Haider Ali's rise

Haider Ali's rise
Posted on 06-05-2022

Rise of Hyder Ali: Haider Ali was born in 1721 at Budhikota (Karnataka). Haider Ali's father's name was Fateh Muhammad and he was a faujdar in the army of Mysore state. Hyder Ali is said to be the real founder of Mysore. Hyder Ali became the ruler of Mysore in 1761.

  • When the king of Mysore was Chick Krishnaraja, then the practice of grabbing power by deceit started in his time.
  • In 1732, Mysore was ruled by two brothers Devraj and Nanda Raj. Who was earlier the minister of King Chick Krishnaraja.
  • Hyder Ali was a soldier in his army.
  • Hyder Ali's ancestors were natives of Delhi region. who later migrated to the south.
  • After the death of his father in the year 1728, Hyder Ali had to face many initial difficulties. This was one of the main reasons that no attention was paid to Haider's education and he remained uneducated throughout his life. But these challenges made him a determined, enthusiastic, intelligent, and brave warrior.
  • Pleased with the bravery of Hyder Ali, Nandraj made him the Faujdar (Military Commander) of Dindigul (Tamil Nadu) in 1755.
  • Haider Ali established an armory with the help of the French in Didigul. He got his soldiers trained by French generals.
  • In 1759, when the Marathas attacked Mysore, Hyder Ali saved Mysore safely.
  • Pleased with this victory, Nandraj appointed Hyder Ali as the chief general.
  • After some time he got an opportunity to work with Nandraj in the circle of Trichanapalli. In this campaign, he snatched many guns and a huge amount of ammunition from a British army contingent, as a result of which its military power increased tremendously.
  • In 1760, General Hyder Ali took over the entire rule by killing Nandraj.
  • Then in 1761 Hyder Ali became the de facto ruler of Mysore.
  • Hyder Ali was a worthy sultan. As soon as the power came in hand, he expanded his kingdom.
  • He captured Bandanur in 1763 and changed its name to Hyderabad. Apart from this, Sunda, Sera, Kanara, Rayadurg, etc. were also captured.
  • The kings of Calicut, Cochin, and Palghat were also forced to accept their suzerainty.
  • Hyder Ali made Srirangapatna his capital.
  • Nearby states (Britisher, Nizam, and Maratha) were frightened by his expansion. All of them started considering Hyder Ali as their formidable rival.
  • The Marathas attacked Mysore thrice under the leadership of Madhav Rao I. Hyder Ali had to face defeat in all three wars. In these wars, the Marathas took the money and some part of the kingdom from Hyder Ali.
    • First Invasion-1764
    • Second Invasion - 1766
    • Third Invasion - 1771
  • After the death of Madhavrao in 1772, Hyder Ali fought with the Marathas from 1774 to 1776 to regain his lost territory.
  • The British also attacked Mysore like the Marathas. A total of 4 wars were fought in this conflict. These wars are known as the Anglo-Mysore War and all these wars were fought between 1767 and 1799.
  • Hyder Ali died during the Second Anglo-Mysore War and the next ruler became his son Tipu Sultan.
  • Tipu Sultan fought the third and fourth Anglo-Mysore wars and died during the fourth conflict. And with this Mysore was taken under British rule.


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