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Functions of the management process - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 30-10-2022

Functions of the management process

The functions of the management process implemented systematically, generate favorable results in business management. This process considers the administration as the executor of certain activities called management functions, Planning, Organization, Direction, and Control.

The importance of the management process is considered due to the interrelations between its functions. The organization cannot be developed if the planning has not been established, it cannot be directed if it has not previously been planned and organized, and so on until it cannot be controlled if the activities, tasks, and operations are not planned, organized, and directed beforehand. and actions.

Although the administration is a process, it constitutes an indissoluble unit, because during its application, each part, each act, and each stage is carried out at the same time and one with the other is mutually related.

It is impossible to divide the management process, however, in order to better study, understand, and apply the administration, it is necessary to separate the functions that it comprises; although in practice, it is not always possible to separate one function from another. The classification can be made between management mechanics and dynamics.

Within the management Mechanics the following functions are included:

  • Planning, specifies what is going to be done.
  • Organization, specifies How is it going to be done?

Within the management Dynamics are the following functions:

  • Integration, specifies What is to be done?
  • Control, specifically How has it been executed?

Functions of the management process

The functions of the management process are planning, organization, direction/execution, and control :

planning function

The first function of the management process is planning, this function consists of defining the objectives, the necessary resources, and the activities that are going to be carried out in order to achieve the proposed goals.

management planning is a process of selecting objectives, alternatives, resources, and means to achieve higher levels of development in a country, institution, or company in question.

It is to create the conditions for the future and coordinated development of the company, taking advantage of the positive aspects of its environment and reducing the negative aspects. Planning in short is a process of projection into the future.

Planning includes in practice from the level of ideas, through the design of objectives, goals, strategies, policies, and programs, to procedures.

From what has been said, we can assert that it constitutes decision-making since it includes the choice of one among several alternatives.

organization function

The second function of the management process is the organization, this is the relationship established between human resources and economic resources available to the company to achieve the objectives and goals proposed in the plan.

To organize is to combine the available means (man-technical capital and other resources) to achieve production.

In a more practical way, it implies the implementation of a structure of functions, via the determination of the activities required to achieve the goals of a company and each of its parts.

The function of the organization is constituted by:

  • the grouping of activities and their respective assignment to one of the members of the company
  • the delegation of authority to execute them,
  • the provision of the means for horizontal and vertical coordination, information and authority relationships within the organizational structure.

Logically, there are companies in which the owner does everything, and performs all functions, and there is no delegation of authority.

Direction function – execution

He understands the mystique of subordination and not submission. The subordinates are duly oriented and the superior has a continuous responsibility to make them aware of their differences and guide them for the best development and fulfillment of their tasks, at the same time motivating them to work with zeal and confidence. For this, the superior will make use of his specific methods, with the tonic of leadership.

In other words, the execution function consists of making the members of the organization contribute to achieving the objectives, which the manager or executive wants to be achieved, because they want to achieve it; execution means carrying out the activities established in the plan, under the direction of a supreme authority.

It also consists of guiding and leading the human group toward the achievement of its objectives. In short, it means putting into action or acting (directing human resources)

Management means creation, contribution, imagination, initiative, and directional criteria to make decisions by extending orders and instruments, the director will know how to choose the strategic location of his offices to be able to direct effectively.

control function

Control is the fourth function of the management process, it consists of the evaluation and correction of the activities of what to do of the subordinates, to make sure that what is executed goes according to the plans.

Therefore, it serves to measure the performance in relation to the goals, detects the negative deviations, and proposes the corresponding corrective measures in order to comply with the plans; The control instruments are well known, such as the budget for controllable expenses, the inspection records to verify and verify the objective set.

In short, it is a check or verification of the results, contrasted with what was previously planned.

Before concluding this brief analysis, it is important to point out the role that coordination plays in each of the management functions, which many consider to be a separate function of the administrator. However, the most exact thing is to consider it as the essence of the administration, since the achievement of harmony in the individual efforts directed towards the achievement of the goals of the group is the purpose of the Administration.

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