Improvement in public service delivery - GovtVacancy.Net

Improvement in public service delivery - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 11-07-2022

Improvement in public service delivery

Today many types of services are provided by the State Governments and Central Ministries. These include ration card, caste certificate, income certificate, residence certificate, passport and  other similar services. It is important to have them available in the stipulated time. If these services  are not provided on time, then this becomes the reason for dissatisfaction with the government and they also  increase corruption.


Several states have taken the initiative to notify the services and the time-frames  within which those services are made available to the citizens in the above context. Similarly, the necessary  simplified procedures should also be made by the government so that these services can be made available. If this is not the case  then immediate action should be taken. The relevant legislations passed by Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and many other states  are excellent examples of efforts to provide immediate public services.


E-governance and technology can be used as an important means of providing services  .

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