Geographical Form of Madhya Pradesh | MP General Knowledge

Geographical Form of Madhya Pradesh | MP General Knowledge
Posted on 23-04-2022

Geographical Form of Madhya Pradesh

  • The present geographical location of the state is between 21 °6' north latitude to 26°30' north latitude and 74°9' east longitude to 82°48 ' east longitude.
  • The total area of ​​Madhya Pradesh is 3,08,252  sq kmwhich is 9.38 percent of the total area of ​​India. In terms of area, the state ranks second in the country after Rajasthan.
  • Madhya Pradesh's east to west extension is 870 km and north to south is 605 km.
  • The western and eastern boundaries are determined by the ranges of Gujarat and Maikal-Kaimur respectively.
  • The maximum border of the state meets with the state of Uttar Pradesh and the border of Madhya Pradesh meets with the Vadodara district of Gujarat.
  • The Tropic of Cancer divides the region parallel to the Narmada River into two equal parts. 
  • The state borders five states. Uttar PradeshRajasthanMaharashtra, Chhattisgarhand Gujarat.
  •  Madhya Pradesh is called the state of highlands because its average elevation is 300 meters above sea level.
  • The shape of Madhya Pradesh isolated Chhattisgarh is similar to a sea horse ( Sea Horse ).
  • Neemuch is the district forming the maximum inter-state border of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Shivpuri is the only district that is bordered by Uttar Pradesh in the east and Rajasthan in the west.
  • Morena and Shivpuri are the two districts that border both Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  • Balaghat is the only district bordering both the states of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.
  • Alirajpur is the district bordering the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • The district that forms the border with the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in Jhabua. 
  • Presently there are 7 physical states in Madhya Pradesh.
  • The size of Madhya Pradesh is like a sitting camel.

Districts of Madhya Pradesh adjoining the bordering states of Madhya Pradesh

border-states         border-districts

Uttar Pradesh 14  

Sagar , Shivpuri,

Ashoknagar,  Guna ,  

Datia ,  Sidhi ,  Rewa 

 Satna ,  Panna ,  Chhatarpur ,

Tikamgarh, Niwari, Morena,  Bhind



Rajasthan 10  

Morena ,  Shivpuri , Agar Malwa,  

Guna ,  Rajgarh ,  

Neemuch ,  Mandsaur ,  

Ratlam ,  Jhabua ,  Sheopur



Maharashtra 09  

Khargone , Alirajpur, Barwani ,

Burhanpur, Betul,  

Khandwa,  Chhindwara,  

Seoni,  Balaghat



Chhattisgarh 06   

Sidhi , Singrauli,  Shahdol 

 Balaghat ,  Mandla ,  Dindori

Gujarat 02   Jhabua ,  Alirajpur

Madhya Pradesh situated in the Tropic of Cancer (districts of Madhya Pradesh

  1. Ratlam, 2. Ujjain , 3. Shajapur , 4. Rajgarh , 5. Bhopal , 6. Vidisha , 7. Raisen , 8. Sagar , 9. Damoh , 10. Katni , 11. Umaria , 12. Shahdol , 13. Anuppur 14. Jabalpur


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