KKFI Full Form

KKFI Full Form
Posted on 20-07-2023

KKFI Full Form

The acronym "KKFI" can have multiple meanings depending on the context. Here are some possible full forms for "KKFI":

  1. Kansas City Filipino Channel (KKFI): KKFI is a Filipino television network in Kansas City, USA, catering to the Filipino community and providing news, entertainment, and programming from the Philippines.

  2. Kettering Kidney Failure Index (KKFI): The KKFI is a clinical tool used to assess and predict the risk of kidney failure in patients with chronic kidney disease.

  3. Kerala Karshaka Federation (KKFI): The KKFI is an organization representing farmers and agricultural workers in the state of Kerala, India, advocating for their rights and welfare.

  4. Kosovo Kostroma Fellowship International (KKFI): KKFI is a fellowship organization that connects individuals and organizations in Kosovo and Kostroma, Russia, fostering cultural exchange and cooperation.

  5. Kendriya Karmachari Federation of India (KKFI): KKFI is a federation representing government employees in India, advocating for their rights and welfare.

Please note that the full form of "KKFI" may vary depending on the specific context in which it is used. It is always essential to consider the context to determine the correct full form.

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