Major Mountains of Madhya Pradesh | MP General Knowledge

Major Mountains of Madhya Pradesh | MP General Knowledge
Posted on 23-04-2022

Major Mountains of Madhya Pradesh

Most of the part of Madhya Pradesh comes under the Deccan Plateau. This is the reason that more than half of the state is plateau. But high and low mountains are also found in the region. 

Aravali Mountain Range

  • The Aravalli Mountains are located in the north-western region of Malwa. The slopes of these mountains are very sharp and the ends are flat.
  • The Aravalli Mountains are considered to be the oldest mountain range on Earth. It extends in north-south directions from near Delhi to Ahmedabad in Gujarat for a length of 800 km. Near Delhi, it is known as the hills of Delhi.
  • The highest peak of this mountain is Abu Peak which is 1158 meters high.


Vindhyachal Mountains

  • The Vindhyachal mountain ranges north of the Narmada river from east to west.
  • Its construction is believed to be before the Himalayas.
  •  The average height of Vindhyachal mountain ranges from 457 meters to 610 meters. But its highest peak is Amarkantak, whose height is more than 900 meters.
  • Vindhyachal mountain is made of quartz and sand stones. Narmada , Son , Ken and Betwa are prominent among the rivers originating from it.


Satpura Mountains

  • This mountain is formed from granite and basalt rocks.
  • Its extension in the state is 1120 km in length parallel to Vindhyachal in the south of Narmada Son river .
  • It starts from the Rajpipla hills in the east   and extends to the Western Ghats in the west.
  • This mountain ranges from 700 meters to 1350 meters high but its highest peak is Dhupgarh , 1350 meters   , which is located on the Mahadev mountain near Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi , the only hill station of the state, is situated on the Mahadev range of this mountain.


Mackle-Amarkantak Range

  • The south-eastern extension of the Satpura range is called the Maikal-Amarkantak range . It is made up of sandstone,quartz and sedimentary rocks.
  • Its expansion is in Shahdol Mandla and Dindori districts of the state. The Narmada river originates from this region.


Mahadev Range

  • The Mahadev range is the eastern extension of the Satpura mountain range. 
  • Its expansion in the state is in Chhindwara Narsinghpur Seoni and Hoshangabad districts.
  • It is made up of sandstone and quartz rocks.
  • The famous tourist places of the state, Pachmarhi and Dhupgarh are located on this range. Tropical forests are widely found here


Kymore Bhander Ranges

  • The eastern extension of the Vindhyachal Mountains, located on the eastern side of the Narmada river, is known as the Kaimur-Bhander ranges.
  • They are made of sandstone and quartz rocks.
  • Their average altitude is between 450-600 meters.
  • It is the water divider of Yamuna and Son rivers.
  • Its expansion in the state is in Sidhi, Satna, Rewa, Panna, and Chhatarpur districts.


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