Madhya Pradesh Police Administration | MP General Knowledge

Madhya Pradesh Police Administration | MP General Knowledge
Posted on 22-04-2022

Madhya Pradesh Police

"Patriotism - Public Service"

  • Shri Vivek Johri , an officer of the Indian Police Service, has been appointed as the DGP of Madhya Pradesh, Director General of Police . 
  • Present DGP Director General of Police Shri VK. Singh has been posted as Director Sports and Youth Welfare .

Director General of Police of Madhya Pradesh


No.   Director-General of police   tenure 
1   Mr. B.P. Dubey  

23.03.1982 to 28.05.1983



2   Shri H. M. Joshi  

28.05.1983 to 31.03.1984



3   Mr. B.K. Mukherjee  

27.04.1984 to 06.12.1986



4   Mr. N. Natarajan  

06.12.1986 to 23.02.1988



5   Mr. B.K. Mukherjee   

24.02.1988 to 27.01.1989



6   Mr. N. Natarajan  

27.01.1989 to 31.10.1989



7   Mr. P.D. Malviya  

31.10.1989 to 05.06.1990



8   Shri S.V. Lion   

05.06.1990 to 31.12.1990



9   Mr. R.P. Sharma   

01.01.1991 to 10.05.1992



10   Mr. K.S. rathor  

10.05.1992 to 31.11.1992



11   Mr. Dayaki Shor Arya  

31.11.1992 to 01.01.1993



12   Mr. R.P. Sharma  

01.01.1993 to 31.12.1993



13   Mr. J.N. saxena  

01.01.1994 to



14   Mr. Pratap Singh  

30.06.1994 to 30.04.1995



15   Mr. Sharath Chandra  

01.05.1995 to 30.06.1996



16   Mr. D.P. Food  

01.07.1996 to 31.12.1996



17   Shri Ayodhyanath Pathak  

01.01.1997 to 31.12.1997



18   Mr. B.P. Lion  

01.01.1998 to 20.02.1999



19   Mr. S.C. tripathi  

20.02.1999 to 31.12.2001



20   Mister. A. N. Lion  

01.01.2002 to 31.07.2002



21   Mr. Dinesh Chandra Jugran  

01.08.2002 to 12.12.2003



22   Mr. S.K. Slave  

12.1.2003 to 31.03.2006



23   Shri Swaraj Puri  

01.04.2005 to 23.09.2006



24   Mr. A.R. Pawar  

23.09.2006 to 19.05.2008



25   Mr. A. RK Raut  

19.05.2008 to 29.02.2012



26   Mr. Nandan Dubey  

01.03.2012 to 30.09.2014



27   Mr. Surendra Singh  

01.10.2014 to 30.06.2016



28   Mr. Rishi Kumar Shukla   

01.07.2016 to 14.12.2018



29   Mr. V.K. Lion  

15.12.2018 to 06.03.2020



30     Vivek Johri    


  • At the time of reorganization of Madhya Pradesh, the senior most officer of the Madhya Pradesh Police Administration was the Inspector General of Police and administratively the entire Madhya Pradesh was divided into five ranges namely Gwalior ,  Indore ,  Rewa ,  Jabalpur and Raipur.
  • In the year 1982 , by creating the post of Inspector General of Police along with the post of Director General of Police, he was appointed as the highest police officer of Madhya Pradesh Police.  
  • SSP. District- Indore , Bhopal.
  • Take. According to the report of Colonel Taylor, in the year 1861 , M.P. Police Organization has been established in
  • MP First Inspector General of Police Shri V.G. There were losses.
  • MP After the reorganization of Police Headquarter was made in Bhopal.
  • Since 1982 , the post of Director General of Police has been created in place of the post of Inspector General of Police.
  • DGP Works under the Home Secretary.
  • Presently M.P. The police range is 11  .
  • A Police College was established at Jawahar Lal Nehru Police Academy, Sagar for police training . 
  • Each range is headed by a Deputy Inspector General (DIG).
  • MP The first IPS The lady officer is Ms. Asha Gopalan.
  • MP The first women police station has been opened in Bhopal.
  • MP In Bhopal , Indore and Jabalpur there is a Superintendent of Police Railway Office for the Railway Police.
  • In which the officer of the post of Superintendent of Police, MP. is appointed by the government.
  • MP In 1968 , the Special Armed Forces Act was enacted.
  • MP Police Fire Brigade has its branches in Indore , Pithampur , ( Dhar).
  • Police Crime Records Office was established on 15 April 1982 .
  • MP In this ' Harijan and Tribal Cell ' has been established at Police Headquarter Bhopal.
  • Crime Research Training Center has been established at Sagar.
  • The Forensic Science Laboratory is located in Sagar.
  • There is a Police Wireless Training College Indore in the state.
  • MP The first Director General of Police (Formerly Madhya Bharat) Shri K.M. It's Rustomji.
  • Police Commemoration Day is celebrated on 21 October.
  • MP The Village and Town Defense Committee Bill is effective from 1999 .
  • MP The headquarters of the State Economic Offenses Investigation is at Bhopal.
  • MP A women's jail is established in K Hoshangabad.
  • In 1968 M.P. The Special Armed Forces Act was enacted. 
  • Home Guard Para Police Force Headquarter is Jabalpur.
  • MP In the year 1995 , ' yoga education ' has been made compulsory for the prisoners in the jails .
  • First open jail in M.P., Mungawali , Ashoknagar and M.P. The Open Jail of Hoshangabad was opened in January 2011 .
  • Juvenile prisons have been set up in Narsinghpur, Lakhimpur and Jabalpur.
  • Regional Jail Management and Research Institute is Bhopal and Jail Training Center is Sagar.
  • MP ' Bandi Hit Diwas ' was organized by the government on 15 February 1964 in Bhopal district .
  • MP An Adarsh ​​Women's Jail has been established in Jabalpur Nagar of K.  
  • Armed Police Training Center was established in Indore.   
  • The state's first Director General of Police B.P. Dubey was.
  • New constables and platoon commanders are trained in the 6th Corps, Jabalpur.
  • CID in Bhopal since 1960 in the state. Headquarters was established.
  • Police Motor Workshop Training School is in Rewa.
  • Police Traffic Training Institute is established in Bhopal. 
  • First Metro Station- Habibganj 
  • First ISO Certification Station- Dewas
  • MP Police have net facility - Polnet 
  • The supreme officer of the state police works under the Home Secretary.
  • Headquarter of establishment of Harijan and Tribal Cell- Bhopal 

