Nikola Tesla : Top 10 Amazing Facts and Inventions

Nikola Tesla : Top 10 Amazing Facts and Inventions
Posted on 29-01-2022

Today we are going to talk about Nikola Tesla

Do you know them ?

Probably Not !

Well,Many people would have heard

about Einstein,

Newton and Thomas Alva Edison,

But only a few people have heard about Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a great scientist

who invented a lot of things,

but his name has been lost somewhere in the history

So in this episode we talk

about Top 10 facts about Nikola Tesla


Tesla Vs Thomas Alwa Edison Fight

Do you know from where and how the power and current

that you use in everyday life is generated ?

No? But you have heard about AC

or alternating current.

The fight between Tesla and Edison was because of this Current

It is said that there was a lot of discussion in the year 1893

between the two during the World Expo in Chicago.

Edison was supporting DC Current

i.e Direct Current

while there was a lot of loss in it.

The same way Tesla talked for the first time on Alternating Current

which was beneficial

Everyone liked Tesla's suggestion

and later Edison stole Tesla's idea.

But still in the US

Tesla companies supply power only.


Electric Motor

We all know that the fan, bulb,

water pump, clock, car and various things

using in our daily life all run with the electric motor,

but do you know that the electric motor

was invented by Tesla first

Just think how will be your life without a motor.

Not only did the electric motor,

Tesla invented many more things

including AC Current, Radio, X-ray,

Wireless Communication, Robotics, Laser.

He had created a lot of things for the development

of humanity and used to do his experiments

on his own or on any objects owned by him.

You would be surprised to hear that

his contemporary Thomas Alva Edison used

to do his experiments with animals.

In order to show his experiments to Tesla he conducted DC current

experiments on dog and on an elephant named Topsy.

Both the animals lost their life.

This is one of the worst and cruel

experiments by Thomas alwa Edison

8) Einstein's Thought on Tesla

Tesla was a great scientist and he was very respected by the other scientists

There is one scientist who respected Tesla as well

it is world renowned scientist Albert Einstein

At an event Einstein was asked how he feels when

people say that he is the world's most intelligent

and smart living person

He replied in the answer that he do not know

what this is and

maybe Nicola Tesla can give answer.

According to Einstein, Tesla was very great scientist

and no one could compete with them.

7) Swami Vivekananda and Tesla

Very few people know that they met

i.e Vivekanda and Nikola Tesla each other

But this is true.

Swami Vivekananda not only met Tesla

but also told Nikola Tesla about Vedic knowledge.

It is believed that

Tesla received many of the physics information

from Swami Vivekananda.

Vedic Cosmology and Phalasafa, Atman and Parathman

and their meeting all these Tesla learned from

Vivekanada and Tesla

had done a lot of work on

how to prove it to be mathematical.

6) Tesla's Experiments

Nicola Tesla was impressed with Swami Vivekananda.

Vivekananda connected the link

between the Vedanta and physics.

It is believed that Vivekananda had told Tesla

about the sacred physics.

Tesla was wondering what the connection

between the sky and the soul

He believed that both of them could become potential energy

and more than that but they could not

prove the energy.

Later Einstein had proven this in his

famous Execution E = mc2.

5)Time Travel Experiment

Nicola Tesla also worked on Time Travel.

He did this research on himself and told that

he could "see past, present and future at the same time"

He believed that if you

put the magnetic energy right in space and time

then you can travel time.

He also said that

there is a lot of danger and

he felt himself when he had a 2.5 million volts shock

and he would die

to a great extent if his assistant

had not turned off the power at the right time.

It is said that the US Army also had conducted

time travel experiment on this idea of ​​Tesla in 1945

near sea area

which came to be known as Philadelphia Experiment

The army was also very successful,

but in the disappearance of their ships

they never confirmed this and

even today it is a secret.

4) Secret connected to Nikola Tesla

Nikole Tesla is considered to be the

world's most mysterious person.

He invented many modern things

during his time

It is said that Tesla had information of 8 languages ​and

at the time of his death there were

there were 700 patents in his name

His most important inventions are from the bulb

to the X-ray

Even he was also talking to the aliens of other worlds

and was the first man in modern to travel time.

He used to say in every interactive interview

that all the scientists talk about a lot of topics

but no one talks about their intuition

which is the most powerful.

3) Secrets of numbers 3,6 and 9

Those who know Tesla say that they had an obsession

with 3, 6 and 9 numbers.

Some people used to say that

he was superstitious and

therefore he saw something in 3 numbers.

Tesla lived in the same room of the hotel,

which could be divided into room number 3.

He used to wipe his plates with 18 napkins and

3 rounds of any place before going inside.

Tesla believed that if you understand the secrets connected with 3

6, 9, then you will understand the whole universe.

2) Nicola Tesla's wedding

Did you know that Nikola Tesla never married?

He believed that women are beautiful

and attracted, as well as they have a softness

and grace which would let wish to worship.

But gradually these good qualities are going away and

there is no difference between both the man and the woman.

Women do not think themselves less than

men and everyone should do one thing

- freedom or independence.

Just appreciating her, Tesla had never married

any woman and he was alone for his death.

1) Tesla's death

Tesla's death was self-centered and he had a heart attack.

He was 86 years old at that time.

Many people also believe that he was killed by the Nazis

Tesla was quite poor at the time of his death,

because all his work was stolen by different scientists

and there was no big company or financier behind him

At the time of his death, he had tagged the Do not Disturb

tag on the door and his room number was 3327.

You would be surprised to hear that

after the death of Tesla, the American government

had raided his house

and took all the documents of the Experiments

and did not talk about them till date.

That was the top 10 facts about Nikola Tesla.

Hope you have enjoyed this episode.

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