Nithari Kand: The Psycho Serial Killer of India

Nithari Kand: The Psycho Serial Killer of India
Posted on 23-03-2022



This is the count of children who went 'missing' in the year 2019.


According to NCRB, every 8 minutes in India, a kid goes missing.


The saddest thing about this is that behind these numbers are thousands of innocent faces


whose lives have become worse than hell.


What happens to these children


who still have to live their whole life ahead and explore the world?


Those who run away willingly from their home, either do labor


or become a member of a criminal gang.


Most children get trapped in things like child trafficking or organ trade.


and some fall into the hands of such beasts who do cannibalism.


Cannibalism is basically the act of humans


eating flesh and internal organs of other humans.


Today we'll talk about such a case from Noida


after listening to which the whole nation shuddered.


In Nithari police station in 2005,


back to back complaints of children and women going missing were being registered,


But, the majority of reports were disapproved saying


that the parents are claiming the child's age to be younger,


and they're not minors but adults


who've run away from their home.


Some reports were also disapproved saying


"She's a girl, so she must've run away from home."


In 2005, while playing cricket


in Sector D-5, some children saw a hand in a plastic


in the back drain.


When the police were told about this,


at that time the police told the villagers


that the hand doesn't belong to a human, but an animal.


Some villagers also believed


that the area from where children were going missing


there was a ghost residing there.


On 7th May 2006,


a 26-year-old girl, Payal's dad


Nand Lal went to the police station to file her missing complaint.


According to him, Payal went to Moninder Singh Pandher's in an autorickshaw.


And when they reached Moninder Singh's home,


in his absence, his domestic help Surinder Koli


told them that they don't know anything about Payal.


Police didn't want to take this matter seriously at all,


and even Nand Lal was tired of going back and forth in the police station.


After a month, Nand Lal approached the SSP of that time


and when Payal's phone was traced


it was found that the last location of her phone was


at the house of Moninder Singh Pandher.


And when SSP asked for the call records of Payal,


the story was saying something else.


After seeing the call records it was known that


one night before Payal went missing,


Surinder Koli and Payal had talked on the phone.


But, when Nand Lal asked Surinder Koli about Payal


then he'd denied it.


For further investigation, the police had taken Surinder Koli in custody


but Moninder Singh Pandher, the owner of the bungalow had bailed him out


because apart from the call records, the police didn't have any other proof.


In October, Nand Lal approached the Court


and on 29th December 2006,


the creepy sight that this Nithari village of Noida saw,


would scare any person and make them cry.


That day in the back drain of Sector 31 Bungalow No. D-5


many skeletons were found wrapped in plastic.


Seeing this, the whole country shivered.


Surinder Koli was alone in his bungalow that day


and his master had gone to Chandigarh to meet his family.


The police arrested both of them.


The whole nation wished to get justice


and because of having so much pressure


on 10th Jan 2007, the authorities have this case to CBI.


Special CBI court gave the order to keep Koli and Pandher in CBI custody.


After being 60 days in custody,


no other proof was found against these two.


Pandher's whole family used to stay in Chandigarh


and he used to stay alone with his servant in Bungalow D-5.


It was also known that sometimes


Pandher used to bring call girls in his house.


On 27th February 2007,


Koli confessed his crime on his own.


In some way or the other, Surinder Koli trapped them


and took them inside D-5 and murdered them.


It doesn't end here.


He also confessed that he tried to have sex


with the dead bodies of his victims.


Surinder also said that he would go to the bathroom


and cut those bodies in pieces


and would cook those pieces in the kitchen and eat them.


And whatever was left, he would wrap that in plastic and throw them in the back drain.


While the CBI was investigating, it was known that


to the security in-charge, Simranjeet Kaur,


Pandher would often bribe him on a regular basis.


Because of the ignorance of police and authorities,


the people who could've been saved, even they lost their lives.


The Government sent a two-member team to Noida


and suspended SSP, ASP, Circle officer, and 3 securities in-charges


In, 2007 Ministry of Women and Child Development


sent their expert committee to Nithari


to investigate this case.


Dr. Vinod Kumar, the Chief Medical Superintendent of Noida observed that


the cuts in the bodies were done in a very precise way


which were pointing to organ trading.


But, even after doing an in-depth investigation about organ trading,


CBI didn't get any proof.


For the court trials, Surinder Koli didn't hire a lawyer


instead, he was representing his own case.


On 10th September 2009, both the criminals, Koli and Pandher


given the punishment of death sentence for the case of rape and murder of 14-year-old Rimpa Hardal.


But, where Koli's punishment was confirmed,


at the same time, the Allahabad Court declared Pandher innocent


and after some time, Koli's death sentence was changed to a life sentence.


In 2017, CBI Court Moninder Pandher and Surinder Koli


both of them were given a death sentence for the murder and rape of Pinky Sarkar.


Koli was held guilty in the 12th Nithari murder case on 16th Jan 2021,


while Pandher was acquitted.


According to Nithari's recent status,


Koli was declared innocent in the 13th murder case


due to the lack of biological evidence.


Judgments on the remaining cases are yet to be delivered.


Today, both the criminals are behind bars in the Dasna jail.


But, all the evidences strongly accuse Koli for 16 murders


and the CBI has told it has no connection with Pandher.


Pandher was accused of only 1 immoral-trafficking case.


But to the accusations of the victims' relatives,


Ghaziabad Court has accused Pandher of 5 more cases.


Pandher's lawyer, Devraj Singh, said in the Ghaziabad Court that


"Of the six cases that are pending,"


"only one is pending at the Ghaziabad Court"


"and the remaining are pending to be appealed before the Higher Courts."


The most troubling thing is that


even after doing so much,


there was no sign of guilt in Surinder Koli's face,


he never looked sad,


and some officers who were working on this case also said that


after seeing Koli it would never feel like he could do something like this.


In fact, even after getting arrested, he would have a smile on his face.


Now, all these traits, if not of a psychopath then what are they?


Koli had also said in his one confession that


his master would bring sex workers at night


and Koli would make food for him and his sex workers.


Seeing all this, even Koli developed an uncontrollable urge to have sex,


and that is why outside of D-5,


he would bring children and women into D-5


and misbehave with them.


He also described his urge of having sex


with dead bodies as a feeling of being possessed.


Now, it is also said that out of all these victims,


one victim is still alive


and she has written a letter to her dad


in which it is written that 'I am married and have settled in Nepal.'


Now, when this letter reached the police,


this whole matter was suppressed.


Now, if this is true or false,


no one knows the answer to this.


In between 2005 and 2006,


around 50 children went missing in Nithari and the nearby area


out of which only 16 dead bodies have been found whose murderer was Koli.


So, now the question pops up that where are the other children?


In 2014, Surinder's mom who is 68 years old,


came to Meerut jail from Uttarakhand to meet him.


When this 45 minutes meeting got over,


at that time Surinder's mom told the reporters that


Surinder cannot commit any crime.


Surinder told her that he was just a scapegoat


in between all the big people


and his mom said that if Pandher is not getting capital punishment,


then Surinder should also not be getting it


and if Surinder is hanged, even Pandher should be hanged.


A normal human dead body takes about 3 years to decompose


so if Koli has put all the victims in the shallow back drain


then why could not any of the neighbors get the foul smell of the body?


Just like this, there are many loopholes in this case.


In fact, BBC and Netflix both have made a documentary


about this particular case


in which the creators have portrayed Pandher as innocent.


So today it has been 17 years since this shocking Nithari case,


but still, there are cases that haven't been solved even today.


Today too there are still children going missing in India


and we are not able to trace them.



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