Prehistoric Madhya Pradesh

Prehistoric Madhya Pradesh
Posted on 08-05-2022

Prehistoric Madhya Pradesh


Prehistoric times

  1. Stone Age 42 lakh BC to 4000 BC
  2. Chalcolithic period 2800 to 700 BC


Prehistoric times


  •  Man's habitation was on the banks of rivers and in cisterns, tools,  made of stone and bones,  used for hunting animals.
  • Remains and rock paintings were obtained from Bhimbetka,  Hoshangabad,  Sagar,  Bhopal,  Raisen,  Nemawar,  Chhanera,  Maheshwar,  Pachmarhi,  Adamgarh,   Mandsaur.

stone age

  1. Palaeolithic
  2. Mesolithic period
  3. Late Paleolithic
  4. New Stone Age



  • In the Palaeolithic period, the use of tools without cane/handles like handcuffs, and scrapers.
  • Remains of the Palaeolithic period have been found in the valleys of NarmadaChambalSonarParvatiBetwaHiran, and Wainganga.


Mesolithic period

The tools of the Mesolithic period were made of high-quality stoneswhich were small in size.


Late Paleolithic

  • The Late Stone Age is also called the Small Tool Stone Age. Scaledrill, and scraper are the main tools. Humans used animalsbirds, and fish for food. 
  • East Nimar Shahdol Mandsaur, Hoshangabad Rewa Sehore Uchhain Mandla Chhatarpur Chhindwara were the areas of this period.


New Stone Age

  • Humans learned to do agriculture in the Neolithic period.
  • Making potteryliving in a hutusing clothes.
  • The tools of this period were obtained from AiranJabalpurDamoh, and Sagar.


Chalcolithic  2800  to  700  BC

  • Man learned to use copper with stone.
  • This civilization was contemporary to Mohenjodaro and Harappa.
  • This civilization flourished on the banks of rivers NarmadaChambal, Betwa and JabalpurBalaghat.
  • Evidence of this civilization has been found from KayathaAran, AwaraNavdatoliDogwala, and Besnagar of Malwa.
  • Kayatha MP. It was the first Chalcolithic settlement.
  • Dr. V.Shri. Wakankar discovered Nagda Kayatha.
  • Dr. Sankalia discovered MaheshwarNavdatoli.
  • Nomadic life ended, and farming and animal husbandry started. Cowdog, and goat were reared among the animals.


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