Police Organization at present

IG zone  




DIG Range  


police district   52


police control room  




Police Section  




police station  




police post  




police battalion  




home guard company  


Police Range in Madhya Pradesh

  1.  Indore - Indore , Dhar , Jhabua , Khargone , Khandwa , Badwani , Burhanpur , Alirajpur
  2.  Ujjain- Ujjain , Dewas , Ratlam , Shajapur , Neemuch , Mandsaur , Agar-Malwa
  3.  Bhopal- Bhopal , Rajgarh , Sehore , Vidisha
  4.  Gwalior - Gwalior , Shivpuri , Guna , Ashoknagar
  5.  Hoshangabad - Hoshangabad , Harda , Betul , Raisen , ( Headquarter is Bhopal)
  6.  Chambal Range- Bhind , Morena , Datia , Sheopur (Headquarters Morena)
  7.  Sagar- Sagar , Damoh , Tikamgarh , Panna , Chhatarpur
  8.  Jabalpur- Jabalpur , Narsinghpur , Chhindwara , Seoni , Katni
  9.  Balaghat- Balaghat , Mandla , Dindori
  10. Rewa- Rewa, Sidhi , Satna , Singrauli
  11. Shahdol- Shahdol, Umaria , Anuppur

MP police training institute

  1.  Jawaharlal Nehru Police Academy- Sagar
  2.  Arms and Practice Center- Indore
  3.  Dog Training Centre- Bhadbhada (Bhopal)
  4.   Forensic Science Laboratory-Sagar
  5.  Police Traffic Training-Bhopal
  6.  Vehicle Staff Training- Rewa
  7.  Police Wireless Training- Indore
  8.  New Constable / Platoon Commander - Chhathi Vahini Jabalpur
  9.  New constable of district force- Umaria , Indore , Tigra (Gwalior)
  10. Police Seal, Workshop Training Station- Rewa
  11. Rustomji Sashastra Police Training Center- Indore
  12. MPPolice College- Sagar 
  13. State Police Headquarter- Bhopal          


Rustomji Armed Police Training College Indore

  • Keeping in view the needs of expansion and training in the police force, this institution was established in the year 1980 for the training of Armed Police Forces . In the year 1988 , the training institution was given the status of a college . In the year 2003, this institution was renamed as Rustomjee Armed Police Training College . At present, the Inspector General of Police is posted on the post of head of the institution.

Police Department Branches

police department branches

  • Office of the Director General of Police ,  Fire Services Scheduled Tribes Welfare Crime Research Department Research and Development Anti Naxal Operation ATS . Police Academy SISF STF Kalyan Counter Intelligence Cooperative Fraud Selection and RecruitmentJawahar Lal Nehru Police Academy Sagar Technical Services Narcotics Private Security Agency PRTS. Indore PTRI Police Telecommunication Branch Police Manual Police Reforms , Administration Branch Directorate of Training Management Crime Against Women Traffic Planning State Crime Records Bureau State Cyber ​​Cell Rustomjee Armed Police Training College Indore Public Service Guarantee Special Branch Special Armed Forces Special Operations Government Railway Police Headquarters Bhopal Complaint Vigilance


Initial   Abbreviations
DGP   Director General of Police
Spl.DGP   Special Director General of Police
ADGP   Additional Director General of Police
IGP   Inspector General of Police
DIG   Deputy Inspector General of Police
AIG   Assistant Inspector General of Police
SP / CO   Superintendent of Police/Commandant
AdSP/DyCO   Additional Superintendent of Police/Deputy Commandant
DSP/AC   Deputy Superintendent of Police/Assistant Commandant
Insp/CC   Inspector/Company Commander
Subd   Subedar
SI/PC   Sub Inspector/Platoon Commander
ASI / APC   Assistant Sub Inspector/Assistant Platoon Commander
HC   Head Constable
Const   Constable


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