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Folk Songs of Uttarakhand - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 17-08-2022

Music Art and Folk Songs of Uttarakhand

Following are the main folk songs of Uttarakhand –

Khuded Song

It is sung by married women in memory of their maternal uncle.

Holi song

This song is sung on the day of Holi in the spring season.

Barahmasa Song

It describes the symptoms of 12 months.

Track song / Pat Geet

Pat Geet is a didactic Geeta. It is also known as the chuda song.

Basanti song

Basanti songs are sung on the arrival of spring in the Garhwal region.

Bajuband Dance Song / Armpit dance song

This is a love dance song sung in the Khai-Jaunpur region. It is sung in the forest by sitting under the trees of oak, birch, kafal, pine, and deodar.

Jhumalo song

The Jhumailo song sung in the Garhwal region is a symbol of pain and love. In these songs, along with the pain of the female heart, the description of the beauty of her form is also found.

Chaufla song

This is a kind of love song. In which four types of desires (dharma, artha, kama, moksha are included) along with the description of female beauty.

Virudavali song by Kulachar

They go to the houses of the married girls of their Brahmin-Kshatriya hosts by the people of Auji caste in the state. In these songs, the Auzi people praise their host and their caste-lineage.

Chaumasa Song

This song is sung in the rainy season.

Jagar Geet

Those folktales, which are related to mythological persons or gods, are called 'jagar'. It is sung in the invocation or honor of gods or mythological persons during any religious ritual, tantra-mantra, worship etc.

Jhoda song

Sung in the month of Magh in the Kumaon region, it is a major group dance song.

Hudki boli song

It is an agricultural song of Kumaon region. Hudki Bol means 'labour with a hood'. The lead singer sings a line of the song, thumping the instrument in special costumes, which is repeated by the farm workers.

Ritu Geet / Season song

Holi, Basanti, Chaiti, Chaumas, Barmas, Khuded, Fuldehi, Jhumailo, Maghgeet, Shravan Geet, Lali etc. are seasonal songs.

Nritya Geet / Dance song

There are Maghgeet, Tandi, Chachar, Chaufla, Chhopati, Thadya, Jhoda, Bair Geet etc.

Mangal or Sanskar Geet

These songs are sung in the rituals of birth, sixth, naming, chudakarma, janeu, marriage etc.

Religious songs

There are mythological tales related to Krishna and Pandavas, local deities, evening songs, morning songs, tantra-mantra songs, sorcery songs, Yaksha-ganas, Bhoot-Bhairava songs, guards etc.

Chanchari Geet

This is a dance-song of Kumaon region. In this both men and women participate.

Bhagnaul song

In this song of Kumaon region love prevails. This song is sung by Prem in her melodious feeling, imagining the woman in his mind, with dances to the tune of hudki and nagara in fairs.

Nyoli song

This is also an experience based song of Kumaon region like Bhanaul.

Bayr Song / Hater song

It is a logic-oriented dance-song of the Kumaon region. In this dance song organized as a competition, two singers present logical debate in lyrical form.

Chura song

This folk song is sung by old sheep shepherds to teach a lesson to young shepherds.

chhopathi / chhapeli song

In marriage or any festival, men and women sit in circular position and sing in the form of question and answer.

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