Khatu Shyam Story: Krishna Testing Khatu Shyam (Barbarik)

Khatu Shyam Story: Krishna Testing Khatu Shyam (Barbarik)
Posted on 14-07-2023

Khatu Shyam Story: Krishna Testing Khatu Shyam (Barbarik)

Krishna's Test: The story of Krishna testing Barbarik's skills is an interesting episode from Hindu mythology. According to the legend, Krishna, the divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu, disguised himself as a Brahmin and approached Barbarik.

In his disguise, Krishna observed Barbarik's exceptional archery skills and was immensely impressed by his talent. Krishna realized that Barbarik possessed extraordinary abilities and had the potential to become a great warrior. Recognizing this, Krishna decided to test Barbarik's devotion and dedication.

Approaching Barbarik, Krishna engaged him in a conversation and questioned him about his intentions and goals in life. Barbarik, unaware of Krishna's true identity, eagerly shared his desire to participate in the Kurukshetra war and showcase his skills. He expressed his intention to fight for the side that was weaker in order to maintain a balance and bring victory to the deserving.

Krishna, playing the role of a wise Brahmin, decided to test Barbarik's abilities. He presented a unique challenge to Barbarik, asking him to prove his skills by targeting various objects with his arrows. Barbarik effortlessly completed each task, demonstrating his remarkable accuracy and precision.

Impressed by Barbarik's performance, Krishna revealed his true identity and declared himself as Barbarik's guru. Recognizing Krishna's divinity and wisdom, Barbarik expressed his gratitude and devotion towards Krishna. In return, Krishna bestowed him with the name "Barbarik" and became his spiritual guide.

This episode signifies the importance of testing one's skills and dedication before receiving divine blessings. It showcases Krishna's role as the supreme guru and his ability to recognize talent and guide individuals towards their true potential. The test conducted by Krishna further reinforced Barbarik's devotion and set the stage for his significant role in the future events of the Mahabharata war.

The story of Krishna's test and the subsequent initiation of Barbarik as his disciple highlights the divine connection between a guru and a disciple. It emphasizes the significance of surrendering to a higher spiritual authority and the importance of devotion in one's spiritual journey.

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