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Major Commissions in Bihar State - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 13-08-2022

Major Commissions in Bihar State

Following are the major commissions in the state of Bihar:

State election commission

Under Article 243 of the Constitution of India, the State Election Commission is a constitutional body for conducting elections for the Panchayats and Municipalities in the state. The head of this commission is the State Election Commissioner, who is appointed by the Governor.

  • Preparation of electoral rolls for the elections of Panchayats and Municipalities,
  • the successful conduct of elections
  • The State Election Commission has the right to direct and control.
  • The process of removal of a State Election Commissioner is similar to the process of removal of a High Court Judge.

Bihar Human Rights Commission

The Bihar Human Rights Commission was established on 3 January 2000 for the protection of human rights at the state level and was reconstituted again on 26 June 2008. Former Judge of Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan High Court,  Shri S.N. Jha was appointed as the first chairman of the Bihar Human Rights Commission.

The source of the powers of the Bihar Human Rights Commission is the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. The Chairman of the State Human Rights Commission can be appointed only by a former Judge of a High Court of India.

Major functions of the State Human Rights Commission such as violation of human rights, police harassment, custodial death, death in the encounter, cases related to harassment of persons by police, other officials, or public servants, dowry demand, rape, murder, sexual harassment The Commission takes cognizance of atrocities on women and disrespect, child labor and bonded labor, child marriage, deprivation of proper educational facilities, poverty alleviation, and social security programs, etc.

State Commission for Women

State Women's Commission has been constituted for the protection and welfare of women's rights in the state. Various programs are organized by the commission at the district level to make women aware of their rights.

The State Commission for Women consists of a Chairperson and 7 other members, who are appointed by the State Government. 7 members, one member scheduled caste, one scheduled tribe, one minority community, one backward caste, one having experience of law and legislation, one having experience of any voluntary organization, and one woman experienced in the field of social welfare to be appointed. There is provision.

Bihar Public Service Commission

Under Article 315, a provision has been made for the formation of State Public Service Commissions for the states in India. Bihar Public Service Commission was established on 1st April 1949. The term of its members is 6 years or maximum age of 62 years (whichever is earlier). The chairman and members of the commission are appointed by the governor on the advice of the council of ministers. The first chairman of the Bihar Public Service Commission was Rajdhani Sinha.

Bihar Staff Selection Commission

Bihar Staff Selection Commission has been constituted for the appointment of non-gazetted posts of class 3 below the pay scale 6500 to 10500 (Fifth Pay Commission) by Act No.-7/2002  of the State of Bihar. With its formation, the School Service Board was merged with it. It consists of a chairperson and two members. The state government nominates the secretary-level officers of the Indian Administrative Service as the chairman and various class-I officers as members.

Note :

 The first Lokayukta in Bihar, Justice Sridhar Vasudeva Sohni, was appointed, whose tenure lasted from May 28, 1971, to May 27, 1978. 

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