, they come in the category of labor songs, business songs or action songs.

  • In Bihar, 'Lagni' is sung by women at the time of grinding after running a mill . This song is also known as Jantasar .
  • There is a practice of digging or tattooing among rural women. Along with adding the tattoo, the woman who gets the khoda padne also goes to the song, which is called 'Khoda padne ki song' .
  • The song sung by the agricultural laborers while planting paddy in the fields is called 'Chonchar' . Its name is also the song 'Ropani' .

Balkrida song

Songs related to child-life are called children's songs or children's songs , such as Atkan-Matkan, Chhora-Mukki, Atta-Patta, Kabaddi Geet.

  • The song 'Sulaane Wale Shishu Geet' consists of lullabies and the song 'Uptoni Geet' for children to apply ubtan .
  • In the songs sung by women while children play in the group, songs like 'Oka-boka three tadoka' hill etc. are sung.

Bhajan or shruti song

Songs related to the worship of gods and goddesses come under the category of bhajans or Shruti songs. It describes both saguna and nirguna forms of God.

  • Among the Saguna songs, the songs of Gosauni, Nachari, Maheshvani, Kirtan, Vishnupad, Parati, Saaj, Geet of Ganga, Geet of Sheetla, Geet of Devi are prominent.
  • There is no separate song category for Nirguna songs, but in some hymns, Nirguna Upamano is directed.


These songs are songs sung due to the innate attachment to the bravery of the Indian public. These are songs sung with zeal, fervor and aggressive expressions in memory of the heroic heroes of folklore. saga songs of bihar

  • Nayka Banjara
  • Mirayan
  • Raja Harichan
  • lorikayan
  • Dina Bhadri
  • misogyny
  • Chhatri Chauhan
  • blurry
  • Vijaymal
  • Sahales
  • Deer-Birni
  • Kunwar Brajbhar
  • King Vikramaditya
  • Amar Singh Baria

Specific song

Songs of Pedia, songs of asking for water, songs of Jhumar-Jhule, Birha, Joga, Samprani etc. are sung in this. Various songs include songs of Jhinjhiya, songs of spring, songs of women's freedom, songs of social reform etc. Eastern songs of Bhojpur zone, Jhumar, Videshiya, Badohiya, songs of fairs and Tirhuti of Mithilanchal, Batgamani, Nachari, Maheshvani, Sandesh Geet, Mantra Geet, Andolan Geet are the songs of this category.

The era of the great poet Maithili Kokil Vidyapati is called the golden age of folk songs.

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