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Modern History of Uttarakhand - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 14-06-2022

Uttarakhand History – Modern Era (Gorakha Dynasty, British Dynasty)

Uttarakhand Modern Era

The modern period is believed to mean the rule of Gorkhas in Uttarakhand if historians believe that the modern period is considered to be after the revolution of 1857 in India. But his contemporary Gorkhas also established their dominance in Uttarakhand, which is as follows –

Gurkha ruler

The Gorkhas belonged to Nepal, taking advantage of the weakness of the Chand rulers in Kumaon, in 1790 AD, they took control of Almora by fighting a small war. After capturing Kumaon, he attacked Garhwal in 1791 but was defeated, and in February 1803, the Gurkhas again attacked Garhwal and succeeded.

In 1814 AD, the Garhwal Raj became free after being defeated in the war with the British in Garhwal, now only the Gurkhas remained in Kumaon, Colonel E. Gardner (E. Gardner) in April 1815 to Almora of Kumaon and General Ochterlony. On May 15, 1815, the heroic Gorkha Sardar Amar Singh Thapa won the fort of Malaun and on April 27, 1815, under the treaty between Colonel Gardner and the Gorkha ruler Bamshah, the power of Kumaon was handed over to the British. The reign of Gorkhas in Kumaon and Garhwal lasted for 25 and 10.5 years respectively.

British rule

After taking possession of Kumaon till April 1815, the British made all other areas except Tehri a non-regulation province and made it a part of North Eastern Province, and appointed Colonel Gardner as the first commissioner of this region. After some time Kumaon district was formed and Dehradun was included in the Saharanpur district.

In 1840, the headquarters of British Garhwal was shifted from Srinagar to Pauri and a new district named Pauri Garhwal was formed.

In 1854, Nainital was made the headquarters of Kumaon and from 1854 to 1891, Kumaon Commissionerate included Kumaon and Pauri Garhwal districts. In 1891, Kumaon was divided into two districts namely Almora and Nainital, and till independence, Kumaon had only 3 districts ( AlmoraNainitalPauri Garhwal ) and Tehri Garhwal as a princely state.

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