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Major Waterfalls of Bihar - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 13-08-2022

Major Waterfalls of Bihar

Major Waterfalls of Bihar are basically found in the marginal plateau areas in the districts of Rohtas, Kaimur, Gaya, Nawada, etc. Kakolat Waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Bihar, which is situated on Kakolat hill  (Nawada). This waterfall is located 16 kilometers south of Nawada, and its height is 47 meters (160 feet), but the height of the main waterfall is 24 meters (80 feet). Kakolat Falls has been formed by the confluence of 7 streams descending from the Koderma plateau.

The Sukhaldari waterfall has been formed in Bihar by the Kanhar river. Which is situated on the border of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Dhuankund Waterfall is situated on the Kao river in Tarachandi hill, Rohtas. Durgavati Waterfall is located at a place called Chhanpapar in Rohtas district. Its height is 90 meters (300 ft). Jirakhand Waterfall is situated on the Phulwaria River in the Bhojpur district.

Major Waterfalls of Bihar and their Status 

Name of the waterfall River place
Kokolat Stream descending from Koderma plateau Kakolat (Nawada)
Sukhaldari Kanhar Rohtas
Dhuwakund (30 m) Kao, Dhoba Tarachandi (Rohtas)
Durgavati (Khadar Koh) (80 m) Durgavati Chhanpapar (Rohtas)
Jirkhand Fulwaria Zirakhand (Bhojpur)
Tamashen Mahane  
Khuari Dah (180 meters) Asana Rohtas
rakimkund Gaighat Rohtas
Okharinkund (90 m) Gopath Rohtas
Suara (120 meters) Wast Suara Rohtas
Deodri (58 m) Karmnasha Rohtas Plateau (Rohtas)
Telharkund (80 m) West Suara Rohtas Plateau (Rohtas)